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St Peters Granton

Allen Samuel 42 Bridgewater Quarryman 24/07/1850 W.R.Bennett  
Back William 43 Bridgewater Prisoner 15/05/1849 W.R.Bennett Per "Equestrian"
Burrows Margaret A 11 mths Bridgewater   25/02/1862 W.R.Bennett  
Carroll John 3 mths Bridgewater   07/01/1856 W.R.Bennett Son Thomas & Ann
Chandler Sarah 10 mths Glenorchy F/Gardener 04/03/1873 E.A.Symonds  
Chatlin Charles 45 Bridgewater   03/04/1852 W.R.Bennett came from Richmond
Ellis George 3 mths Bridgewater F/Farmer 24/10/1847 J.G.Yarker Parents Henry & Mary
Gladman Emna 4 yrs 6 mths Bridgewater F/Farmer 17/11/1847 J.G.Yarker Paremts Wm & Rhonda
Jordan Sarah Eliz 9 days Bridgewater   25/04/1864 W.R.Bennett  
King John 7 Bridgewater   12/08/1853 W.R.Bennett  
King Harriett 9 Bridgewater   25/08/1853 W.R.Bennett  
Kunder Karl L. F 2 mths Glenorchy F/Labourer 17/03/1871 E.A.Symonds  
Laman George 75 Bridgewater Free 29/11/1850 W.R.Bennett  
Lloyd Henry 51 Bridgewater Labourer 26/11/1873 John C Mace  
Mansfield William 74 Bridgewater Farmer 31.12.1852 W.R.Bennett per "Calcutta" 1803
Mansfield Alice 8 Bridgewater   13/11/1853 W.R.Bennett  
Mansfield Marie 64 Bridgewater   07/05/1858 W.R.Bennett wife of W Mansfield
Mansfield Mark 9 mths Bridgewater   21/01/1860 W.R.Bennett  
Mansfield Adelaide 12 mths Bridgewater   13/01/1861 W.R.Bennett  
Owen Thomas 47 Bridgewater Prisoner 18/11/1850 W.R.Bennett  
Page John 65 Bridgewater Gardener 08/05/1855 W.R.Bennett  
Paul Daphne Jean 10 mths Bridgewater F/Labourer 24/07/1912 C.H.Corvan  
Rayner Richard 70 Glenorchy Farmer 11/08/1871 E.A.Symonds Headstone found 1990
Rooke Robert 25 Bridgewater   30/10/1851 W.R.Bennett  
Shagg Charles 3 mths Bridgewater F/Gardener 15/11/1849 W.R.Bennett Parents John & Cathryn
Skemp Maria 7 Bridgewater   04/07/1853 W.R.Bennett from Hobart
Smith Louise 11 Bridgewater   07/02/1858/9 W.R.Bennett  
Thomas Eliza 77 Bridgewater   23/10/1912 C.H.Corvan  
Timms Mary 10 mths Bridgewater F/Labourer 11/12/1855 W.R.Bennett Dau Samuel & Mary
Whethrow James 34 S Bridgewater   26/07/1912 C.H.Corvan  
Witzerman L Watson   18 Bridgewater   24/12/1912 C.H.Corvan  

Thank you to Irene Schaffer for her permission to use the list of burials at St Peterís Granton which was compiled by her.







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