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A G L Cont P U
Albury William Griggs George Augustus Lovell Rex Athol Pettit Caroline Upchurch Caroline Susan
Allen Hannah Griggs Julia Mary Lovell Richard Pettit Thomas2 Upchurch James Miller
Allen Horace   Lovell Rose Ann Maria Pettit Thomas Upchurch John
Allen John H Lovell Samuel Henry Pitt Harry Frederick Upchurch Lucy Muriel
Allen Mabel Harris A G Lovell Sarah Ann2 Pitt Millicent Olive Upchurch Mary Salt
Ashton Elizabeth Harris Beryl Lovell Sarah Ann Pitt Rosa Upchurch Wilfred Jamas W
  Harris Lionel Lovell Sheila Pitt William H
B Harris Patricia Vera Lovell Sydney V
Baldwin Rose Harris Percy Lovell Thomas Alfred R Vincent Henry Unknown Leslie
Bell A M Harrison Graeme Victor Lovell Victor R, S Jane Vincent Lawrence Byron Tuppy
Bell Arthur Hay Christine Lovell Walter John Roberts Darrel Eric Vincent Warren Lloyd
Bell David Hay Henry George Lovell Zillah Daphne Roberts Eric Voss Ann Elizabeth
Bell Frederick C Hay Hilda May Lucas Edward Roberts Reita Voss Richard2
Bell Margaret J Heckler Alice Catherine Lucas Emily Stella Rodman Jane Diana Voss Richard
Bell Mary Margaret Heckler Catherine Lucas Harriett Eliza Rodman Jonah Voss Samuel2
Bell Pauline Lorraine Heckler John Lucas Henry James Rodman Rebecca Emily Voss Samuel
Bender Henrietta Louisa Heeney Clement William Lucas James. Rodman Thomas  
Bender Mabel Heeney James Lewi Lucas Jane Diana   W
Bender Myrtle Olive Henderson Dianne Lucas L H C S Walker Harriett Phoebe
Bender Nance Cara Henderson Heather Lucas Lillian Isabel Satchell Sarah Ann Walton2
Brown Albert Unknown Henderson Olwyn Lucas Margaret Ann Saunders Hazel Walton Alice Evelyn
Brown James J Holmes Unknown Lucas Mercy Christina Shepherd Margaretta E Walton Amy
Browne Ernest Henry   Lucas Naomi Short Agnes Walton Elsie Reatha
Browning Barbara Joan J Lucas Thomas James Short Emily Walton George
Browning J V Jackson Idas Lucas William Henry Short Eric Walton Henry
Browning Kevin Joseph Jackson William Lucas Short James Walton Mary Ann
Browning Lillian Jesse Jolly Lora   Short Lettie Walton Sara Sophie
Burgess James Jones Kathleen Dawn M Short Samuel Walton Sophia
Burgess Martha Ann Macguire Elizabeth Short William Thomas Walton Thomas Henry
  K Marney Alfred Skinner Constance Mary Walton Thomas
C Knight Ann Marney Florence May Skinner Eulalie Walton William
Carr Elizabeth Knight William Marsh Phyllis Skinner John Walton
Carr Julia Kruse Brian Henry Marsh Samuel Charles Skinner Rosetta Watson John
Carr William Kruse Ethel Mary Margaret Smith Frank Herbert Webster Alice
Crouch Charles Willis Kruse Gary Joseph Matson Annie May Smith John Webster Naomi
  Kruse Leon Matson Herbert Stanley Smith Kate Marion Wheeler Fredric
D Kruse William H J Matson Olive Jean Smith Martha White William
Davis George   McCoy Ernest Smith Russell Geoffrey Wilcox Bill
Dawes Margaret L McGregor Charlotte Stanton Anita Trephena Wilcox Emily Jane
Dimsey Ralph Keith Lees Clara Grace McGuinness Annie Stanton Herbert Brewer Wilcox Jean
Dimsey Vera May Lees Ernest Menzie Edmund Stanton Nathan Wilcox John2
Dowling Edith M Lester Amelia Barbara Menzie Frederick Stanton Thomas Wilcox John
Dowling Edward Lester Fred John Menzie Helen Daphne Stanton William Arthur Wilcox Millicent Mary
Dowling Gladys Muriel Liddington Alice Maude Menzie Mabel Stevenson Adrian James Woolley Elizabeth
Dowling James Liddington Thomas Menzie Mina Stevenson Annie Woolley Thomas David
Dowling Mary Elizabeth Lomas Joseph Millett Jane Stevenson Gertrude Josehine Wright Amy Adelaide
Dowling Merle M Lomas Margaret Harriett Mitchell Ethel Pearl Stevenson James Wright E A W
  Lovell Archie Mitson Annie Stevenson Nancy June Wright Elizabeth
E Lovell Arthur James Morrison Angus   Wright Marion
Emmett Ronald Robert Lovell Barry Morrison Sabina T Wright Martha
Evans Eliza Lovell Carol June Muskett Robert John Tait Elizabeth Wright Sidney Albert Walter
  Lovell Cecil Muskett Rosina Ruth Talbot David Wright William James
F Lovell Claude Muskett William Talbot Ellan J  
Fielding Annie E Lovell Donney James   Talbot Hazel Mary  
Fletcher Bridget Lovell Ella May N Talbot Henry Louie  
Fletcher Charles Lovell Elsie May Nation Edith Frances Talbot Mary Ann  
Fletcher Mary Ann Lovell Gordon Arnold Nation Frances Emily Talbot Murray David  
Fletcher William2 Lovell Herb E Nation William Talbot Wayne Charles  
Fletcher William Lovell Isobel Naught Walter Ernest Talbot William  
Fyfe Charlotte Lovell Junette E Nichols Dorothy Tennant Colin Henry  
Fyfe Clarence R Lovell Linda Myra Nichols Henry Allan Thorpe Andrew Bernard  
Fyfe Emma Lovell Marjorie Nolan Iris Louisa Thorpe Annie  
Fyfe Peter Lovell Mollie E   Thorpe George A  
  Lovell Myrtle Linda   Thorpe Maida Gladys  



Muskett Robert John:

Thankyou to Robyn & Peter Bishop for letting us know

that Robert John is the son of Rosina Muskett

and his name appears on the headstone as a memorial to him,

he was KIA.




full inscription on the weathered stone is

who departed this life

Dec 19 1863

Aged 49 years

Though lost from sight to memory not.

Thank you Peter Oakley for providing another image






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