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                             Judbury Uniting Cemetery



B H M R Cont W
Bantick Ralph Keith Helm Amelia Sarah Meaney Mercy Valma Rimon Irene Wallis Annie
Bond Alice Helm Ann May Mills Rimon Leslie Stephen Wallis Emily
Bond David Helm B Morgan Holly May Rimon Lily Wallis Sarah C S
Bond Edward Henry Helm Baby Morgan Veron Henry Rimon Lucy Amelia Wallis Thomas
Bond Elsie May Helm Charles Morgan William Henry Rimon Mildred Woods Douglas Claude
Bond Henry Edward Helm Daniel   Rimon Minnie Woods Sidney William
Bond Lewis George Helm Dolly P Rimon Neil Wilfred Woodward Jane Wilhelmina
Bond Richard Ivan Helm Edith May Page Cecil Ashley Rimon Norman Woolley Algie Lysle
Brown Aline Beatrice Helm Olive Page Cecil George Rimon Olie Woolley Claude
Brown Horace Ernest Helm Peter Page Christina Beatrice Rimon Vernon Woolley Dorothy Jean
Brown Maud Lavinia Helm Philip Jacob Page Patricia Gwendoline Rimon Vina Cameo Evelyn Woolley Eldon James
Brown Roy Bernard Helm Robert Charles   Rimon Yvonne Hilder Woolley Joan Lavinia
Brown William Charles Helm Selina R Russell J G Woolley Leila May
  Helm Tasman Edward Richardson Gilda Russell John Petchy Woolley Lucy Lavinia
C Helm Thelma Doris Richardson Hilda Ada Russell Pearl Fanny Woolley Ronald Ashton
Clark Ruby Helm Vida Elsie Richardson Walter Robert Russell Tryphena Albina Woolley Rosemary
Clark Wayne George J Rimon Alice    
  Jones Alice Rimon Benjamin T  
D Jones Harry Rimon Charlotte Ada Timbs Russell Rex  
Dobson Walter Jones Joyce Rimon Daniel (Son) Townsend Unknown  
    Rimon Daniel    
F L Rimon Edwin V  
Fahey Alan James Lovell A Rimon Eliah Vince Ada L  
Fahey Errol Graham Lovell Albert Rimon Frederick Vince Charles Forster  
Farnell Charles Austin Lovell Clem Rimon George Victor Vince Margaret  
Farnell Coral Edith Lovell Ivy Rimon Harriet Vince Essie May  
Farnell Daisy Lovell J Rimon Hilmer J Vince Harold Arthur  
Farnell Lindsay Charles Lucas Arthur Oscar   Vince Ruby Sarah  
Fletcher Doreen Marjorie     Vince Trevor Harold  
Fletcher Fred Murchison        
Ford Alfred Edison        
Ford Eric Alfred        
Ford Nellie        





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