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                              St Johns Franklin

Designed by Henry Hunter and built at a cost of 800 pounds, the foundation stone was laid in 1863.  It was licenced in May 1864.  The weatherboard chancel was built and consecrated November 1896.   

The church was renovated in 1923 and again in 1956. 

This church replaced an earlier one (St. Mary) which had been erected by Lady Franklin but could only accommodate 50 people and was in danger of falling down.


B D H M Cont S
Ballantyne Eliza Daldy L J Harrison Mary Moran Lillie Jane Samson George
Ballantyne Philip Dawson William Lee Harrison William Thomas Moran Lillie-Annie Maria Samson William
Ballantyne Sarah E Diefenbach Louis Horton Harry George Moran Sydney Phillips Stakes Thomas
Ballantyne William Diefenbach Mary2   Mundy Samuel Stanton Alfred Swinfield
Barnett Anne Diefenbach Mary I   Stanton Charles Leopold
Beechey Jane   Innis Jane N Stanton John
Beechey William Henry E   Newall Thomas Street Mary Margaret
Brown Isaac Egginton Mary J Nicholas Christopher  
Brown Sarah Elliott Charles Henry Jackson Joseph Nicholas George T
Brown Unknown Arthur   Jones David Nicholas Linda Taylor Margaret
Burbury Doris Jessie F Jones Mervyn William Nicholas Lois Thomas James
Burden Christopher Flakemore Agnes Judd Elizabeth 2 Norman Henry Robert Thomas Rebecca
  Flakemore Geoffrey Leslie Judd Elizabeth Norris Harold Gordon Thorp Ernest Roy
C Flakemore John Judd Thomas Norris Marjorie Helena Thorp John
Caldwell Sarah Flakemore Joseph   Thorp Joseph
Cane John Flakemore Keith K O Thorp Mary Ann
Cane Susan Flakemore Lawrence Snow Kellaway John Wallis Oakley George Thorp Mary
Chesterman Herbert Flakemore Ruby Marguerite Kellaway Marion Monteith Oates Bernard Alfred Thorp William George
Chitty Elizabeth Flakemore Thelma Kellaway Unknown W   Thorp William
Clark Anne E Flakemore Valma Joy Kennedy Ida P  
Clark Frank Murray Freeman Agnes Mary Kennedy Sarah Ellen Phillips Albert Alfred George W
Clark James Christopher Freeman Edward James Kenyon Arthur G E Phillips Alfred E Walton John
Clark John2 Fulton Athos James Kenyon Henry E Phillips Oona Coralie Watson Albert James
Clark John Fulton Elizabeth Kenyon William Victor Phillips Rebecca Watson Alfred
Clark Sarah 2 Fulton Eric   Philp Isabel Watson Arthur
Clark Sarah Fulton Martha Elizabeth L Philp William Watson Eliza
Clark Winifred Annie Isabelle Fulton Montague James Langford Samuel Pitt Sarah Jane Watson Henry
Coleman Charlotte Fulton William Henry Latham Arthur Charles   Watson May
Coleman H W P   Latham Maria Jane R Watson Samuel
Coulson Alice Cecilia G Latham Mary Ransom Henry Watson Violet
Crosby C V Good Alice Latham Violet A Rathbone Elizabeth Weidenhofer Alice Jean
Crosby Gertrude May Good Peter Lloyd John Rathbone George White Albert J
Crosby Lewis Stanley Goodsell Ian Ronald Lloyd Sarah Rathbone John White Annie Idella Irene
Crosby William E Gordon-Smith Michael Anthony Lovell Graig Russel Reeve Clement White Elizabeth
Crosby William Edward Greenall John   Reeve Emily Annie White George
Crosby William Thomas Griggs Joseph M Reeve Emma White Henrietta Ellen
Cuthbert Eliza Griggs Norah Jane Mansfield Eliza Reeve Evelyn Iris White Ralph Mortimer
Cuthbert Herbert Guilbert Horace John Mansfield James Robert Reeve James Edward White William Clyde
Cuthbert William   Mansfield Margaret M Reeve James Wilcox John Eden Henry
    Minards Hannah Reeve Unknown Wise Vernon Keith
    Minards Joseph Rickards William  
    Mitty Thora Jane Ruffle Elizabeth  
    Moran Charles Ruffle Henry  



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Unmarked grave

Voice (Hobart, Tas. : 1931 - 1953), Saturday 16 January 1932, page 4



TAPP  On January 16th, 1932, at .Hobart, Elizabeth Florence, dearly beloved wife of Leonard Tapp, of  Franklin. Aged 32 years. 


Funeral of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Florence Tapp, of Franklin, will arrive at Church of England Cemetery, Franklin, on Sunday, at 2 p.m






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