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Kettering Cemetery




Ashworth Leslie Hawker Bessie Jackson George Newman Peter Sellers Agnes.
Hawker Merton Sydney Jackson Mervyn Newman Valerie Joy Smith Alfred Edwin
B Hawkins Thomas Jackson Norman   Smith Frederick George
Benbow Annie Hayers Albert Leonard Jackson Rhonda Louisa O Smith Robert Andrew
Bennett Jessie Geraldine Hayers Chester Robin Jackson Sydney Herbert O'Farrell Edward Ernest Stevenson Emily Edwina Frances
Bowerman Roland Lewis Hayers Daphne Ada Jackson Sydney Oswald O'Farrell Margaret Stuart Sward Joan Sherwin
Brown Herbert Lyle Hughes Agnes Webster Jarvis Madeleine Caroline Oxley Ellen Sward Reginald Cyril
Brown James Hughes Alfred Johnson Frederick Oxley George Swards Arthur Albert
Brown Joan Bostock Hughes Alice Maud Johnston George Oxley Lewis Swards Arthur Emanuel
Brusch Ernest Arthur Hughes Annie Marion Johnston Jessie Oxley Thomas R Swards Leslie Mervyn
Burn William Hughes Arthur John Jones Athol Oxley Thomas Swards Mabel Evelyne
Burns Bridget Hughes Arthur     Swards Sylvia Merle
  Hughes Bertram K P

Swards Victor Arthur

C Hughes Beverley Frances Keane Maurice Francis Paine John Edward  
Cockshutt Doreen Hughes Charles Alfred King Eric Graham Paine May Isobel T
Connell Margaret Hughes Cyril  

Parsey Emma Louise

Tame James W

Conrades Patricia June Hughes D A L Patterson June Audrey Tame Mona Beryl
Corby Kathleen Mary Hughes Derwent Arthur Large William F H Perry Richard C Thompson Harold George
  Hughes Edward James Longey Charles Ronald Phillips Charles A Thompson Nora
E Hughes George Ernest Longey Francis Laurence Phillips Douglas

Triffitt George Redland

Ellis Charles Hughes Harold Longey H F J Phillips Mary Triffitt Judith Ann
Elson Edwin Hughes John Smith Longey Henry F Procter Amy Mignon Triffitt Winifred Maud
  Hughes Kathleen Brenda Longey Jason Charles Procter William  
F Hughes L G Longey Lucy Catherine   W
Farnell Alfred Henry Hughes Lenna Myrtle Longey Molly R Whiton James
Farnell Clyde Hughes Lorna Suzanne Longey Phillip John Richardson Gloria Elaine Whitton Hannah Maria
Farnell Maurice Clyde Hughes Mary Ann Longey Robert George Ricketts William Whitton Lela
Firth Ann Hughes Mary Constance Loveluck Edna Eliza Victoria Roberts William Richard Arthur Wickham June Maree
Firth John Hughes Robert Randolph McKenzie Loveluck Harry Alfred Rowley Eliza Wilson Mona Gwendoline
Flakemore Bernard Aubury Hughes Sarah Ann   Rowley Robert Leslie Wilson James Allen
Flakemore Doris Hughes Sarah M   Wilson Neeltje Maria
Flakemore James Hughes Terence Brian Martin Alva May   Wilson Unknown Raymond
Flakemore Lavina Janet Hughes William Henry Sinclair Martin Gordon   Wright Unknown
Flakemore Stanley James Hughes William Moses McGuiness Christine Patricia    
Flakemore Violet Alice Hughes Winnie McLaine Carol Lee    
Flakemore William   Mercer Constance Alice    
Fletcher Fanny I McM I Mercer Vera Dawn    
Flight James Ims Lorrie Rennie Smith Muir Max    
Flight Unknown Ims Mary      
Farnell Alfred Henry Ims Ron      
Farnell Catherine        
Farnell Clarice        
Farnell Eliza        
Farnell Frederick George        
Farnell Maud Mary        
Farnell Percy James        




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