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Longley St Luke's Anglican











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Abery Abraham Henry Cook Max Linton John Denholm Reardon Leslie Webb Baden
Abery Barbara Blanche Crane Allan LLyod Linton Nadia Richardson Elizabeth Mabel Webb Cyril James
Abery Charles Leonard Crane Annie Lovell Betty Gwen Roberts Colin Leslie Webb David James
Abery Charlotte Crane Daniel

Lucas Christiana Mary Lydia

Roberts Emma Webb Doris May
Abery G W Crane George Lucas James Henry Roberts Hilda May Webb Geoffrey Roy
Abery Myra Bridget Crane Jessie Lucas Margaret Jean Roberts Myrtle Mary Una Webster Albert
Armstrong A Crane Kate Lucas Reginald Charles John Roberts Oswald Thomas Webster Albert Henry
Armstrong Colin William Crane Leslie

Ludbey Caroline

Roberts Owen Lewis Webster Allan Wayne
Armstrong Doris May Crane Mabel Ludbley Eva June Roberts Sidney George Webster Anona
Armstrong Mary Crane Madge Ludby Dominique Roberts Suzanne Sue Faye Webster Arthur Albert
Armstrong V Crane Madge(Baby) Ludby Emily Maude Rollins Alleine Anstice Webster Camalia Alexander
Armstrong William Crane Raymond W

Ludby Mildura

Rollins Clem Webster F I
Armstrong William Edward Crane Robert Clarence  

Rollins D E

Webster F J

  Crane Walter M Rollins Daphne Webster G
B Crane William George Mackonis Joseph Rollins Female Webster Lindsay Robert
Baker Matthew James Crane William James Mansfield Matilda Frances

Rollins Gwen

Webster Mary Cecelia

Ball Eric W Crawford Gwendoline Martin Fay Rollins Keith Webster Nicholas Peter
Ball Lillian O   Mathews Scott Andrew Rollins Neil Walpole White Henry John
Banford Norman D Matthews Catherine Rollins Unknown Wiggins Claud
Banks Elizabeth De Bomford Clementine Matthews Catherine 1

Rowlands Lyra Maude

Wiggins Colin

Banks Joan Deacon P J Matthews Donald Eric   Wiggins Dorothy Mabel
Banks Noel D T

Donovan S J

Matthews Ellen Mary S Wiggins Elsie
Banks Thomas Henry Dorofeeff Kenneth V Matthews Joyce

Scull James

Wiggins Jacob

Banks Thomas William Dorofeff R E Matthews Leonard Scull Roseannah Wiggins Lillian F
Batchelor Allan   Matthews Thomas Cornforth Smith Elsie Wiggins Mary
Batchelor Ella May F Matthews Thomas Harold Spotswood Rupert Wiggins Oswald
Batchelor Raymond Henry Fletcher Florence Rose Matthews Thomas Henry Stanfield Alan Derwent Wiggins Peter Gregory
Bell A E Fogarty Arthur Ernest Matthews Trevor Charles   Williams Alfred Charles
Betts Charles Fogarty Charles Frederick Mawdsley Sarah Ann T Williams Alick Ivor
Betts Lucy Jane Fogarty Ethel Lindsay Millhouse Florence Lillian Tabor Emily Williams Athol
Betts William Fogarty Rita Irene Elizabeth Millhouse Frank Henry Tabor John Williams Roger
Bradburn Arthur John Fogarty Wilfred Claude Millhouse James Claude Tabor John Wallace Williams Unknown
Bradburn Elizabeth   Millhouse Margaret Ellen Tabor Victor Williams Walter Ernest
Bradburn Henry Thomas G Millhouse Mavis Margaret Tabor Victor Charles Wolfe
Bradburn Maud Mary Ann Gallagher Charles Millhouse Roy Ford Tabor-Ann Wolfe Barbara Elizabeth
Bradburn Rhoda Gallagher Clara Millhouse William Henry Tatnell Ioleath Wolfe Ernest George
Bradburn Roman Frederick Gibson Val Moody Alfred Edward Taylor Isobel Joyce Wolfe Glenn William
Bradburn Ronald Arthur Gore Erica Lillian Moody Alfred Richard Thomson Evelyn Mary Wolfe Hazel
Bradburn Thomas F Grace Geoffrey Maxwell Moody Anthony Noel Thomson Montague Edward Wolfe Jill
Bradburn Thomas George   Moody Arthur Albert Tooze Sandra Jean Wolfe Rory Alexander
Brown Ivy Grace H Moody Harriet Jane Turpy Miriam Beatrice Wolfe Unknown
Brown Jane Hanlon Gilbert William Moody Helen Louisa   Wolfe William Henry
Brown Robert Lindsay Hanlon Lena Maud Moody Jack Ernest John U Worsley Albert T
Brown Thomas Hanlon William George Moody Leah Umfreville Caroline Ann Worsley Anna
Brown Thomas Lance Harris Wilhelmine L Moody Maude Umfreville Ella Jessie Worsley Annie G
  Hay John Moody Nellie Umfreville Fred  
C Hibberd John Moody Ralph James Umfreville Frederick Owen  
Cecil Clementina Hoffman Lara Moody Thomas H Umfreville Len  
Claus Alan Frederick   Moody William James    
Claus Paul Kurt K Moody William T V  
Collins Charles Knopp Frank Leslie Moore Ellen Verschuur Susan Jennifer  
Combes Ada Knopp Hazel Gladys Moore Richard Vince Ethel Doris Ivy  
Combes Allen Noel Knott Audrey Joan Mundy Ivan Cedric Vince James  
Combes Annie Jeanes Knott Beatrice Mary      
Combes David Wayne Knott Doreen P    
Combes Glenarvon Leslie Knott Enid Marjorie Page Bertha Louise    
Combes James Knott Leslie Trevor Payne Harold Kitchener    
Combes Maxwell James Knott Matey Payne Patricia Violet    
Cook Amelia Rose Knott Millie Pregnall Basil Donald    
Cook James Albert Knott Thomas Pregnall Elsie Louise    
Cook James Cornelius Krzyzanowski Grace Isobel Pregnall Gladys Eileen    
  Krzyzanowski Peter Christopher Pregnall Thomas Walter    
    Pregnell Edward Lewis    
    Pregnell Eveline Emily    






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