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Middleton Cemetery







B Cont



Allen Frederick Richard Behrens Sarah Helena Gardiner Elizabeth Anne Marks Edward Albert Thomas Archibald George
Allen Henry John Behrens Stanley Frederick Garland Edna Jean Marshall Valentine Thomas Grace Irene
Allen Marianne Behrens Tasman Louis Gordon Eric William Martin Stella Edith Turnball Geoffrey Earnest
Archer Albert Benbow Annie Mary Gordon Kevin McDougall Allan Benson Turnball Johnathon
Archer Bertie Benbow David Sarsfield Gordon Lindsay McDougall Annie Turnball Kevin
Archer Bridget Benbow Horace John Gordon Maud Louisa McDougall Edith Turnball Laura
Archer Charles Benbow Horace Sarsfield Gray Francis Allen McDougall William Charles Turnball Lillian
Archer Francis Sydney Frank Bergmann Cyril Henry Gray Frederick Morrison Brenda Mary Turnball Phyllis Joy
Archer Frankie Bergmann Henry George Grierson George F Morrison Netta Turnball Terence Ingram
Archer Hazel C Bergmann Priscilla May Griffith Mary Ann Morrison Walter Richard  
Archer Maureen Anne Bone Violet Mary Griffiths Emily Jane   W
Archer Phillip Ernest 1 Bones Athol Lewis Griffiths Thomas Hartley P Ward Ann
Archer Phillip Ernest James Bones Milford Tasman Henry Griffiths Vernon Joseph Pearce Mary Ann

Ward William

Archer Phillip Ernest Brown John Griffiths Violet Nellie Pearce Nigel Watson Edward L
Archer Raymond Joseph Scott   Grove Harriet Matilda Phillips Albert Watson Hilda
Archer Sarah Ann C Grove Thomas Phillips Josephine Watson John
Archer Stanley John Jack Campbell Catherine   Phillips Mary Ann Watson Minnie
Archer Violet Charlton William G T H Phillips Walter E Watson Noel Kenneth
Archer William Charlton Albert Huon Hudson Dorothy Clare Philp Grace Watson Phyllis
Armstrong Jane Charlton Alma Maud Hudson Eva Mary Philp Jessie Wason Watson William
Armstrong Pearl Jean Laurie Charlton Geoffrey John Hulton Amy Louise Philp William A Webster D S
Armstrong Wiliam Charlton Herbert   Philp William Whitton Amy Josephine
Armstrong William Charlton John George J   Whitton Arthur
  Charlton John Isaac Jackson John R Whitton Baby
B Charlton Joyce Jeffery Violet Evangeline Rainbird Florence Esther Whitton Daphne Mary
Beadle Helena Charlton Unita Mavis Jeffrey Edward Maurice Roddam Ada Frances Whitton Esther
Behrens A W Chojnacki Miroslaw Henryk Jeffrey Lyndsay Maurice Alan Roddam George Whitton Leslie Alfred
Behrens Christina Conley Harriet Lucy Jones Florence J Roddam Vida Hilda Evelyn Whitton William Henry
Behrens Claude Edward Crammond Mary Jones Thomas Roland Betty J Wolf Carl August
Behrens Eric Herman Charles Crammond William   Russell Peter Honey Wolf Charles Herbert
Behrens Frederick H   L Russell Peter Wolf Frederick Amiel
Behrens Frederick William D Lees Maud Russell Valma Grace Wolf Henry Wallace
Behrens Harold H Dance Mavis J Lees W J   Wolf Herman George
Behrens Holly Sarah Davis Edward Thomas Leisk John Bruce S Wolf Ida Hilda
Behrens Janetta Dean Alan Walter Leisk Josephine Salter Jimmy Wolf Kenneth George
Behrens John Dean Harold Walter Leisk Laura Emma Sayer Bertha Wolf Margaret
Behrens Joseph George Dean Maggie Heatherbell Lovegrove John Sayer Harry Wolf Mary Jane
Behrens Lavinia Florence Douglas Emma Jane Lovegrove Mary Ann Elizabeth Sayer Henry W Wolf Minnie May
Behrens Lily Janetta Douglas Henry Lynch Morris Coleman Sayer Kerry Wolf Pearl Emma
Behrens Maxwell Wilfred Douglas Victor Ernest   Sayer Mary Slimmon Wolf Reginald Sydney
Behrens Pressy Ismay     Seabourne Lawrence  
Behrens Rose May     Seabourne Maud Lavinia Y
    Seabourne Unknown Yeoland Caroline
    Singh Anthony Naylor Raymond Ben Yeoland Fanny Sheldon
    Smith George Rennie Yeoland Mervyn Maxwell
    Sutherland Grace Mary Kathleen Yeoland William Kingwell
    Sutherland Keva Lena  
There are 16 Unknown     Sutherland Laurence Victor  
headstones in this cemetery     Sward Albert  
    Sward Mary Ann Ellen  




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