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North West Bay Margate



Abetz Unknown Ghodrat'U' Llah Anvari Lawson William H Ramsdale Kathleen Walker Charles
Abetz Walter Gorman Cecil James Lee Dannette Cherie Rankin George Walker Emma
Allwright Sydney Thomas Gorman Blanche Emma Lee Sadie Myrle Renyard Emma Wass Ian Keith
Allwright Ena Emily Annie Gray Ian Harold Lipscombe Eric Russell Renyard Henry Weingra Unknown
Appleby Jack Leslie Groombridge Darrel Lipscombe Mindi Rae Reygers Gail Maree Williamson Elizabeth Ann
Appleby Lily Groombridge Leslie Jack Littlechild Lothian Reynolds Shane Williamson Jane
Appleyard Enid May Groombridge Emma Lee Longey Michael Claude Roberts Jacob Williamson Unknown
Appleyard George Alfred   Lucas Elizabeth Nora Roberts Mary Ann Woolley Andrea M
  H Lucas Keith Frederick Roberts Chris Melville Worsley Bernard William
B Hadden Terry John Lucas Nathaniel Roberts Matilda Ann Worsley Doris Elfrede
Barnes Jeffrey James Hall Charles Stanley Lynch Edna May Roberts William George Worsley Ella
Birch Alan Thomas Hall Edith Florence   Rollins Pauline Worsley Louis Edwin
Birch Rae Margaret Hall Julie Ann M Rollins William Worsley Worsley Wilfred Alexander
Black Henry George Hansson Olga Marie Mawdsley John   Worsley Alice Ann
Black Nancy Gwendoline Hansson Elizabeth McKay Jack William S Worsley Ambrose Edgar
Browne Albert Hansson Lars Edmond Meaghan Dennis Patrick Saunders Francis Wilfred Worsley Annie
Browne Bertha H Hansson Lillian Maude Meredith Edward Schofield Douglas Stanley Worsley Charlotte
Browne Sarah Maria Hansson Martin Dunckel Meredith Charlotte Winifred Schofield Greta Justine Worsley Daphne C
Bryan Thomas Henry Hansson Oscar Arthur Meredith Edward 1 Schofield D C Worsley Dorothea Amelia
  Henderson Charles Roland Midson Robert Schroeter Stephanie Worsley Edward Albert
C Hensdns Berend Dida Millar Wallace Alexander Shirin Dowlatanvari Worsley Eldred J
Cleaver Edward Hickman Arthur Mooy Hanneke Shoobridge Bruce William Worsley Elizabeth
Cleaver Emma Marie Hickman Henry Owen Mooy Cornelis

Smith Hannah

Worsley Elviola Mabel
  Hyland C E Mostaard C Smith William Worsley Harold William
D   Mus Gerardus Strong David John Worsley Herbert F
Dalton Amy J   Strong Tevor Leonard Worsley Hilton Osmond
Dalton Jackie Janes Allan David N   Worsley James N
de Puit Adriaan Gerard Janes Florence Ann Nicholas Margaret Josephine T Worsley John Ralph
de Puit Anna   Nicholas Alan David Tabor Alice Ellen Worsley Louisa Jane
DeVries Chris K Nichols Stanley William Tabor Myra Bertha Worsley Norman John
DeVries Jan Klap Gerrit   Tabor Searle Harry Worsley Olive
DeVries Trientje Knott Herbert Edwin O Tabor Unknown Worsley Osmond Henry
Dobson Henry Charles Knott Lucy Beatrice Oakley Lenard George Thomson Amelia Caroline Worsley Percy J
Dobson Margaret Elizabeth Kroon Stuart O'Carroll Kaylene Helen Thomson Elsie Hilda Worsley Russel Ruthven
Dunne Edward Lars   Otten Hans Thomson Ann Olive Worsley Stella Selena
Dunstone Matilda L Owen Leonard Maurice Thomson Charles William Worsley Susanna
  Lahl Priscilla Ann   Thomson John Worsley Unknown
F Langdale George Birch P Thomson Unknown Worsley Vernon James.
Fahey Unknown Langdale Mary Ann Paris Matthew Torsius Matthew James Worsley Victor Davenport
Fazackerley Mervyn H Laning Pieter Pearsall Benjamin James Roy   Worsley William George
Fogarty Samuel Havelock Lawless Geoffrey Pitt Bradley David V Worsley William
  Lawless Elizabeth Lenna   Van DAM Gerald  
  Lawless Raymond   Voigt Gwen Y
  Lawrence Laurie     Yeates Frank Edward
  Lawrence Laurie 2      
  Lawson Myrtle A      





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