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Back River Methodist

Built in 1837 to cater to the large community living at Back River .

The most striking feature of this church is the windows which really are not windows at all but what is known as “Blind Gothic” and are usually seen in churches in England  

Many names seen on headstones in the cemetery such as Triffitt, Clark, Maddox and Rayner are still known in the district today



A G M Cont S U
Anson Henry Gay Eleanor Mathews James Shone Richard Usher Mary
Anson Jane Green Henry Mathews Sarah Benjamin Shone Thomas Henry Usher Mary
Anson Lavinia Grist Charles Mathews Walter George Smith Stephen Lyall  
  Grist Charles Lewis Medlycott Charles Frederick Speers Marjorie Pauline V
B Grist Elizabeth Medlycott Doris Irene Spelman James Voigt August
Baker Charles Guy Thomas. Morey James Spelman Mary Voigt Laurie
    Morey Martha   Voigt Lillian
Bland John William H Morey Sarah T  
Bland Sarah Anne Hay Albert Edward   Thatcher Joshua W
Bradshaw Alfred Hay Caroline N Triffitt Annie Wills Ernest Denzil
Bradshaw Copeland Cobden Hay Edith Amy Newell Alice Maud Triffitt Beatrice Madge Wills Flora Emily
Bradshaw Jack Mervyn Hay John Edgar   Triffitt Carrol Bernard Wills Frederick Randall
Bradshaw Margaret Hay John Thomas O Triffitt Charlotte Wills Harry Frederick
Brasington Phoebe Louisa Hay John Oakley Amelia Triffitt Charlotte Mary Wills Matilda
Browning Ann Hay Maria   Triffitt Colin Robert Wills Maysie Judd
  Hay Robert P Triffitt Doris Catherine Wills Phyllis
C Hay Sophia Patterson John 1 Triffitt Doris Catherine Wills Rita Winifred
Clarke George Hay Tommy Patterson John Triffitt Dorothy Alexander Wills Robert John
Cleland Amelia Margaret Hay Walter James   Triffitt Dorothy Wills Walter Terry
Cleland Harriet Hay William R Triffitt Edwin  
Cleland Harriett   Rainbird Allan Macquarie Triffitt Elijah Y
Cleland Sophia J Rainbird Nancy Jean Triffitt Ellen Young Margaret Mary
Cleland Thomas John Jillitt John Thomas Rayner Alice May Triffitt Ernest William Charles Young Richard George
Cleland William Judd Susan Cane Rayner Georgina Triffitt George Frederick  
Cockerill Jane Maria   Rayner Walter Triffitt Iris Kathleen  
Collins Elaine K Rees John  Triffitt Irvine  
Collins Hector Albert Kenmure Emma Rees John Triffitt Jak Bradford  
Collins Jack 1 Kenmure John Rees Lydia Triffitt Joan There are 15 Unknown
Collins Jack King Betty Rees Mary Triffitt Jonas headstones in this cemetery
Crosswell Kate Victoria   Renshaw Elizabeth Triffitt Leslie Hamilton  
  M Reynolds Margaret Triffitt Lionel Bill  
D Maddox Letitia Mary Roach Solomon Triffitt Minner May  
Dazeley Isabel Martin Harry Rousell Keziah Triffitt Robert George  
Dazeley Reg Martin Jane Rousell William Triffitt Samuel  
  Martin Thomas   Triffitt Thomas  
F Mathews Charles J   Triffitt William  
Fela Ruby Mathews Eliza   Triffitt Willie M E  
Fisher Keith Henry Mathews Elizabeth   Trifitt Rex Vale   


Funeral records indicate that Jane Pilkington was buried here and presumably her husband Thomas Levi is also buried here as Jane was living at Bridgewater North when she died. Information supplied by Kenneth Webb. For more information about this couple please email





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