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 St Matthews Anglican New Norfolk

The early Church which was erected in 1823 by David Lambe in 1823 was used as a schoolhouse and chapel mainly by the Norfolk Islanders who formed a large part of the congregation.  

When Robert Knopwood retired at Hobart in 1825 he went to live at New Norfolk and it was the inhabitants of New Norfolk who requested that he be appointed to St. Matthews.

He was duly appointed but for some reason had restrictions applied to his duties, he wasn’t allowed to baptize children or perform marriage ceremonies.   

It was left to The Reverend Hugh Robinson to perform these duties.  

Perhaps one of the most well known marriages in early colonial times was performed at St. Matthew’s and that was between Norah Cobben (ex convict) and Jorgen Jorgenson, convict,naval officer, police superintendent, explorer and self styled King of Iceland.  

Today St. Matthew’s with its beautiful stained glass windows would be one of the most well known churches in the Derwent Valley .


G Cont

L R Cont
Anderson Edwin Lawrence Dadson Hedley Vivian Faulkner Glover Corrie Lawson Grace Maud Renshaw William Henry
Andrews McDonald James Dand Emma Mary Glover Elwin Lethbridge Ada May Riley George Harry
Andrews Thomas Dand Jeffery Boles Glover Henry Francis Alfred Lethbridge Charles Frederick Riley Myra Rennie
  Dand Leslie Charles Glover Mona Amy Llyod Henry James Roberts Doris Nellie
B Dand Victor Andrew Goodall Fredrick Seddon Llyod Lavinia  F Roberts Thomas Edward
Bailey Edna May Dann Alan Leslie Gowland Heather Joy Lovell Alan David Robertson Thelma Frances
Bailey Edward Henry Dann Donald Keith     Robinson Matthew
Bailey Harry Dann Elizabeth Eliza Green Archie Douglas M  
Balmer Bruce Dann Gwendoline Verna Green Ina Minnie Maddox A S
Balmer May Catherine DeJersey Alfred W Green Laura Maddox Coralie Annie Shadwick Ronald Edward
Balmforth Joyce Helen DeJersey Beatrice Ellen Green Leslie M Mansfield Claire Winsome Sherrin Harold Vivian
Balmforth Percival John Delves Sylvia   Matheson Ella Margaret Sherrin John James
Banner John Edward Denman Jack Henry H Mayne Beverley Alice Shoobridge Anna Dorothea
Banner Olga Eileen Dillon Joan Leanore Hack June Olive McKenzie Gerald Wilfred Shoobridge Charlotte Mabel
Barrow Ivy Dillon Maxwell Patrick Hack Trevor Clarence McKenzie Harriet Etheline Shoobridge Erna Geraldine
Bodell George F Dixon Graham Eric Hammond Flo Marjorie McKeown Bev Shoobridge Frank Sidney Royston
Bond Flora Jane Dixon Trevor Robert Harris Christine Mary Oberlin Miller Herbert Daly Shoobridge Kate Sara
Bond Ronald James Durose Edith Alice Harris Kenneth E G Miller Louisa Piety Siepan Victor Smith
Boyer Cecil Arabin   Harris Lillian Marion Millikin Edward George Smith Elizabeth Mary
Boyer Elsie Churchill E Harris Osric Oberlin Moore Marjorie Josephine Smith Ernest
Boyer Mary Ellen Eccles Marion Shirley Harrisson Eugene Davington Morgan Eleanor Emily Smith Harold
Brain Sally Elizabeth Espie Beecher Harrisson Nathalie Morgan June Speed George Arthur
Bridges John Espie Lavinia Jane Hart Olive Miriam Joyce Morgan William H Speed Lorna Violet
Bridges Maria Estcourt Frederick Henry Hart Robert Clyde Morley Jeanette Dawn Stacey Ada Maria
Bromfield Leslie George Estcout Florence Irene Hay Alan Stanley   Stocks Arthur Roland
Brown Hellen Excell  Alan Vincent Hay Ella May N Stocks Ethel Victoria
Brown Thomas Frederick Excell Agnes May Hay Rachel Ann Nash Suzanne Marie Stoward Florence Matilda
Bruce Robert John Excell Alan Vincent Hay Thomas Hubert Newton Edith Lucy Swan Minnie
Burdon Phyllis Emily Excell Florence May Heazlewood Emma Louisa Newton Rupert Swann Harry Walter
Bush Ellen Irene Excell Lancelot Sydney Herbert William Robert Niness David Herbert Swann Laura May
Bush Ethel Maude Excell Zela C Hill Albert Edward Niness Ruby Jean  
Bush Rupert Vernon   Hill Ella May   T
Byles Benjamin F Hill Walter Ernest O Terry Estelle
  Farrow Nancy Hogdon Rosalie Frances Oakley Frederick Charles Terry Lachlan E
C Farrow Osmond James Hogdon Victor Oakley Linda Francis Tilyard Walter Richard
Calvert William Peter Lintorn Feil Archibald Holmes Claude Tasman O'Brien Mabel Winifred Triffett Albert Isaac
Cannell Mabel Mary Feil Enid Marion Hooker Beatrice Mary Oliver Alice Emily Triffett Byron Michael
Carmichael Kenneth Francis Feil Laura Matilda Hooker William Ernest Oliver Sidney Frank Triffett Byron Mitchell
Carmichael Nancy Winifred Feil Percy Albert Hookey Isabel Frances O'Toole Ada Elizabeth Triffett Rachel
Chick Cyril Edward Fenton Cora Winifred     Triffett Rita Beryl
Chick Ruby Annie Fuller Eric J P Triffitt Oliver Darcy
Clark Gwendoline May Fuller Madge Jackson Roy George Marsey Pearson Eileen Pearl  
Clark Rosina   Jenner Grace Estelle Mary Pegg Linda May V
Collier Vivien Erskine Copeland G Jenner Michael Fuller Pegg Walter Vaughan Harold Harry
Conlan Morton James Garrard  Editha Rose Tephi Jillet Charles Lewis Perrin Lawrence Maurice Vaughan Leila
Cooley Beryl Garrard Phyllis Arabin Jones Joyceline Jean Perrin Mary Victoria Vaughan Phyllis Thelma
Cowburn Audrey Mary Geard Baden   Plunkett Alan Willoughby  
Cowburn Jack Jennings Geard Rose K Plunkett Doris May W
Cowburn Leslie Nicholson Geard Verdun Albert Keeler Olive Marjorie Plunkett Noble Keith Walsh Samuel
Craig Jule Gilligan Henry Charles Kille Irene Florence Plunkett Tasma Ward K A
Cranswick Geoffrey Franceys Gilligan Vera Ellen Kille Reginald John Procter Eva Ruby Warren Marjorie Doreen
Cranswick Rosamund Mary Gittus Joyce May King Bessie Proctor Eva Ruby White Cyril William
Croft Margaret Gittus Maxwell Henry Kingshott Alfred Richard   White Emma Annette
  Given John A Knight Elfleda Beryl R Willing James Richard
  Glann Ethel May Knight Walter Wallace Ransley Cheryl Margaret Willing Myrtle Lavinia
  Glover Ada Alice   Ransley Gilbert Leslie Wilson Colin Reginald
  Glover Allen George   Ransley Joanne Wilson Mary Wyatt
      Ransley Madeline Julia  
      Rees William Charles Y
      Reeves Marjorie Young John William
      Reid Jennifer Amy  
      Renshaw Maud  





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