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St Pauls Uniting and Methodist New Norfolk

Built on land donated by Sir Robert Officer, the then owner of “Hallgreen” the foundation stone was laid November 1835 and was built by James Turnbull.   

In the following year, the Rev. John Manton was appointed  the first resident Minister of the newly formed New Norfolk Circuit. 

The Church was officially opened and dedicated by the Reverend Joseph Orton on the 2nd. November 1837. 

To celebrate the Wesleyan Silver Jubilee in 1865 the church gallery was added and in 1866 the porch was added. 

At the centenary of the church in 1936 a new hall was opened and dedicated which replaced the hall built in 1852. 

In more recent years the beauty of the Church has been enhanced with the addition of eight cathedral glass windows, some of which were installed in memory of early pioneers. 

In 1961, when the 125th anniversary of the church was celebrated, the Church and hall were redecorated and another new hall was commenced.  This magnificent building, with its many amenities and its unusual garden setting, was erected at a cost of 13,000 pounds on land donated by Dr. C. Hartley Rowe and officially opened by him on 11th March 1962. 

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Balmer Heathie Maud Fisher Myra Myrtle Henrietta Harris Clifford McKay Smith Herbert James Wagner Kenneth Albert
Balmer Keith France Sydney Ambrose Harris Marjorie I Smith Irene Rose Wigston Dulcie Esther
  France Winifred Hollis Terrance Charles   Wigston Edwin Liege
C     T Wigston Ethel
Cock George R G M Tribolet John Walter Wigston Grace Beatrice
Cock Gladys Mabel Gill Betsy Marshall Doris Isabel Tribolet Maude Dorothy Wigston Herbert
    Marshall Eric Jack    
    McConnell Cecil John    
    McConnell Esther    
    Miller Rex Alfred    
    Morley Daphne Charlotte    






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