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Tyenna General


H Cont

Abbott Dorothy Dixon Dulcie May Hudson Stanley Marriott Arthur Ransley Deidre Kathryn
Abbott Frederick William Dixon Edward Francis Hudson Valma Jean Marriott Doreen Reggett Paul Leigh
Abbott Hobart Lewis Donoghue Shirley Ruby Hudson William Thomas Marriott Dudley Roberts George James
Askew Helen Hynes Gina Maree Marriott Kenneth Henry Roberts George
Askew James F Hynes Laurence David Marriott Kenneth Roberts Hamlet E
  Fenton Colin Halyer Hynes Tanya Patricia Marriott Lillian Ruth Roberts Linton George
B Fenton Halyer   Marriott Percy Roberts Nigel E
Barrett Clarence Herbert Fenton Lorrie K Marriott Robert  
Barrett June Margaret Fisher Kathleen Constance Kean Graham Edward Marriott Sarah S S
Beattie Graham Clifford Fisher R B Kennedy John Joseph Marriott Thomas Arthur Sharpe Alfred Henry
Beattie Leslie William Freeman Maxwell Ralph Kennedy Katherine Isabel Martin Henry Arthur Sharpe Florence Amelia Ann
Beattie Unknown Issac   Kennedy Maisie Brenda Menzies William Max Smith Gladys Marie
Beattie Vera May G Kennedy Mervyn Michael Miller Phyllis Christina Smith Henry Norman
Blegg Stephen Wayne Grainger Craig Thomas Keogh A J Miller William John Smith Stuart George
Browning Kevin John Grainger Frederick C Murtagh John William Smith William Henry
Butler Frederick Charles Grainger Shane Anthony L   Squires Elizabeth
Butler Winifred Mary Loveluck Harry Frederick N Squires Harry
  H Loveluck Mary Nichols Albert E Statton Grace
C Hanlon Agnes Lynch Olga Mary Nichols Athol George  
Cannan Peter Ross Hanlon William Leslie Lynch Robert Frederick Nichols Phyllis Noreen V
Cannan Ross Tunnecliffe Harris Doreen Laura Lynch William Francis Pitfield Mary Voss Michael Lewis
Chaplin Florence Maude Harris Leonard   Pitfield William Ross
Chaplin George. Hudson Annie     W
Chaplin Lewis Frederick Hudson Lorna   Q Waddle Margaret Jane
Chaplin Martle Hudson Maxwell Winston   Quarrell John Carlyon Wrigley B K
Cherie Hudson Minnie   Quarrell Trevor John  
Cutting-Kelly Beatrice        

There are 10 unknown headstones in this cemetery





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