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Oatlands General Cemetery





P Cont

Adams Henry Fisher Joseph Newby Ann Palmer Sydney J Undy Arthur John
Aitcheson Sarah Fisher M A Newby John Palmer Thomas S Undy William
Allwood Jane   Newby Mary Ann Charlotte Palmer Thomas Unknown Elizabeth


Newby Thomas Pegus Peter Unknown Frances 2


Heathcote Alicia Abes Newby Unknown Pegus Peter Plaque Unknown Frances
Bagley Arthur Ellis Heathcote Arthur Eustace Nichols Francis Powell Edwin Ernest Unknown George
Bagley Charles Ellis Hyland Mary Ann Nichols Herbert Powell Sarah Unknown Hannah
Bagley Prudence     Powell Thomas 2 Unknown John 2
Bagley Robert Ellis I O Powell Thomas Unknown John 3
Bailey Mary Ives George Oliver Isabella Pressnell Eleanor Unknown John 4
Barlow Unknown Oliver Peter Pressnell Frederick George Unknown John
Beard Alfred J P    
Beard Charles Jackson Richard Page Algernon Harriss R  
Beard Jemimar Page Eileen Alma Robinson Barbara W
Beard Jesse K Page George Robinson Hannah Wherry Samuel
Beard John Kealy Jane Page Grace Ann Robinson John Wilkes John
Bennet James Kimberley Sarah Page Louisa Lydia   Willett Joseph
Bennett Ellen   Page Harriett S Wilson John
Bennett James L Page Myra Kathleen Salmon James Wright Sarah Stewart
Bennett Robert Charles Lamb Mary Page Samuel Sawford Albert John  
Burke John Littlechild Jane Pain Mary Jane Sawford Alfred  
  Long William Palmer Annie 2 Sawford Emma L  


  Palmer Charles E Sawford Henry William  
Crossin William Bannister M Palmer Edward Sawford John  
  Madden Catherine McFarlene Palmer George Sawford Sarah Ann  


Madden Charles Palmer Jane E Sawford Unknown  
Easton Mary McEwan Catherine McFarlane Palmer Jane Edith Sawford William  
Easton Jessie Laing McEwan John Thomas Palmer John Smith Jane  
Easton Thomas McEwan Joseph Palmer Martha Smith Mary Elizabeth  
Edwards John Middleditch William Matthew Palmer Rose Jane Smith Unknown  
Evans Ellen 2     Sutton Charles  
Evans Ellen        

Many thanks to Richard Deem for his information on Peter Pegus who we had as Peter Unknown.

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Unknown 2


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Unknown 3

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Unknown 4

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Unknown 5

Unknown 6.JPG (846922 bytes)

Unknown 6


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Unknown 7


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Unknown 8

Unknown 9.JPG (794115 bytes)

Unknown 9

Unknown 10.JPG (588054 bytes)

Unknown 10

Unknown 11.JPG (552627 bytes)

Unknown 11

Unknown 12.JPG (614375 bytes)

Unknown 12

Unknown 13.JPG (635714 bytes)

Unknown 13

Unknown 16.JPG (868819 bytes)

Unknown 16


Unknown 18.JPG (614999 bytes)

Unknown 18

Unknown 19.JPG (619737 bytes)

Unknown 19

Unknown 20.JPG (437655 bytes)

Unknown 20

Unknown 21.JPG (768078 bytes)

Unknown 21

Unknown 22.JPG (829020 bytes)

Unknown 22

Unknown 23.JPG (742012 bytes)

Unknown 23

Unknown 24.JPG (687693 bytes)

Unknown 24


Unknown 25.JPG (852602 bytes)

Unknown 25

Unknown 26.JPG (603979 bytes)

Unknown 26

Unknown 27.JPG (577817 bytes)

Unknown 27

Unknown 28.JPG (803799 bytes)

Unknown 28

Unknown 29.JPG (869303 bytes)

Unknown 29

Unknown 30.JPG (861154 bytes)

Unknown 30

Unknown 31.JPG (833182 bytes)

Unknown 31


Unknown 32.JPG (809009 bytes)

Unknown 32

Unknown 33.JPG (857913 bytes)

Unknown 33

Unknown 34.JPG (624718 bytes)

Unknown 34

Unknown 35.JPG (421538 bytes)

Unknown 35

Unknown 36.JPG (933057 bytes)

Unknown 36

Unknown 37.JPG (645247 bytes)

Unknown 37

Unknown 38.JPG (814146 bytes)

Unknown 38


Unknown 40.JPG (677704 bytes)

Unknown 40

Unknown 41.JPG (991856 bytes)

Unknown 41

Unknown 42.JPG (736440 bytes)

Unknown 42

Unknown 43.JPG (781287 bytes)

Unknown 43

Unknown 44.JPG (689154 bytes)

Unknown 44

Unknown 45.JPG (923689 bytes)

Unknown 45

Unknown 46.JPG (656252 bytes)

Unknown 46





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