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Bacon Michele F Cleary Elizabeth Gregg John Alfred Lyall Isabel Mary Pennicott Tessa Lucy
Bacon Eliz Cleary Elsie M A Gregg John Lyall Mary Powell Alice Hilda
Bacon Henry Cleary George Charles Gregg Margaret Lyall Roderick Kenneth Powell Ernest Stanley
Bacon Honora Cleary Gertrude T Gregg Robert Lyall Thomas Powell James
Bacon John Cleary Joseph C W H Gregg Sarah 2 Lynch Frances Powell Jane
Bacon Margaret T Cleary Mary Ann Gregg Sarah Lynch Helen Powell Mary Ann
Bacon Maryann Coad Mary Irene Gregg Vera Lynch Margaret Pyle Harry
Bacon Thomas Connor John Griffiths Anne Frances Lynch Mary Ann  
Bailey Alice Catherine Cosker Isabell Groves Charles Joseph Lynch Patrick


Bailey Arthur Cosker Clarence Groves William Lynch Rev Patrick John Quigley Mary
Bailey George Charles Crossin Clyde A Guthrie Catherine    
Bailey Jack St.Clair Crossin Irene Gertrude Guthrie Joseph Gordon



Bailey John J   Guthrie Martin Madden Mary Ann Rafferty Margaret
Bailey Phyllis Eileen


Guthrie Mary 2 McArdell Mary Ann Agnes Roberts Flossie May
Bailey Thomas C Deering H Margaret Guthrie Mary McArdell William Paul Rooney Charles
Bailey Vernon Mitchell Devaney Louise Guthrie Maud McArdle Mary Rooney Christopher
Baker Catherine Devine Charles Guthrie Michael McArdle Patrick Ryan Agnes
Barwick Johanna Devine Jane Guthrie Patrick Joseph McAuliffe Timothy Ryan Eliza
Bawn G A I Devine Thomas Guthrie Patrick McDermott Alexandra Ryan Ellen
Bawn Kathleen Dickenson Jane Lucy Monica Guthrie Percy McDermott Ambrose Ryan Gladys Marguerite
Bellinger Bernadette Cindy Dixon Charles Guthrie Peter McDermott Catherine Duncan Ryan James
Bellinger John Arnold   Guthrie Sarah McDermott Catherine Ryan John 2
Bellinger Patricia


Guthrie Thomas Ambrose McDermott Edith Ryan John
Bennett James Edwards Elizabeth Guthrie Thomas McDermott Frances Amelia  
Berry Ester Edwards John Joseph   McDermott Francis Ambrose


Berry James Joseph Emery Amy Grace


McDermott Henry Patrick Seal Ann
Berry James Emery I M Hall Albert McDermott James 2 Seal Mary
Berry Lesley Emery Irene Hall E V McDermott James Shepherd Honora
Berry Michael John Emery John Augustin Hall John McDermott Johanna 2 Sherilan Mary Ann
Berry Raymond Emery John Patrick Hall William Benjamin McDermott Johanna Smith Ida Mary
Berry Reginald Rex Emery Kathleen Elvina Harris Kathleen Winifred McDermott John 2 Smith Isabella Myrtle
Bevan Patrick Francis Emery Lambert James Haslam Mary Ann McDermott John Laurence Smith James
Bevan William Oscar Emery Lawrence M Hayden Edward McDermott John Smith John Henry
Bevan Elsie Emery Mark Edmund Hendley Eric William McDermott Joseph Patrick Smith Leslie Walter
Bevan Jane Emery Mary Ann Hodges Charles Henry McDermott Josephine Smith Lilian Mary
Bevan Janet Emery Matthew John Hodges Margaret McDermott Margaret Mary Smith Mary
Bevan Johanna Emery Philomena Hodgman B S McDermott Mary Agnes Smith Rupert Douglas
Bevan John Emery Stella Hodgman Lilla Eleanor Sara McDermott Maude Smith Thornton Rex
Bevan Mary Ann Emery Maxwell George Hoefs Gerard McDermott Nola Cecily Smith Zona Daphne
Bevan Michael S Espie Mary Jessie Holdsforth Ann McDermott Peter Sturgeon Andrew H
Bevan Thomas William   Holdsforth John McDermott Reginald Joseph Sturgeon Ellen E.
Bevan Thomas


Holdsforth Thomas McDermott Rex H Sturgeon Jane Theresa
Bevan William Joseph Feehan Rev John Hollingsworth George 2 McDermott Tasman Sturgeon Mary Clorine
Beven Ann Fish Adeline May Hollingsworth George McDermott Vera Ruby Sturgeon Mary Clorine
Beven Michael Fish Catherine Marie Hollingsworth Mary Anastasia McShane Pauline Frances. Sullivan R A
Beven Thomas Fish Cyril Thomas Hollingsworth Mary Teresa McWaid Patrick  
Bevens Hanorah Fish Glady Mary Horkins Charlotte Mears John


Bishop Thomas Fish Gwendoline Harriett Horkins Luke Minn Thomas M Tanner Clara Elizabeth
Blake Harriett Fish Harold Horkins Stephen Mitchell B Thomas Geoffrey Ashton
Blindell J M Fish Gladys May Hughes James Mitchell Herbert John Patrick Thompson Charles
Bomford Xysorus William Fish Leonard Louis Hughes Susanna Mitchell Seddon William John Thompson Johanna
Bourke Margaret Fish Mary Gertrude   Monks Grant Anthony Tisdall J A
Bourke Mary Fish Roy Tasman


Monks Jason Bruce Tisdall Michael
Bourke Nicholas Fish Ethel Murrill Jones Allan Herbert Monks Rosie Treanor Mary
Bourke Thomas Joseph Fish Thomas Edward Jones Bernard Clifton   Twedie Mary2
Bourke Unknown Fisher Elsie Beatrice Jones Cecelia Mary


Twedie Mary
Bowley Mary. Fisher Mary Cecilia Jones Georgina Newman C L  
Bowley John Fisher Roger D Jones Henry George Newman Mary N


Brown Jessie Fisher Ruby May Jones Ida Unknown William
Brown Leibling Laura Fisher William Robert Jones Jane E


Unsworth Elise Mary
Brown Mary Ann Fitzgerald Honorah Jones Margaret Mary O'Connor James Unsworth Ervyn Vivian
Brown Owen Fitzgerald Robert Jones Robert Michael O'Connor Mary  
Brown T O Fleming Catherine Jones Robert William O'Flanagan Patrick


Brown Thomas Fleming Maurice Jones Thomas R O'Hara Annie Maria Ward Reginald James
Burke Rex Nicholas Flynn Peter Jones Thomas O'Hara Bridget Ward Scott Leslie
Burns John Alfred Fox Eileen Lily Jordan Eric T O'Hara Catherine Webster Arthur
Burns Mervyn Alfred Fox Arhtur John Patrick Jordan Erica J O'Hara Edward Webster Henry
Burns Sarah Margaret Fox Arthur Francis Jordan Nellie O'Hara Florence Jane Webster Mary Ann
Burrill Mary Eustelle Fox Cecilia Agnes   O'Hara John Martin Webster Oswald James
  Fox Helen Mary


O'Hara Margaret Teresa Webster Robert


Fox Kathleen Margaret Kean Kathryn Marie O'Hara Mary Kate Webster William
Campbell Edward Freeman Bevis Keenan Ann O'Hara Michael Weeding Hannah
Campbell Mary Freeman Clarence Richard Keenan Arthur O'Hara Thomas Michael White Edmund
Campbell Thomas Joseph Freeman Janet Bevis Keenan Peter   White Eliza
Campbell Thomas Freeman Melva Muriel Kelley Eliza P White Lawrence Errol
Cantwell Agnes Fysh Henry Tasman Kellow Mary Palmer John Wickham Angela Muriel
Carnes Eric John Fysh Olive R Kelly Francis Edward Palmer Kathryn Mary Wickham Crofton Edward
Carnes John   Kelly Noel Anzac Patterson Teresa Wickham Ellen
Carnes Deborah G Kelly Ursula Teresa Paul Kent Wayne Wickham John
Carnes Sara Adeline Geary Evelyn Kenna James Pennicott Charlotte Wickham Kevin Joseph
Carnes James Michael Geary Robert   Pennicott Christopher William Willett Catherine
Cason Francis Gough Patrick L Pennicott Elizabeth Mary Willett Catherine
Cason John Paul Green Peter Laurence Law Honorah Agnes Pennicott Freda Alice Williams Sarah Jane
Cason Mary Ann Gregg Alice Louisa Lodge Joseph Pennicott Fredrick Adam Williamson Thomas
Cason Michael Francis Gregg Charles Lodge Margarat Winifred Pennicott John C Wilson Annie Philomenia
Champion Brian Henry Gregg David William Lonergan Joyce Frances Pennicott Olive Mary Wilson Doris Mary
Clarke Eva Ellen Gregg David Long Charlotte Brown Pennicott Phillip Fredrick Wilson George
Cleary Eliza Gregg E A Loughnan Catherine Pennicott R W  
Cleary Elizabeth M Gregg Eliza Lucas Teresa Kate Pennicott Richard George  
  Gregg James C Lyall George Patrick Pennicott Robin Desmond  

There are 34 Unknown Graves

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Unknown 1

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Unknown 2

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Unknown 9

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Unknown 10

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Unknown 12

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Unknown 13

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Unknown 14

Unknown 15.JPG (455176 bytes)

Unknown 15

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Unknown 16

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Unknown 17

Unknown 18.JPG (380661 bytes)

Unknown 18

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Unknown 19

Unknown 20.JPG (768113 bytes)

Unknown 20

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Unknown 21

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Unknown 22

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Unknown 23


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Unknown 24

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Unknown 25

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Unknown 26

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Unknown 27

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Unknown 28

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Unknown 29

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Unknown 30

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Unknown 32

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Unknown 33

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Unknown 34






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