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St Bridgids Tunnack







B Cont



Barker Veronica Winifred Burke Vincent Augustine Hart Ronald William McAuliffe Bridget Unknown Margaret Mary
Berry Darrel Leonard Burke William Henry Hart William Henry McAuliffe Bridget  
Bourke Alfred John Byrne Arthur James Hayden Edward McAuliffe Timothy John


Bourke Allan Patrick Byrne Elizabeth Hayden Elizabeth Moore Clare Elizabeth Webster William Algernon
Bourke Ambrose Edward Byrne Elizabeth E Haydon James Moore Joseph Luke Webster Catherine Mary
Bourke Anna Mary Byrne Grace Maria Housego Matthew Warren Murphy Father Denis Webster Eliza Jane
Bourke Danny Byrne John Michael Hutchinson Ada Mary   Webster Henry Basil
Bourke Elizabeth Emma Byrne John Hutchinson William Frederick


Webster Henry Joseph
Bourke Francis Patrick Byrne Kenneth Joseph Hutchinson William Henry Ivo Nettlefold Anna Mary Weeding Christopher David
Bourke Jane Byrne Leonard George Hyatt Johanna Mary Nettlefold Bridget M Wiggins George William
Bourke Leo Augustine Byrne Lillian May Hyland Daniel Nettlefold Elliott George Wiggins Verle Eustelle
Bourke Martin Byrne Mary Teresa Hyland Ellen Nettlefold Eric
Bourke Martin John Byrne Peter Augustine Hyland Mary Ann Nettlefold Kathleen M Scott


Bourke Martin Byrne Robert Hyland Michael Edmund Nettlefold Norah Young Jean Eileen
Bourke Nicholas   Hyland Michael   Young Mary Elsie
Bourke Olinda Campbell


Hyland Thomas


Young Walter Edwin
Bourke Patrick Julian Campbell Anna Margaret   Obrien Cecilia Mary  
Bourke Paul William Campbell Cecillia Charlotte


O'brien Eva May  
Bourke Russell Leo Campbell John Irvine Ina Mary O'Brien Florence Annie  
Bourke Sonia Marcia Cleary Bridgett   O'Brien Jane Frances  
Bowler Sr M Vincent Cleary Hilary Michael


O'brien Joyce Kathleen There are 6 Unknown
Bresnehan L Cleary John Kelly Bridget O'Brien K L Headstones
Bresnehan Teresa Mary Cleary Julia Kelly Chris O'Brien Mary Eulalie  
Brooks Honora Cleary Michael Kelly Clyde Augustine O'brien Patrick  
Brooks Jane Crawford Margaret Kelly Helen Gladys O'Brien Thomas Lucas  
Brooks John   Kelly James OConor Charles Owen  
Brooks Patrick J


Kelly John O'Conor Clement Joseph  
Burke Alice Louisa Daniels Margaret Ellen Kelly Mary O'Conor Elizabeth  
Burke Catherine Lucy Dolan Albert John Kelly Patrick O'Conor Ethel Elizabeth  
Burke Catherine Martin Dolan Ambrose Kelly Terence O'conor Mary Ann 2  
Burke Catherine Dolan Annie Kelly Thomas W O'Conor Mary Ann  
Burke Clarrie Dolan Bridie Maria Kenna Marjorie Eustelle O'conor Patrick Joseph  
Burke Dorothy Claire Dolan Family Kenna Royce    
Burke Elizabeth Mary Dolan Margaret Kennedy Baby


Burke Ellen Mary Duggan Daniel (Tom) Kennedy Margaret Palmer Lizzette Hannah Adeline  
Burke Eva 2 Duggan Daniel Kennedy Patrick    
Burke Eva Duggan Elizabeth Hannah Kennedy Phillip


Burke Francis Joseph Duggan Francis George Roger Knott Lucy Agnes Reynolds Edna Mary  
Burke George Maurice Duggan John   Reynolds Roderick John  
Burke Harold Joseph Duggan Mary


Reynolds William Henry  
Burke John Michael Duggan Mary Lane Bernard Joseph Russell Margaret  
Burke Kevin Alfred Duggan Maurice L Lane Gerald Joseph Russell Mary Maria  
Burke Leonard George Duggan Patrick Lane Marcus Ambrose    
Burke Marie Duggan Roger Lane Myra Ann


Burke Martin Michael Dwyer Jane Lane Peter Charles Scott Derek  
Burke Martin Dwyer Margaret Lincoln Keitha Mary Scott George  
Burke Michael Martin Dwyer Nora   Scott Irene   
Burke Minnie Beatrice Dwyer Patrick


Sharp Edward W H  
Burke Nicholas John Dwyer Samuel J Mackey Bridget Thomas Sharp Jack  
Burke Phillip   Mackey Fay Sharp May  
Burke Richard


Mackey Thomas Sharp Mary  
Burke Thomas Mervyn Fox Frederick Mayne Louisa May Birdie Summers David McPherson  
      Summers G.J  





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