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 St James Jericho

Designed by John Lee Archer and consecrated 10th May 1838 but was eventually pulled down and a new freestone one built. 

Designed by Henry Hunter and built by Walter Fish at a cost of 839 pounds.  The new church was consecrated by Bishop Sandford on the 20th April 1888. 

St. James is well known for its beautiful stained glass windows and the grave of the first Australian to be awarded the Victorian Cross John Hutton Bisdee who died 14th January 1930 served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen.  He was awarded his medal for service during the Second Boer War on 1st. September 1900. 

St. James now houses a Pioneer and Heritage Museum.






M Cont

S Cont

Bean Doris May

Denholm James

Jones Robert 2

Munro Mary Ann

Savage Lucy May

Bisdee Lucy Maria

Denholm Sarah Hannah

Jones Robert

Munro Murdoch

Savage Mundy Herbert

Bisdee A I

DePentheny O Kelly Emily

Jones Sarah

Munro Phoebe Hilda

Savage Rebecca

Bisdee Alan Isaac

DePentheny OKelly James

Jones William Henry

Munro Ruby Catherine

Savage Richard George

Bisdee Amy Elizabeth

DePentheny OKelly Sophia Agnes


Munro William Royal

Savage Thomas 2

Bisdee Annie Jane

Dowson Robert



Savage Thomas H

Bisdee Bessie


Knight Annie


Scott Eliza

Bisdee E J


Knight Christine Mary

Osborne Lorna May

Slade William Alfred

Bisdee E L

Forbes Catherine Augusta

Knight Edward 2

Osborne Robert Arthur

Stacey Albert Austin

Bisdee E M


Knight Edward Phillip


Stacey Blanch

Bisdee Edith Mary


Knight Edward


Stacey Harriett Martha

Bisdee Edward Oldmixon

Glover Bert Cornelious

Knight Vera Isabel

Page Cyril Eustace

Stacey Henry Albert

Bisdee Eliza Rose

Glover Beryl Mary


Page Nancy Ades

Stacey Jessie Florence

Bisdee Ellen Ina

Glover Harold Ernest


Page Louisa Jesse

Stacey Joseph P

Bisdee Ellen Jane

Glover James

Mann Alfred N

Page Samuel

Stacey Joseph Robert

Bisdee H

Glover John

Mann Claude James

Pegg Henry

Stacey Joseph

Bisdee Harold2

Glover Unknown Elizabeth

Mann George Percy

Pennycuick Harold Norman

Stacey Susan May

Bisdee Harold


Mann Gladys May

Pennycuick Herbert Harold

Stacey Sydney Ronald

Bisdee Isaac


Mann H E

Pennycuick James

Stacey Unknown

Bisdee James Mitchell

Hale Sabina Dunlop

Mann Henry Nelson

Pennycuick Jessie

Strickland Aileen Mavis

Bisdee John Hutton 2

Harris Clifton Stanley

Mann Mary Ann

Pennycuick Ruby M

Strickland Aileen

Bisdee John Hutton

Harris Elizabeth

Mann Norman M.H

Pennycuick Thomas

Strickland John Leake

Bisdee John

Harris Fay Louisa

Mann Ronald Raymond

Percy W Norris


Bisdee L M & J H

Harris Horace Maxwell

Mann Rose

Porter Ivy May


Bisdee Lillian Isabella

Harris John William

Mann Rowena

Porter Samuel Douglas

Tunks Trevor Vivian

Bisdee Mary Helena

Harris Joseph Walter

Mann Zelda Elizabeth


Bisdee R 2

Harris Lewis Cameron

Mansfield Lucy Maryann



Bisdee R

Harris Lloyd Andrew

Mansfield Phillis Jean

Radford Kathleen

Unknown Charles

Bisdee Reginald

Harris Louisa Ellen

Milles Frances Marion

Radford Nancy

Unknown Jane Landler

Bisdee Sybil Charlotte Noreen

Harris Nellie

Munnings William

Reid Archibald Alfred

Unknown Robert

Bloomfield Leslie Wilfred

Harris Rachel Leah

Munnings Mary Ann

Reid Elvina

Unknown Susan

Bloomfield Mary Ann

Harris Rita

Munnings Samuel

Reid Phyllis

Unknown William

Bloomfield Uriah

Harris Sarah

Munnings Sarah

Reid William Alfred


Bowerman Bruce C

Harris Wallace John

Munnings Walter Henry

Robarts Joseph


Bowerman Jean Doreen

Harrisson Henry Percival

Munnings William

Rodda Emily J

Ward Rosa

Bowerman Patrick

Harrisson Mary

Munnings Hector Arthur

Rodda James 2

Webb C Florence

Bowerman Rupert

Harrisson Peter

Munro Jean

Rodda James

Webb Eli

Bowerman Thelma May

Harrisson Richard

Munro Annie Maria

Rodda Vera Mary

Webb Ellen Mary

Brown Mora

Harrisson Rosa

Munro Clarice Vivian

Roe Ann Eliza

Webb John Richard

Burbury Mary Christina

Hart Albert Henry

Munro Ellen Elizabeth

Roe Mary Louisa

Webb John

Burbury Mary Gray

Hart Joseph

Munro Ellen Mary

Rowe John

Webb Mabel Isabel

Burbury Thomas James

Hart Sarah

Munro Evelyn


Webb Mary Ellen

Burns Dorothy Hilda

Hilderbrand John

Munro F. J


White Rosina

Burns Emma Amelia

Hilderbrand Louisa

Munro Finlay

Savage Ada Emily

White William Isaac

Burns William

Hilderbrand Thomas

Munro Isabel Barbara

Savage Aron Richard

Wylie Annie

Jones Benjamin

Munro Isabella Wilie

Savage Charles R



Jones James

Munro Jean

Savage Edward Henry


Collidge Kevin Stuart

Jones John

Munro John

Savage Elizabeth

Young Evelyn Mary

Collidge Merle

Jones Mary Ann

Munro Kenneth Alexander

Savage Henry Isaac

Young William


Munro Margaret Jane

Savage Lorna Victoria Peace


There are 19 unknown graves in this cemetery
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