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St Oswalds Tunbridge





Bean Dorothy Joan Farrell Edward Arnold Johnson Lois Jean Parker Charles Henry Scurr Sarah
Bean Ronald Percy Farrell Greta Jones Sydney Leslie Parker Emily Constance Scurr Susannah
Bowerman Albert Edward Farrelly Philip Michael Parker James Scurr Theodore
Bowerman Ruby Jean Fitzallen Albert K Parker Renie May Scurr William
Bransden Alice Rose Fitzallen Barry Kernan Margaret Pitchers Caroline Swindells James Albert
Bransden Reginald Dennis Fitzallen Charles   Pitchers Henry
Bransden Reginald James Fitzallen Vida Isabel L Pitchers Louisa T
Brown William   Lodge Algernon Lyell Pitchers Sarah Triffitt A C
Brown Winsome Agnes G Lodge Arthur Powell Ada Elizabeth Triffett Charles Esau
  Glover Elvie Lodge Athol Rex Powell Albert Frank Triffett Ellen
C Glover Samuel Lodge Charles Powell Donald Anthony  
Cahill Alice Elsie   Lodge Charlotte Elizabeth Powell E R U
Cahill Gordon H Lodge Eliza Powell Edwin Ernest Unsworth Alfred
Cahill Isobell Hall Charles Thomas Lodge Emma Powell J O
Cahill John Hall Ernest Lodge Esme Julia Powell James Andrew W
Cahill Pamela Theresa Hall Isobell May Lodge Bertie C Powell Matilda Walter Edith Louisa
Carnes Robert Hall Lemel Lodge Ethel Beatrice Powell Maude V Walter Maxwell
Clifton May Hall William Charles Lodge George Charles Powell Phoebe Isabelle West Julieanne
Colgan Ruby Jean Harris Isaac Lodge Iris Evelyn   West Kerry John
  Harris Sarah Lodge James R Wilson Kelvin Rex
D Harris Walter Lodge Joseph Rawnsley Alexander William  
Dawson Gertrude Alice Hazelwood Alice Maud Lodge Julia Gertrude Rawnsley Blanche Isobel  
  Hazelwood Artie Lodge Tasman Rex Rawnsley Ivan Maxwell  
E Hazelwood Daisy Ellen Lodge William Wix Parker Roberts Maud Margarete 8 Unknown Headstones
Earley Annie Beatrice Hazelwood Eileen Winifred Lodge William Robinson Donald James  
Earley James William Hazelwood Ellen Lower Gerald Robinson Pridence Lillian Harriett  
Earley Minnie Rubina Hazelwood Elsie Ada   Rothwell Hannah  
Earley Thomas W Hazelwood Emmie Maud M Rothwell Leonard A  
East William Hazelwood F C McCarthy Beryl Constance    
Elev Harry George Hazelwood Frederick Albert McCarthy Francis Leon    
  Hazelwood Frederick Charles McCarthy Gertrude    
  Hazelwood George Albert McCarthy Leonard William    
  Hazelwood George John      
  Hazelwood Henry John N    
  Hazelwood Jeffery James Newell Betty Joan    
  Hazelwood Joan      
  Hazelwood Nellie May      
  Hazelwood Nona Ann      





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