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Woodsdale Cemetery



D Cont

Allwood Laura Dare Eliza Johnson Charles Page Emily Scott Alex
  Dare Ellis Johnson Francie Mabel Page Percival Scott Amelia


Dare Frederick W Johnson George Palmer Bertha Agnes Scott Joseph
Bender Dare Gerald Johnson Matilda Palmer Clarence John Scott Barry Francis
Birch Ena Dare H.N.C Johnson Ronald Clyde Palmer Elsie Isobel Scott Clifford John
Birch Hannah Dare Hilda Johnson Palmer Geoffrey George Scott Patricia Doreen
Birch Samuel Dare Hilda A Johnston William Palmer Gilbert Scott Rex Richard
Birch Samuel W Dare James   Palmer Gordon Clarence Scott Verna Elizabeth
Birchal George Dare Joseph K Palmer Herbert G Scott Vernon James
Birchall David Herbert Dare Lillian Kenna Alice Jane Palmer John S Skeggs A. W
Birchall Dorothy May Dare Mac Kenna Daniel Palmer Keith W Skeggs Ellen
Birchall Kenneth David Dare Robert Kenna Ernest Myra Palmer Leonard John Skeggs John
Birchall Mary Dare-Graveley Gertrude Kenna William Palmer Lila May Smith Benjamin
Brown Arthur Raymond   Kingston Christina Palmer Margaret Smith Mary
Brown James E Kingston Clara Palmer Michael John Stacey Amanda Jane
Brown Joseph T Eppingstall Elwin Kingston Doris Palmer Myrtle Holly Stacey Edgar James
Brown Leslie Eppingstall Rachel Kingston Elizabeth J Palmer Richard James  
Brown Lillian D.M Evans John Thomas Kingston Elsie Palmer Richard T
Brown Nancy Evans Mabel Lillias Kingston Eric Arthur Palmer Samuel John Thomas Charles
Brown Shirley Margaret   Kingston Ernest Palmer William  
Byers John Victor F Kingston George A Payne Althea W
Byers Madge Farrow David Kingston George Ernest Payne Harold Wagner Beth
  Free Darren William Kingston Malcolm Payne Robin Lee Wagner Bryan James


Kingston Vera May Pegg Charles Wagner Caroline
Chatterton Garry Howard G Kline Arthur Reginald Porter Bill Wagner Coralie Irene
Chatterton Hilda May Green Craig Douglas Kline Diane Maree Poulter Sarah Wagner Lorna May
Crawford Alan James   Kline Elizabeth   Wagner Mervyn Leonard
Crawford Aubrey H Kline Francis Louis R Wagner Philip Conrad
Crawford Cyril Hart Henry Kline Frank Rattenbury Tom Wagner Phillip Conrad
Crawford Gertrude Eliza Pearl Hart Jessie Kline Jessie Christina Roberts Abraham Webb Laurence
Crawford Gordon William Hart Margaret Kline Louisa Roberts Frances Wiggins Charles Arthur
Crawford Henry Howard Elias Kline Rex Roberts George 2 Wiggins Donald Charles
Crawford Irene Howard Eva Kline Vera Eugene Roberts George Wiggins George C.
Crawford James Howard Fanny   Rowland William Wiggins Katherine Jane
Crawford Mary J Howard Irene Adelaide M Rowlands Arthur John Wiggins Maxwell George Scott
Crawford Robert Howard Martha Mayne Arthur Harold Rowlands George Herbert Wiggins Noel Thomas James
Crawford William2 Howard Nigel Hector Mayne Mandy Deanne Rowlands Gertrude May Wiggins Phoebe
Crawford William Howard Richard Thomas McConnon Ivy Ellen Rowlands James Wiggins Walter Leslie
Crawford William W Howard Ronald Hector McGuire Elaine Anne Rowlands Jane Worladge Chris
  Howard Thomas Montgomery Hugh Urban Rowlands John 2 Wright Veronica


  Montgomery Laura Jean Rowlands John Payne Harold
Dare Allen     Rowlands Lily Payne Althea
Dare E. C     Rowlands Maria  
Dare E.C     Rowlands Mary A  
Dare E.J     Rowlands Sarah  





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