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St Marks Anglican Cygnet

Building began in 1874 at a cost of two hundred and eight pounds and was opened for services in 1875.  It was dedicated in 1876 with additions being made in 1894 with further additions being made in 1913. 

In 1968 a new  vestry was built and dedicated.







C Cont H

M Cont


Allam William Connor Marjorie Isobel Halliwell Beryl Mundy Dorothy Stanton Sarah Ann
Allen Ann Coulson Charles Hammond Lois Violet Mundy Gerry Stephen Wayne
Andrews Claire Frances Coulson Ethel Hammond Stanley George Mundy Ivy Stevens Eliza
Andrews Joancita Elizabeth Coulson Harriet Harris Eliza Mundy John Joseph Strong Leo Andrew
Andrews Philip Kenneth Aylmer Coulson Henry George Harris Elsie Heatherbell Mundy Myrtle Irene Supplice Donald William
Archer Ada May Coulson Ivy Matilda Harris James Mundy William Henry Supplice Herman James
Archer Gladys May Coulson Leonard George Harris Jane Britannia 2 Mundy William Victor Supplice Victoria Adeline
Archer William Robert Coulson Margaret Elizabeth Harris Jane Britannia Muskett Neil Harold Sylvester Kenneth John
Armstrong Anthony William Coulson Raymond Harris William Thomas 2 Mylonas Beryl June Synnott Vickie Charleen
Armstrong Bill Coulson Stephen Geoffrey Harris William Thomas    
Armstrong Douglas G Coulson T M Jean Harrison Edith Annie N


Armstrong Ellener Louise Coulson Verna Beryl Harrison Edward Ted Nellis Carl Peter Terry I A
Armstrong Emma Coulson Walter Desmond Harrison Elmo Frank Nicholls Jessie Elizabeth Thompson John Alexander
Armstrong Iris Freda Coulson William Henry Harrison Emily Ann Nicholls Sophia Ellen Thompson S H
Armstrong Jean Cowen Basil Harrison Frederick Nichols Elsie Beatrice Thorp Adele
Armstrong William Henry Cowen Charles Watkins Harrison Ruby Jane Nichols Eric Thomas Thorp Annie Jane
Armstrong William J Cowen Clarrence Lewellyn Harrison Sarah Ann Nichols John Thorp Florence Edith
Armstrong William James Cowen Cyril Sydney George Harrison Thomas Nichols Rex Thomas Thorp Florey Ray
Arnol Collin William Cowen Desmond John Harrison William George Nichols Sarah Thorp Garnet Alfred
Ayers Grace Bailey Cowen Dulcie Ella Harvey Amelia Wood Nichols Thomas Thorp Ida Rose
Ayers Hedley Victor Cowen Emily Harvey Arthur James Nichols Valeria Thorp Josephine Frances
Ayers Joan Cowen Florence Leavina Harvey Edith May Nichols William Thorp Keith Allen
  Cowen Grace Angela Harvey Edith Norris Colin James Thorp Maxwell Garnett Mitson


Cowen Harold George 2 Harvey Eliza Norris Leslie Edgar Thorp Robert Alan John
Banks Zelda Ruth Cowen Harold George Harvey Ernest Manning Norris Thelma Doris Thorp Robert John
Barrett Gordon Cowen Henry Harvey Mary Ann   Tonks Eunice Joy
Batchelor Alan Henry Cowen Hilda Harvey Robert Manning


Troman Edith May
Batchelor Dorothy Mary Cowen Ivy Edna Haugland David Roger Oakes Margaret Troman Frederick George
Batchelor Douglas Percy Cowen Kathleen Lynette Henley Anthony Ray Olbrich Carl Gothlieb Troman Jessie Cecelia
Batchelor Ruby Gwendoline Cowen Kenneth Noel Henley Edwin Olbrich Henrietta Christina Troman Keith
Bender Alfred Gordon Cowen Leo Henley Emily Oldham Thomas Troman Sydney William
Bender Merlyn Vola Cowen Leslie William Henry Henley Ethel Ormiston Gwendoline Marjory  
Bercherer Erich Cowen Linda May Henley Harold  


Berry Craig Maxwell Cowen Makayla Janice Henley Leslie


Unknown David
Berry Elizabeth May Cowen Myrtle Lillian Henley Maurice Parnham Joseph Unknown Eleanor
Bolton George Albert Cowen Peter George Henley Sybil Louvain Parsell John Unknown George Albert
Bolton Leslie Joseph Cowen Rosalie Faye Henley Thore Parsell Margaret Unknown John Henry
Bolton Louisa Cowen Rosemary Henley Vera May Pascoe Harry Norman  
Bone Charles Maxwell Cowen Thomas George Henley Walter 2 Paul James J Unknown Stanley
Bone Elizabeth Cowen Valerie Merlene Henley Walter Paul Lillie L Unknown Susannah
Bone James Cowen Victoria Joyce Henley William Philip Alice Unknown William
Bone Sarah Jane Cowen Violet Hill Percival Ray Phillips Fanny  
Bone-Gordon Elizabeth Mary Ann Cowen W T Hornby Unknown Phillips John


Bones Dennis Henry Cowen William Edward Hornby William Plaskett Elsie May Vincent Adrienne E
Bones Edwin Robert Cox Davie John   Plaskett Walter  
Bones Edwin Cox Lucy


Pollard Ernest Mulley


Bones Elizabeth Cripps Albert Victor Ivey Louisa Walch Polley Bridget Claribel Walker Anne Elizabeth
Bones Rachel Cripps Alma E   Polley Eileen Mary Wallis Tasman John
Bowerman Edith Royal May Crisp Roger James


Polley Eric Cyril Wallis-Oldham Ada
Bowerman Keith Athol Crook Ian G Jacobs Joyce Ismay Polley Ernest Roy Walshe Mazella
Bridges Florence Susan Cross Sydney Robert Jacobs Noel Room Polley Ernest Walshe William
Bridges William John Curran Donald George Jagoe Beatrice Ellen Polley Francis George Walter Eileen Jessie
Brittain Edmund Curran Ruby May Jarrett Horace John Polley John William Walter George W B
Brittain George   Jarrett Lawrence Polley Raymond Eric Walter Harry Philip
Brittain Gerald


Jarrett Lorna Polley W R Walter Henry James
Brittain Gladys Constance Dalloway Leslie John Jarrett Wayne Purcell Leslie Allen Walter J H
Brittain Ivan M Dance Ann Elizabeth Johnston Norman George   Walter Sarah Eleanor
Brittain James Darell Dance Don Jones Esther Amberzine


Walter Susannah
Brittain James Dance Dulcie Lavina   R J Wass Elizabeth
Brittain Jane Dance Eden


Reader Sydney Wass Frederick M
Brittain Lesley Jean Dance Eliza Kaye Dawn Richardson Audley Webster Patricia
Brittain Leslie George Dance Hubert Kaye George Ridgeway Janelle Westerman Benjamin Thomas
Brittain Mary Dance James Keys Laura Margaret Roberts Frederick Lewis Westerman Edith Amy
Brittain Stanley Alexander Dance Joan Kruse Anna Maria Rogers Andrew John Westerman Eric
Brown Eliza Dance Lyla Kruse William Henry Rogers Bridget Wheatly Sarah Ann
Brown Frederick A Dance Max Kube Cecil Rogers Daniel Joseph Whitbread Herbert
Brown Frederick Joseph Dance Peter Kube Edith Rogers Darrell Whitbread Sophia Amelia
Brown Frederick Dance Reg Kube Elizabeth Rogers Donald George Whitbread William John
Brown Grace Carrick Victoria Dance Rosinna Kube Frank Rogers Joseph Frederick Russell Wicks W James E
Brown Jennifer Grace Dance William 2 Kube Godfrey 2 Rogers Mark Anthony Williams Edith
Brown Julie Dance William Eden Kube Godfrey Rogers Norma Gladys Wills Eric Albert
Brown Keith V Dance William Kube Harold Alfred Rogers Russell John Wills Gladys Mary Florence
Brown Priscilla Delphin Horace Christopher Kube Nora Josephine Rogers Russell Wills Brian Charles
Brown Rev'd James Roy Denny Ellis George Kube Timmy S Rogers Stephen Phillip Wills Jean
Brown William T J Dillon Ruby   Roland Keith Herbert Wills John Clarence
Burnett James Norman Dooling J W


Roland Margaret Wills Mary Ann
Dooling John William Lamb Unknown Roland R A Wills May


  Langridge Ellen   Wills Mellissa
Casey Ben


Langridge Elsie M


Wills Perce
Casey Lily Frances Theresa Ellis Norman Langridge Percey H Schreck Geoffrey Wills Thomas Charles
Cato Elsie L Ellwell William Donald Langridge Thomas Schultz Ivo Willhelm Wills William Henry
Cawthorn Claude Edwin Elwell Albert Latham Alfred Schultz Mazurka Wilmot George Nichols
Cawthorn Hilda Macquarie Elwell Alma Latham Emma Schultz Rita Joan Wilmot Gladys Vera
Cawthorn Hilda Maquarie 2 Elwell Ruby Latham Marjorie Schultz Unknown Wilson Alan Gordon
Cawthorn Jean Doris Eyres Harry Britain Latham Mavis Doreen Schultz Wayne Bernhard Wilson Clifton
Cawthorn John Henry   Latham May Aileen Scott Ethel Margaret Wilson Dinah
Cawthorn Martha Anne


Latham Stanley J Sculthorpe Harriet Wilson Eliza
Cheeseman Alfred George Flassman Eva Maud Lawrence Albert Thomas Sculthorpe James Anthony Wilson Henry 2
Cheeseman Ethel May Flassman Harry Leonard Charles Sculthorpe James Wilson Henry
Cheeseman Gary Darryl Fursewich Avis Grace Livingston Keryon Robert Sculthorpe John William Unknown Wilson John Rupert
Clark Constance Florence Fursewich Jan Livingston Mary Lee Sculthorpe Percy Wilson John
Clark Harold James   Livingston Robert Michael Seabourne Horace Henry Wilson Keith Trevelyn
Clark John Kellaway


Lomac Raymond Frederick Seabourne Sarah Ann Wilson Lillian
Clark Mary Gardner Donald Campbell Lord Wilfred Landale Shaw Charles Wilson Louis Tasman
Clifford Arthur Ernest Garth James Loriman Benjiman B Smith Arthur Wilson Omi Lillian
Clifford Beryl Gladys Geeves Glenda May Lorriman Beryl Smith Curtis C W Wilson Stuart John
Clifford Bradley Martin Gilbert Ivy Lynch Peggy Ellen Smith Cyril Wilson Walter William
Clifford Christine Anne Gilbert Martha Evelyn   Smith Donald Mark Win Donald
Clifford Edith S Gilbert Violet M Smith Florence Win Frank
Clifford Edward Vivian Gilbert William Nicholas Orlando Marchant Agnes Smith Harriet Margaret Matilda Wolbrick Lizetta May
Clifford Hector Roy Glanville Eva Mary Marchant Jack Smith Jane Wolfe Florence Eileen
Clifford John Henry Glanville Harold Victor Marchant John Smith Joseph Staines Wolfe Lynette E
Clifford Reginald John Glanville Michael Herbert Marchant R T Smith Joseph Thomas Wolfe W A
Clifford Rosie Margaret Glover Aubrey Mason Edith Ellen Smith Keith Joseph Wolfe Wilfred Arnold
Clifford Stephen Brian Glover Mary Ann Mason Herbert Thomas Smith Lillian Mary Wood Harry H
Cockerill Alice Glover Yvonne Mclean Eric Roy Smith Mark Wood Lucy Clara
Cockerill Elizabeth Henrietta Gordon Edward Mclean Robert Frederick Smith Maxwell William Wood Norman Lyell
Cockerill Elizabeth Mary Gordon Elsie Jean Merchant Adelaide Smith Morven Wood Rita Pearl
Cockerill Ernest A Gordon Eva Orpen Merchant Alfred A Smith Peter John Rivers Wood Robert George
Cockerill Esme Gordon Robert Merchant Bruce Maxwell Smith Robin Meryon Le Blanc Woodward Edmond
Cockerill Fanny Gordon Thelma Merchant James Smith Susannah Mary Woodward Ernest Marcus
Cockerill Herbert Gordon Walter Merchant Kate Margaret Smith Thomas Robert Woodward Julietta
Cockerill Ivy Ismay Gorringe Horace Charles Merchant Margaret Stanaton Charles  
Cockerill Lilly Emma Gorringe Myra Muriel Merchant Matthew Stanley John Ernest  
Cockerill Mildred Eliza Gough Albert Thomas Merchant Walter Stanton Angeline Stanton  
Cockerill Norman Ellis Gower Alfred Middleton Margaret Jean Stanton Annie  
Cockerill Roland Grace Miriam Millhouse Clara May Stanton Edith Gladys  
Cockerill Sydney Claude Graham Kathleen Millhouse Gordon Richard Stanton Harold J  
Cockshutt Doris May Graham Ron Millhouse Gregory James Stanton John W  
Colan Militza Green Cyril Millhouse Nancy Catherine Stanton John  
Conlan Annie Louisa Green Pauline Millhouse Richard Phillip Stanton Joseph Vere  
Conlan Frank H Grimsey Edwin Victor Mundy Bruce H Stanton Olive Maud  
Conlan Lily Jessie Grimsey Grace May Mundy Clive Stanton Rheuben  
Connor Hugh Milthorp Gruer Lorraine Kaye Mundy Dora Joan Stanton Sarah Ann 2  
Guest George William      

There are 24 Unknown Graves

Thank you to Tom Wills from NSW on correcting us on Brian Charles Wills Headstone





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