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St Peters Cradoc







C Cont

Ashlin Anthony John Clark George Harrison Hammond Dorothy Jean Norris Edgar Tindall Susan
  Clark George Hammond Dulcie Norris Glanville William Tomkinson Alan Roy
B Clark Gertrude Isabel Hammond Elsie Norris Jabez Tomkinson Audrey Cecilia
Bagley Agnes Hodson Clark Henry Edward Hammond Harold Rex Norris Phoebe Tomkinson Keith Murray
Baldwin Eli Clark Martha Harrison Alan Lindsay   Tomkinson Murray Francis
Baldwin Matilda Clark Maurene Glensa Harrison Benjamin B O Townsend Audley
Batchelor Ian Clark Minnie Harrison Eva Mary Oakley Kenneth John Townsend Charles George
Beechey Alfred Ernest Clark Percy John Harrison Frederick William Omant Henry Townsend Darryl
Beechey Ethel Evelyn Conolon Elvie Beryle Helm Algy Kenneth Omant Joyce Elaine Townsend Elizabeth
Beechey Leonard William Conolon Thomas Robert Helm Alma   Townsend Hilda
Beechey Mary Howard Cowen Donald Maxwell Helm Ivy May P Townsend Ilma Margaret
Beechey Mary Cowen Elvie Mary Helm Joseph Peet Mary Lucy Townsend Lucy
Beechey Walter Thomas Cowen Thomas Henley Leila Isobel Polley Valmai Peace Townsend Margaret
Beechey Walter   Henley William Leonard   Townsend Noel
Beechey William E D Henry Elma R Townsend S C
Bennett Dallas T Dolan Thomas John Henry Sarah Rigby Joyce Alma Townsend Studley
Bennett Keith Driscoll Millicent Herlihy Elvie Coral Rowe Cyril Oliver Turner Edwin Keith
Bennett Lucy Ellen Duggan Anthony Holstein Cecilia Violet Rowe Ella Turner Helen Bruce
Bennett Millicent D Duggan Dorothy Maisie Holstein Robert Lance Rowe Eric Hudson  
Bennett Muriel Duggan Edna Lucy   Rowe James Thomas V
Bennett Ruth Evelyn Duggan Harry J Rowe James W Vincent Clarice Lilian
Brereton Elsie Floy Duggan Pauline Edna Jennings Adelaide Daisy Rowe James Vincent Richard John
Bridges Grace Duggan R H Jennings George Edward Rowe Neville Theodore Hammond Vincent Vera Johannah
Bridges Tom Duggan Ronald Harry Jennings William Harry Rowe Sarah Ann
Bryce John     Rowe Theodore Weymouth W
  E M   Walter Aileen Zilda
C Elwell Charles Harold Mansfield James   Walter Jack Henry
Cane Clarice Mary Elwell Hilda May McMullen Daisy Gladys   Welling Ellen
Cane Douglas James McMullen James John   Welling George
Cane Francis Andrew G McMullen Stanley Richard   Welling Martha Maud
Cane James Garth Grace     Welling William
Cane Matilda Garth Oswald Raymond      
Cane Stephen Phillip Gordon Stanley R      
Clark Alan K        
Clark Cyda Annie Letitia        
Clark Doris Ivy        






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