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Woodbridge Cemetery








Baldwin John 2

Edwards Anna M

Keggor Doris Evelyn

Pearson Mary Ann

Selby William Ritchie

Baldwin John

Edwards Fanny

Kerr Alexander

Pearson Maxwell Neil

Sward C E

Baldwin Rosa Ann Grace

Edwards John Benson

Kerr Esther

Pearson Olive Alice

Sward Mary Jean

Baldwin Sarah Rachel

Edwards Mary


Pearson Robert Leslie


Ballie Jessie Annie

Edwards Raymond Benson


Perry Alfred Daniel


Ballie William

Edwards Thomas Wentworth

Langsale Florence Adeline

Perry Jane

Thomas Bertram Eli

Bates Ann


Lewis Gladys Eileen

Perry Lulu Isobel

Thomas Clarice Marie

Beech Elle


Linton John Robert

Perry Reginald Alfred

Thomas Leo Arnold

Berry Elizabeth

Frederick Nightingale

Linton Violet Louisa

Perry Richard Alfred

Thompson Reginald

Berry Herbert Edwin


Lisbey W

Potter Charles Benson

Tonta Laura Jane

Bull Jane


Lucas Ann S

Potter Elsie L

Turner Charles


Gardener Louisa

Lucas J M

Potter Louise Beatrice

Turner Sarah


Granquist Norman

Lynch Leslie John

Potter Mabel Elizabeth


Calcott James

Granquist Tasman Andrew


Potter Mary Hannah


Cripps C F

Greenlaw Esther


Potter Mary Sarah

Watson Elizabeth

Cripps David Timothy

Greenlaw Gertrude Mary

Mason Albert Wilfred

Potter Unknown

Watson John

Cripps Edith E

Greenlaw R Murray

Mason Benjamin R W

Price Clarence Tasman

Wells Agnes

Cripps Eliziria Ann

Greenlaw William

Mason David James

Price Elizabeth

Wells Donald

Cripps Evelyn

Grubb Edward

Mason Eliza

Price George James

Wells Mary

Cripps Hilda Kathleen

Grubb Francis Maria

Mason Esther Copeland

Price Rachel

Wells Richard Thomas

Cripps John Thomas


Mason Hugh

Price William Edward

Wilcox George Henry

Cripps Oliver Bernard


Mason Joyce Enid


Wilcox Sarah A

Cripps Sadie Yousef

Hardinge Herbert Vernon Cecil

Mason Lyla


Wilson Rhoda

Cripps Sylvia I B

Hardinge Laura Irene

Mason Susan Rachel

Ray Catherine

Worthy Mary

Cripps William Henry

Hawker Doris M M

Mason Wilfred Bertram

Ray Charles M

Worthy Samuel


Hawker Frank

McKay Albert

Ray Charlotte M

Wright Charles P


Hellewell Edith

McKay Alexander

Ray Mary Ann


Davie Isabella

Hellewell Jane

McKay Donald Victor

Richmond Henry


Davie Joseph

Hellewell John Dyson

McKay Donald

Richmond Mary Ann

Yates Cecil

Dear Elizabeth

Hellewell Myra B

McKay Maria

Roberts Lillian May


Dear Richard Edward 2

Henry Clarice Mary

McKay Robert Angus

Rowley Mary


Dear Richard Edward

Henry Kathleen M

McKay Wallace

Rowley Samuel Thomas


Dear Rose

Heron John Charles

McKay Walter

Rowley Samuel


Dear Susan Isabel

Heron Susan Rachel

Miles Elizabeth

Rowley Thomas Edwin


Dear William Smith

Hill John Mervyn

Miles George

Rowley Thomas


Denne  Thelma Ismay

Huggins Beatrice M

Milles Clyde

Ryan Alfred H


Denne Edward Collicot

Hunt William


Ryan Beatrice Marie


Denne Ellison



Ryan James P


Domeney Edith


Nightingale Alfred William

Ryan Margaret Emma 2


Domeney Edward

Joseph Emma

Nightingale Elizabeth Alice

Ryan Margaret Emma


Domeney Rosanna Mary

Joseph Morris

Norris Annie Louise

Ryan Margaret Henderson




Norris Bertie Charles

Ryan T Maxwell




Norris Keith Wilfred

Ryan William 2



Norris Thomas Young

Ryan William


There are 9 Unknown Headstones in this Cemetery
Unknown.jpg (716262 bytes) Unknown 1.jpg (792251 bytes) Unknown 2.jpg (773376 bytes) Unknown 3.jpg (708596 bytes) Unknown 4.jpg (327362 bytes) Unknown 5.jpg (711667 bytes)
Unknown Unknown1 Unknown2 Unknown3 Unknown4 Unknown5
Unknown 6.jpg (790135 bytes) Unknown 7.jpg (753250 bytes) Unknown Louisa Frances Mary.jpg (671659 bytes) Unknown William Henry.jpg (574948 bytes)    
Unknown6 Unknown7 Unknown Louisa Frances Mary Unknown William Henry    





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