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A G Cont J P T Cont
Agnew Michael Andrew Johnson Alexander McAslan Parremore Cissie Taylor Edward Hunter
Alston Jean Gibson Charles Stewart Johnston Christie Parremore John Tasman Taylor Elizabeth Jean
Gibson David2 Johnston Lucy Helen Pitt Hely Cyprian Anthony Taylor Emma 1
B Gibson David   Pitt Meta Margery Taylor Emma
Bayles Alice Hay Gibson Donald K Pugh Stephen Ian Taylor Frank Street
Bayles Claude Gibson Elizabeth Kissock Jane   Taylor George2
Bayles Eleanor Margaret Gibson Elizabeth R Taylor George Junr
Bayles Emerson Headlam Gibson Erneest Maxwell L Rice Amelia Taylor George Senr
Bayles Frances Gibson Ernest Taylor L J Robertson Adam Taylor George Snr
Bayles James John Gibson Frank Low Mary Robertson Frances Taylor George William
Bayles Robert Hugginson Gibson George W Lutwyche Josephine Robertson Thomas Dean Taylor George
Bennie Andrew Gibson Hannah Robertson Thomas Esq Taylor Helen2
Britton Margaret Gibson James2 M Robertson Unknown Taylor Helen
Buist Arthur Gibson James Buist Mac Kinnon Lucy Isabel S Taylor Henry  Russell
Buist Mary Gibson James Mackersy Catherine Isdale Somerville Philip Taylor Isabel 1
Gibson Janie Mackersy Rev John Stewart George Taylor Isabel
C Gibson Janie Maclanachan James Stewart Margaret Taylor Isabella Mary
Conn Rum John Gibson Josephine Lutwyche Maclanachan Sarah Taylor Isabella
Crawford Mary Rachel Gibson Kathleen B McCasker Daniel T Taylor J 2
  Gibson Kenneth McGhie Malcom John T A Taylor J
Crear Helen Maxwell Gibson Lilian Mida McKinnell Margaret T C Taylor Jean
Crear Isabella Leeds Gibson Maria Helen McKinnell Martha Margaret T D W Taylor John 1
Crear James 1 Gibson Nancy 1 Mensies Charlet T E H Taylor John Mackinnon
Crear James Gibson Nancy Hannah Mensies Isabella T G Taylor John Stewart
Crear Johannah Clyme Gibson Rachel Muirhead  Susan Taylor T J Taylor John
Crear Johannah Gibson Robert Taylor Muirhead Dawn Elizabeth T R Taylor K2
Gibson Roderick Paul Muirhead George McKenzie Taylor  Bessie Best Taylor K
D Gibson Thomas Muirhead Isabella Taylor Alison Jessie Taylor M
Davidson Annie Gibson Unknown 1 Muirhead James Bennie Taylor Allan Wilfred Taylor Margaret2
Davidson Jane Gibson Unknown Muirhead James Taylor B L Taylor Margaret Beverley
Davidson Mary Gibson William Henry Muirhead Jane Ross Taylor Beatrice Louise Taylor Margaret Stewart
Davidson Robert Muirhead Jessie Taylor Bessie Elvina Taylor Margaret
Douglas Isabel Jean Gillespie Matilda A R Muirhead Kate 1 Taylor Charles Henry Taylor Marion2
  Muirhead Kate Taylor Charles Robert Lyttleton Taylor Marion3
E H Muirhead Leila Christina Taylor Christian2 Taylor Marion
Edgell Jean Stewart Harrison Emma Winifred Muirhead Margaret Alberta Taylor Christian  
Headlam Ann Muirhead Roderick McKenzie Taylor David1 U
F Headlam Charles Muirhead Thomas Taylor David 2 Unknown Thomas
Fisher Georgina Mary Headlam Eleanor Muirhead Unknown Taylor David  
Fisher Georgina Headlam Frances Amy   Taylor Doris M I D  
Fisher John Valentine Headlam Frederick Alfred   Taylor Dorothy Dinah  
Fisher John Headlam John (Snr)      
  Headlam Mary      
G Headlam Tassie Isobel      
G C S Hudson Isabella      
G J        
G R P        
G R T        
Gatenby Jean        
Gibson Caroline Maria        

There are 7 unknown headstones in this cemetery

Janie Gibson

Janie Gibson, GIBSON—On Saturday, May 25  at her residence, Esk Vale, Epping, Janie, youngest daughter of the late Thomas and Mary Gibson, of Esk Vale 

GIBSON—The funeral of the late Miss Janie Gibson will leave her late residence, Esk Vale, Epping, on Monday, May 27, at 2.20 p.m., arriving at Kirklands Cemctery at 3 p.m. for interment.

Many thanks to Kris Gatenby for their above information

Elizabeth Gibson

GIBSON -On June 23rd, 1922, at her late residence. Eskvale, Epping, Elizabeth Gibson, daughter of the late Thomas Gibson, of Eskvale

GIBSON. _ The funeral of'the late Miss Elizabeth Gibson is* appointed to leave her late residence, Eskvale, on Sunday, 25th inst., at 1 o'clock, arriving at .Kirklands at 3 o'clock for interment

Many thanks to Kris Gatenby for their above information





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