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Old Anglican Ross

A E H Cont M  
Anderson, Richard Edwards, John Hayes, Herbert Edward Joseph MacDonald, Alexander Hugh Skeels, Thomas
Eley, C.F Hayes, Rose Catherine Marshall George Smith Philip
B Eley, Enoch Headlam, Anna Marshall Jane Smith Unknown Jane
Bacon, Ada Rose Eley, Frederick Headlam, Chas Martin Amy Elizabeth Smith, Alfred
Bacon, Anne Elliot John Headlam, Frances Maria McVilly, Arthur Smith, Alfred Louis
Bacon, Charles   Headlam, Henry Emerson Meekings, Mary Ann Matilda Smith, Arthur Thomas
Bacon, Martha F Higgins, Ester Miller, George Smith, Dorothy May
Bacon. Dennis Featherstone, Emma Higgins, Martha Moore, Rosa Jemima Smith, Elvie Ella
Barnett, Anne Ferrar, Alicia Florence Higgins, P.F. (Frank)   Smith, George Phillip
Barnett, William Ferrar, Edward Higgins, W.L. P Smith, Lewis
Bartlett, Edward Ferrar, Mabel Violet Higgins, William Paler, Walter George Smith, Malcolm Henry
Barwick, Elizabeth Ellen Ferrar, Michael Edward Hodges, Charles Walter Passmore, Percy Smith, Mary Ann
Barwick, Elizabeth Ferrar, William Moore Hodgetts, Robert Charles Pearsall, Emma Beatrice Smith, Noel Lewis
Barwick, Eugene S.M Ferrar, William Hodgetts. Holly Eliza Peeton, George Smith, Reginald Francis
Barwick, James T.L Finnis, Jane Margaret Horne, Benjamin Pepper, Meisha Lee Smith, Robert
Barwick, James Thomas Lewis Fisher, Annie Louisa Horne, Charlotte Horne Percy, Eleanor Smith, William
Barwick, Joseph Stephen Fisher, Annie Horne, Frances Percy, Herbert Arthur Smith, William Henry
Barwick, Norman Charles Fisher, Archie (Tap) Horne, Francis Sharpe Phillips, George  
Bean, Alice Martin Fisher, Arthur Henry Howard, Annie Pitt, James Melville T
Bean, Arnold W Fisher, Charles Alfred Howard, Charles Pleton, George Tacey, Herbert
Bean, Aubrey Louis Fisher, Charles Howard, Edward Presnell, Edward Thomas Tacey, William
Bean, George Fisher, Emily 2 Howell, Henry W Presnell, Edwin Talbot, Thomas
Bean, Maria Fisher, Emily Hudson, H Presnell, George Alfred Tinning, Edith Mabel
Bennett, Arthur Henry Fisher, Isabel Mary Hunt, Charles John Presnell, Mercy Ellen Tucker, Eliza Mary
Bennett, Ethel Elise Fisher, James Pearce Hutchison, Jessie Florence Presnell, Percival Derwent Tucker, Thomas
Bomford, Unknown Henry Fisher, Percy George   Presnell, Selina Tucker, William George
Bomford, Unknown Fisher, Queenie May J Presnell, William Frederick Tucker, William George 2
Booth, Abraham Unknown Fisher, Richard Jackson, Freda Ruby Presnell, William  
Booth, Jessie Fitzallen, Albert Edward Jackson, Vernon (Bill) Pulford, Charles Lewis U
Booth, Marie Constance Fitzallen, Amy Marion Johns, Mary Anne Pulford, Clarence Unknown. Emma 2
Booth, Thomas 2 Fitzallen, Cyril Edward Johns, Unknown Robert Pulford, Diana Unknown Sarah
Booth, Thomas Fitzallen, Mary Ellen Johnson, Alice Matilda Pulford, Florence Caroline Unknown William
Booth, Timothy Fordham, Vida Johnson, Catherine Pulford, Francis John Unknown, Albert William
Booth, William Foster, Ada May Johnson, Frederick Pulford, Gwendoline Unknown, Amy Florence
Bowerman, Oliver Johnson, Willie Vernon Pulford, Henry Unknown, Annie Elizabeth
Bowerman, Rita G Pulford, Joseph Francis Unknown, Charles Cadden
Bradshaw, Eleanor Garwood William K Pulford, Mary Ann Unknown, Eleanor
Brown, Ida Isabelle Garwood, Charles Henry Kay, George Pulford, W Unknown, Francis Henry
Brown, Victor Algie Garwood, Eliza Kay, Ida Florence Pulford, William B Unknown, George Frederick
Bumford, John Garwood, Jeremiah Kay, Leonard Keith Pulford, William Unknown, Horace William
Buxton, George Garwood, Leonard George Kay, Muriel Jessie   Unknown, Jane
Buxton, Margaret Anne Garwood, Margaret Jane Keach, Amy Lethbridge R Unknown, Jessie
Buxton, Mary Ann Garwood, William George Keach, Edward Percival Radford, Clarice Ella Unknown, Minnie Eliza Beth
Buxton, William Robert Giles, Mary Ann Keach, Emma Louise Radford, Vivian Laurence Unknown, Nicholas
Goss, Bridget Keach, Francis Horne Stuart Rawnsley, Andrew Robert Unknown, Richard
C Goss, Charles Keach, Frederick Claude Rawnsley, Cecily Jean Unknown, Rosetta
Calvert, Leslie Albert Goss, Cornelius John Thomas Keach, George Henry Rawnsley, Emma Charlotte Unknown, Selina
Cameron, Eustace John Goss, Elizabeth Jane Keach, Herbert Percy Rawnsley, John Andrew Unknown, Sophia Deborah
Cameron, Hamish Allen Goss, Emily Keach, Janet Mary Rawnsley, Lewis Edmund Unknown, Thomas
Cameron, Nancie Ailsa Goss, George Nicholas Keach, Leslie William Rawnsley, Rose Unknown, Violet Rose
Chambers, John Richard Goss, Grace Keach, Louisa Charlotte Rawnsley, Sidney Samuel 2 Unknown, William
Cleave, Matilda Goss, Isabel H Keach, Unknown William Rawnsley, Sidney Samuel Unknown, William 3
Collins, Margaret Goss, John 2 Kent, Percy William Rawnsley, T.W  
Crosswell, Archibald John Goss, John Kent, William Rawnsley, Thomas V
Crosswell, Clem Frederick Goss, Louisa Mary Kermode, Blanch Evelyn Richards, Celia Jane Vardy, Thomas Henry
Crosswell, Constance May Goss, Mary Kermode, Edith Le Poer Richards, Charles John  
Crosswell, Derwent Henry Goss, Minnie Camelia Kermode, Eleanor Richards, Emily Jane W
Crosswell, Elizabeth Goss, Nicholas C Kermode, Eric L Richards, H.J. (Stump) Walley, Samuel
Crosswell, Frederick J Goss, Percy D Kermode, Georgine Elizabeth Richards, Terry Ward, John
Crosswell, Frederick James Goss, Peter Roberts Kermode, Lewis Quayle Rothwell, Albert Edward Warner, Albert Edward
Crosswell, Noreen Sarah Goss, Unknown 2 Kermode, Martha Henrietta Elizabeth Rothwell, Alfred Edward Warner, Minnie Rose
Crosswell, Robert S.H Goss, Unknown Kermode, Reginald Hugh Cecil Rothwell, David John Warner, Sarah Ellen
Crosswell, Sarah Jane Goss, Vivian Bastow Kermode, Robert Crellin Rothwell, Desmond Keith Welch, Robert
Crosswell, Thomas Roy Goss, William Kermode, Robert Quayle Rothwell, Mary Jane Whatley, Henry
Crosswell, Unknown   Kermode, William Archer Rothwell, Noel Geoffrey White, Gregory Hinkler
H Kermode, William Rothwell, Thora Elizabeth Whittam, John Benjamin
D Hall Unknown Kerr, Elizabeth 2   Will, William
Davidson, Clarence Gordon Hall, Christopher Kerr, Elizabeth S Williams, James
Davidson, Elizabeth Hall, Mary Ann Sophia Kerr, George William Saunders, Mary Louisa  
Davidson, Les Hall, Sarah Jane Kerr, John Savage, Eileen Elizabeth Mary  
Davidson, Nellie Hall, Susannah Kerr, Mary Jane Savage, Thomas Humphrey  
Davidson, Robert C Hall, Thomas Sydney Kerr, William Sawford, Albert Roy  
Davis, David Francis Harding, Albert John 2   Sawford, Alma  
Dickson, Elizabeth Harding, Albert John L Sawford, Charles Henry  
Double, Joseph E Harding, Charles William Lewis, Ann Sawford, Charles Richardson  
Double, Joseph Harding, Ellen Lewis, Ian James Sawford, Jillian Faye  
Double, Louisa B Harding, Frances Mary Lewis, James L Sawford, John George  
Double, Louisa Lilian Harding, Harry Lucas, Amy Mary Sawford, Mary Ann  
Dowling, Anne Harding, John Lynes, John Sawford, Pearl Earley  
Dowling, Annie Clarke Harding, Rosabel   Schmidt  
Dowling, Arthur Harding, Ruby   Schmidt, Frederick  
Dowling, Caroline Eliza Harvey, Ann   Schmidt, Ivy  
Dowling, Edward John Harvey, Florence Louisa   Scott, Rachel Mary  
Dowling, Edward Harvey, James   Scott, Raymond  
Dowling, Francis Harvey, Joseph   Skeels, Percy Lyndon  
Dowling, Frank Bartley Hayes, A.D   Skeels, Phoebe  
Dowling, Kathleen Hayes, Edna Lorna      
Dunn, Thomas        

Thankyou to Roger Clifford for the following information

The unknown Norman Charles at the Old Anglican Cemetery, Ross. is Norman Charles Barwick, 22/5/1887 5/2/1945.





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