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Ross Methodist-Uniting Cemetery









A D Cont H Cont M S
Allen Agnes Mary Davis Clarence Charlie Hoodless William Martin Elizabeth Scheltes Rosalie Catharina Mond De Froideville
Allen Alice Eliza Jane Davis Eleanor Mary Housego John W Martin Walter Siggins Alice
Allen Alice Davis Eleanor Hudson Charles Martin William Siggins Edward
Allen Anthony Davis Elsie May Hudson Francis Matthews Alfred Siggins Unknown William
Allen Lena Davis Emma Amelia   Matthews Henry William Small Constance Lilly
Allen Leslie Davis Emma I Matthews Mary Small George Henry
Allen Madge Amy Davis George Blake Iles Esther McGee Eleanor Elizabeth Smith Frances
Allen Racheal Davis Grahame W McGee Frances Amy Smith William
Allen Robert2 Davis Henry Isaac J McGee Harriet Stocks Allen Charles
Allen Robert3 Davis Ida Prudence Jackson Adam McGee Jane Sutherland Benjamin
Allen Robert Davis Ivy Eade Jackson Fanny McGee Mary Ellen  
Allen Vernon Claude Davis Louis Henry Jackson Hilda Phoebe McGee Mary U
Anderson Hannah Davis Marcia Louise Jackson James Pillans Miles Thomas Unknown Alex
Anderson Henry Davis Peter Jackson Jane Banks Murphy William John Unknown Ann
Aulich Geoffrey Edward Davis Reginald Louiz Jackson Joseph B   Unknown Brooks
  Davis Rosslyn Ann Jackson Juliana 2 N Unknown Ellen
B Dear Naomi Jackson Juliana Neale Charlie Unknown Emma
Bell Lydia Doran Charlotte Jackson Sydney Tasman Unknown Mary Annie
Blake Nancy Jean   Jackson William Hill O Unknown Robert
Bland William Edward F   Ozogowski Betty May Unknown Thomas
Blyth Frederick Fox Florence Emma K   Unknown William
Bonner Emma   Kay Henry George P  
Bonner Harriet H Kay Myrtle Victoria Pearce Wayne Henry V
Bonner Jane Harding Alan McPherson Knowles Annie Louisa Porter Elizabeth2 Viney Geoffrey Richard
Bonner John Harding Elizabeth Knowles Charles B Porter Elizabeth Viney Hazel Clare
Bonner Leonard Stanley Harding Leonard Percy Knowles Donald Francis Porter Joseph Viney James Arthur
Bonner Mabel Harding Winifred Knowles Edward John Presnell Annie Viney Victor Huett
Bonner Raymond Percy Hollis John William Knowles Eileen Florence Presnell Emily
Bonner Robert John Hoodless Annie Knowles Eliza H Presnell Harriet W
Bonner William Hoodless Arthur James Knowles Elsie Louise Presnell John2 Watson Ivy May
Brown Allan Harry Hoodless Charles A Knowles Geoffrey Walter Presnell John Watson William Henry
Brown Elizabeth Hoodless Elsie Grace Knowles Gerald Leslie Presnell Rose Ellen West Elizabeth
  Hoodless Ernest John Knowles Gertrude Annie    
C Hoodless Ethel Jane Maria Knowles Herbert Charles R Wills Lillian
Cameron Donald Allan Hoodless Florence I Knowles Ivy Annie Roberts Charlie  
Cameron Melanie Edmee Hoodless George2 Knowles John Brown Roberts Elijah  
Cotton Unknown Hoodless George Knowles Leslie Gerald Roberts Emily Frances  
  Hoodless James Andrew Raithby Knowles Matilda Roberts Lucy Jane  
D Hoodless John Raithby Knowles Walter Henry Roberts Pamela A  
Davis Alan Henry Hoodless Maud Isabell   Roberts Pearl Blanche  
Davis Amy Amanda Hoodless Reginald William Daymon L    
Davis Annie Maria Hoodless W A Locket Noah    
Davis Beatrice Eleanor        
Davis Charles Henry        

There are 6 Unknown headstones in this cemetery





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