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St Michaels Catholic Campbell Town








A F M Cont P Cont U
Ashman Carmen Elizabeth Ferrarin Victoria Markey Elsie Phillips Florence Unknown Catherine
Ashman Russell Roy Freeman Lillian Nora   Phillips George Unknown Cecily Kate
Massey Jill Charlotte Phillips Hanna Caroline Unknown James2
B G McGaffray Hugh Phillips Henry Unknown James
Barry Sarah Agnes Gatty Priscilla McGee Alan Clifford Phillips James Unknown John2
Bartlett Emma Gaunt Estella Rosina McGee Clifford James Phillips Joan Unknown John
Bartlett John Athol Golden Mary Ann McGee Gladys Doreen Phillips Johanna Unknown Margaret2
Bartlett Mary E Goss Annie McGee Joyce Esme Phillips Julia Unknown Margaret
Bartlett Theodore Raymond Goss Michael McHugo Sarah Ann Phillips Kathleen Unknown Mary Ann
Bartlett William James Goss Mick Miller Bridget Phillips Lawrence Ernest Unknown Mary
Bergan Ellanor Mary Goss Robert Miller David Phillips Madge Unknown Ruth
Bergan Laurence Gregg Cecil Clement Murphy Jean Marion Phillips Margaret  
Bergan Sarah Gregg Myra Murphy Alma Kathleen Phillips Mary Ann V
Bettany Ann H Murphy Annie Phillips Nina Varian Edith
Brain Clarence Ernest Hall Jack Murphy Daniel Phillips Norman Varian Ellen Unknown
Brain Claudine Pauline Hall Leila Elizabeth Murphy Graeme Phillips Pauline Kathleen Varian James F
Branagan Ellen Hall Unknown Murphy Jennie Irene Phillips Vera Varian Stephen 1
Branagan John Hall William Benjamin Murphy Jessie Phillips William Varian Stephen
  Heckles Ella Isobel Murphy John  
C Hollingsworth Rita Myrtle Murphy Kathleen Phllips George Peter W
Chilvers Eileen Mary Holloway Ellenor Murphy Margaret E Porter John Wagner Minnie Eileen
Chilvers Eric George Danby Holloway John Sylvester Murphy Mary2 Porter Ken Warring Charlotte
Clancey Patrick Housego Phoebe Pearl Murphy Mary   Warring John
Clifford Andrew Housego William David Murphy Michael Patrick R Whelan
Cocker Beatrice Hulin Rose Maree Murphy Nicholas Richardson Diana Mary White Alice
Cocker Clyde Reginald   Murphy Richard James 1 Richardson E W White Isabell Blanch
Cocker Lillian Jeanette J Murphy Richard James Richardson Eric Walter White Joseph Edward
Coghlan Charles Francis Johnston Unknown Murphy Thomas R Richardson Ray Neva Whitney James
Coghlan Effie Nella Jones Mary Ann Murphy Thomas Robinson James Wickham Elsie Ann
Coghlan Florence Grace Murphy Unknown 4   Wickham Edward R
Coghlan Marion Ann K Murphy Unknown Bernard S Wickham Ronnie P W
Coghlan Michael James Kealy Margaret Murphy Unknown Nicholas Siggins Brian Leslie Williams Joanna
Coghlan Michael Kean Charles Murphy William Siggins Elfreda Wrigley Arthur Albert
Collier Richard Kean Laura Letittia Murtagh Hannah Smith Elizabeth Margaret  
Collier Rose Kearley Sarah Murtagh James Sumner Henry
Connell Julia Ann Keogh Thomas   Sumner John  
Coombe Ellen   N Sumner Norah Anne  
  L Neighbour Nora Veronica Sumner William  
D Leedham Charles Neighbour Eliza    
Darke Alma Vera Mary Leedham Cheryl Ann Neighbour John T  
Darke Amy Leedham Kathleen Lucy Newton Bridget Tonks Louisa Anne  
Darke Rupert Griffith Lockett Gordon William Norcott Bianca Towns Ann  
Darke Unknown Lockett Mary Norcott James Laurence Townsley Enid Josephine  
Darke William John Lowe Michael James Norcott James Maxwell    
Darke William Lowe Raymond Frederick      
E M Payne Arthur    
Eberhardt Douglas William Macnamarra Emma Pears Lois Vera    
Eberhardt Edna Marie Markey Catherine Pears Percy John    
Ennis James Montagu Markey Elsie S Phillips Arthur    
Ennis Myrtha Emma Markey Mary Phillips Ellen    
  Markey Patrick Phillips Ethel May    

There are 17 unknownheadstones in this cemetery



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