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Uniting Campbell Town

A C Cont G M R
Adams Ernest Lee Coombe Joseph Griffiths Ivy Monds Mannie Chantelle Louise Robinson Albert John
Adams Margaret Jane Coombe Katie Griffiths John Marks Maxie Robinson Amy Ruth
Allen Ann Coombe Mabel2 McGee Beatrice Vera May Robinson Irene Millicent
Allen James Coombe Mabel H McGee Cyril Donald Robinson James Charles
Ashman Allwyn George Robert Coombe Marion Hart Clarice Emmie McGee Rupert Arthur Robinson James D S
Ashman George D Coombe Rose Annie Hart Emmie S Meiele Sarah Jane Rodman Rhoda Frances
Ashman Lucy Coombe Strafford Hart Frederick Munnings Iris Joan  
Ashman Ricki Jon Coombe Walter Bruce Hart Maria Jane   S
Coombe William Hayes Darren Scott N Scolyer Bernard James
B   Hayes Darron Scott Neale Jane Shaw Sarah Ann
Badcock Joseph D Higgins Hugh   Sims John
Badcock Maria Dalton Elizabeth Higgins James P Smith Eliza
Barwick Ellen Jane Dalton Frederick T Higgins Joseph Pain Hannah Smith Herbert Leslie
Barwick Herbert John Dalton Frederick Higgins May Ann Pain William James Smith James Henry Unknown
Barwick Lucy Sarah Dalton Mary Ann Howard Jean L Pears Amy Rose Smith James Thomas
Bestwick Clarice Maud Darke Herbert G Howard Lawrence I Pears Benjamin Smith Kielor George
Bestwick Harry Darke Joyce Amy   Pears Charles Henry Smith unknown Frances
Bestwick Reg R Darke Victoria I J Pears Elizabeth M Spencer Thomas
Bestwick Susan Davey Maud Grace Jones William Benjamin Pears Lily Lila Sturgess Daisy
Brain Alexandria E Davies Albert Pears Sarah Sturgess Len
Brain John W Davies Catherine K Pears William  
Burford William Pasco Davies Doll Kaye Frank Phillips Albert T
Davies Eliza Kaye H H Phillips Annie May Tacey Eric William
C Davies John Kaye Harriet Matilda Potger Constance Catherine Taylor John
Clarke Annie Lillian Davies Rowland N Kaye Jabev   Thompson Eleanor William
Clarke Ellen Jane Dennis Joshua Kaye Reginald U Thompson Grace Ann
Clarke George Lewis   Kaye Thomas Unknown Mable Thompson Hepburn John
Clarke Gordon Allan E Keefe Laurie Owen Unknown Margaret 1 Thompson James2
Clarke James Henry Eberhardt Amy Keefe Robert Alfred Lewis Unknown Margaret Jane Thompson James
Clarke John Eberhardt Caroline Keefe Ruth Amy Unknown Mary Ann Thompson Marian
Clarke Manuel Eberhardt Catherine   Unknown Thomas Thompson William Thomas
Clarke Mary Eberhardt Frank Stewart L Unknown Walter Christopher Thompson William Unknown
Clarke R J Eberhardt Henrietta Lee Beryl E Unknown William Thow William John
Clarke Ruth J Eberhardt John Lee Eliza Unknown Catherine Thow-Wellard Dulcie Mary
Clarke Stephen Eberhardt Lily May Lee John2 Unknown Daniel  
Colgrave Glen Rowan Eberhardt Phillip Lee John Unknown Emma W
Coombe Ann Fitzroy Evans Joyce May Lee Mary Unknown Frederick Wellard Marsha Mary Edith
Coombe Annie   Lee Maryann Unknown George Wellard Stanley Paul
Coombe Charlotte F Lee William Unknown Hedley William Wellard-Thow Dulcie Mary
Coombe Elizabeth Farrell Dennis Lloyd Alan John Unknown Henry Williams Isabella Jane
Coombe George Farrell Myrtle Elizabeth   Unknown Joseph Williams Thomas Bruce
Coombe John Fox Unknown     Wood Adrian
        Woods William Henry

Coombe Walter Bruce died 28/7/1876 abt 12yrs

The other unknown Thomas could be his father Thomas Bruce who d. in Campbell Town, aged 56,  23 /5/1888 after a 'short & painful illness'. Funeral from his home in Bridge Street. Campbell Town

Thankyou Lesley for this information





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