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Dunalley General Cemetery

A D H M Cont S Cont
Adams Robert J Daly Anne Patricia Hyatt Anne Jane McGuiness Vera Cameron Spaulding Dulcie Joan
Alomes Richard Daly Bernard Peter Hyatt Audrey Kathleen McIntyre Peggy Kathleen Spaulding Emily Etheline
  Daly Bridget Cecelia Hyatt George Leslie Murphy Charlotte C Spaulding Ena Phyllis


Daly Michael John Hyatt Herbert James Murphy Daniel C Spaulding Gertrude Emily
Bedelph Jane Daly Michael Patrick Hyatt Martha Murphy Elsie Spaulding Gladys L
Bedelph Thomas Dodridge Laurene Mary Hyatt William Charles Murphy Francis A Spaulding Henry George
Bedelph Dodridge Lawrence Edgar Hyatt William Richard 1 Murphy Jane M Spaulding Henry James
Bickford Vesta Caroline Dodridge Verna Amy Hyatt William Richard Murphy John C Spaulding Joseph A T
Bird Arthur George Dorman Albert Edward Hyland Hank Serville Murphy John Spaulding M
Bird Clarence J W Dorman Alfred John Hyland Ivy Joan Murphy Ruby May Spaulding Margaret B
Bird Elsie Laura Duggan Dorothy Hyland Leslie Joseph Spaulding Mavis
Bird H T Duggan Frank Aubrey  


Spaulding Tasman James
Bird Leslie Horace2 Dunally General


Nickols Ellen Spaulding Thomas H C
Bird Leslie Horace Dunbabin Dora Jacobs Mary Francis Nickols Philip Adrian Spaulding Violet Emma
Bird Myra Dunbabin Thomas Jacobson Eveline Elizabeth Spaulding William
Bond Alfred Richard Dunbabin William Jacobson Fred P  
Bond Cyril Alfred   Jacobson Lesley Perry Heidi


Bond Jack LLyod


Jacobson Murray Priest Arthur George Tabor Blaney John
Bond Mary Ann Elizabeth Ellis Heather Fay Johnston Archibald   Thomson Nancy B
Button Annie   Johnston Edith Beatrice


Townsend Reginald
Button Douglas Vivian2


Johnston Rex Rattenbury Annie Jane Turville Frank
Button Douglas Vivian Fazackerley Charles Joseph Unknown Rattenbury Clara  
Button Ethel Maida Fazackerley Maryann   Rattenbury Evangeline


Button George Herbert Fazackerley Susan


Rattenbury Harold James Walton Elsie
Button James Fazackerley Thomas Kelly Unknown Rattenbury Nellie Eileen Wheatcroft Joseph
Button Jane Eliza Fazackerley William Kelly-Bird Emma Rattenbury Walter Haywood Wheatcroft Lucy
Button John James2 Fazackerley Kingston Athol Charles Reid Ernerst Edward Whitehouse Eleanor A
Button John James French Ellen Mabel Kingston Athol Douglas Reid Mary Alice Whitehouse Roy Scrimger
Button Mabel   Kingston Gladys Richardson Thelma Grace Whitehouse William R C
Button Molly


Kingston James Edward Richardson Trevor Raymond Wicks Abel Vincent Dasher
Button Samuel Henry Gathercole Esther Melinda Kingston William John Riley Albert John Wiggins Alice
  Genders Harold   Riley Albert Sydney Wiggins Caleb Sidney


Genders Nellie


Riley Annie Wiggins Carlene
Calvert Sarah Graveley Ian Leale Andrew Mark Riley Bertram Clifton Wiggins Frank
Cameron Hilda May   Leale Kylie Frances Reardon Robyne Wiggins Georgina
Cameron Robert Hugh


Lester Emma   Wiggins James Charles
Campbell Marienne Esme May Harris Amy Florence Long Cyril Norman


Wiggins John Carl
Chapman Julie Ann Harris Maurice Eldon Long Gordan Elston Schmidt Charles Wiggins Louise
Clark Gwen Hildyard Amy Long Percy Charles Schmidt Eveline Wiggins Margaret Mary
Clark Jane Hildyard Charlotte Long Susan Angela Schmidt George Wiggins Roy Gillmore
Clark John Hildyard David Owen Longmore Dorothy Scrimger Edith A P Wiggins William Thomas
Clark Martha Hildyard George William Longmore William Scrimger Eva E Wittison Eva May
Clark William Hildyard George   Scrimger George C Wittison Michael Hilary
Clifford Lisa Francis Hildyard Harry Owen


Scrimger George  
Cooper Francis Hildyard Owen Mail Aileen Edith Scrimger Jane


Costello John Owen Hildyard Vernon Mansfield 2 Solomom Geoffrey Young Arthur William
Costello Lillian Mary Hildyard William Mansfield Brightie Royal Spaulding Amy Isobel Young Byron
Curle Francis James Hindrum Peter Landgraf Mansfield Lance Cavell Spaulding Ann Young Dorothy Ellen
Curle Olive Edith Hogan Jack Mansfield Nellie Ann Spaulding Betty Young Douglas Arthur
  Hogan John Mansfield Spaulding Derek William Young Edward Vivian
  Hyatt Amelia Mason Charlotte Elaine   Young Ruby Catherine
    McGuiness Bertram Peace   Young Stephen Gerald

Robyne Ellen Reardon has an unknown headstone and thankyou to Cindy Court for this information.

There are 6 unknown Headstones





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