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Sorell Henry Street Anglican

A C Cont G Cont L R
Allanby Alfred Wilkins Clarkson Athol Gatehouse Henry Lazenby Narie Jean Randall L A
Allanby Alma Elizabeth Clarkson Cyril James Gatehouse John Lindley Agnes May Raymond Edith Anna
Allanby Eliza Clarkson George Martin Gatehouse Jonas Blandford Lindley Eliza Hone Palmer Read Elizabeth
Allanby Elizabeth Clarkson Gwenith Gatehouse Jonas Lindley George William Read Henry E B
Allanby John William Clarkson Nellie Joyce Gatehouse Maria Tot Ling Murray Read Mary Alice
Allanby Llewellym A Clarkson William L Gatehouse Mary Lord Vincent Read Mary
Allanby Thomas Walker Clements Mary Ann Gatehouse Norman Geoffrey Lucas Charles Reardon Mary
Arnold Faye Clifford Athol Gatehouse Sarah Ann Lucas Jane Reardon Robert Nash
  Collis Shirley Ruby May Gatehouse Sarah Lush Patricia Reynolds Clement James


Conrades Des Gilbert Albert Henry Lynch Joyce Merlene Richardson Arthur Everson
Banks Robert Oswald Cooper George Gilbert Anne Lynch Leslie Peter Richardson Edith J
Banks Roger Cooper Hilda Mary Gillie Raymond   Richardson Elizabeth Ellen
Barber Caroline Sabina Cooper Joseph2 Grant Josephine Erica


Richardson James
Barber Charles Benjamin Cooper Joseph Green Alec James Malcom Archibald Ross Richardson William Albert
Barber Evelyn Mary Cooper Leonard William Green Brian Leonard Marshall Albert E Roberts Tasman Henry
Barber Gordon Leslie Cooper Matilda Green James Robert Marshall Barbara Elizabeth  
Barber Patricia Dawn Cornish Bernard Cameron Green Leonard Valiant Marshall Edward


Barber Ronald Peter Cornish Donald Green Lola June Marshall George Schultz Wayne Stanton
Barwick Eric Rolf Cornish Eva E F Green Marjorie May Marshall Louisa Smith Martha
Barwick Irene Cornish Marie Green Mary Ann Marshall Pearl Mary Smith William Sale
Bedelph Francis Cameron Cornish Maxwell James Green Peter Alan Marshall T O Smythe Daryl Egan
Bellett James Crisp Charles Frederick Grierson Mary Jane Marshall Thomas Spotswood Elizabeth
Bellette Alan James Crisp Florence Irene   Marshall Vida V Spotswood George Frederick
Bellette Albert Victor Crocker Frances Charlotte Sophia


McAra James M Spotswood George
Bellette Amelia Susan Crocker Frances Mary Ann Hackett Mollie McGinnis Charlotte Spurway-Smith Dudley Malcolm
Bellette Ann Harrison Crocker Mary2 Halliday Nicholas McGinnis Plaque Stokes Anthony Richard
Bellette Catherine Crocker Mary Harback Ernest George Moore Blanche J Stokes Geoffrey Edward
Bellette Eliza Crocker Richard Clement Harrod Daisy Moore Ernest
Bellette Florence Marian Crocker Richard Harrod Mary Ann Moore Errol


Bellette Frederick Henry Crossin Betty Madge Hart Annie Moore John Thomas Laura May
Bellette Harold Lyon Burke Crossin Marcus Reginald Hart Horace Harold Moore Ronald Thomas Wilfrid Charles
Bellette Ida Amelia Cusick John Benjamin Hayes Ella Mary Moore Valeria Avis Thornbury Harry Nathaniel
Bellette John2   Hayton Alice Elizabeth Moran Joseph Entwistle Thornbury Richard Edgar
Bellette John Wills


Hayton Alice Morey Amanda Daisy Irene Thornbury Roger Ernest
Bellette John Dalzell Sarah Hayton Amos Morey Emmanuel James Thornbury Roy White
Bellette Neil F Dalzell William   Morey Norman P Thornbury Sarah
Bellette Oscar Harry Dare Kathleen Linda Hayton Dorothy Morey Sarah Jane Thurston Rex
Bellette Phoebe Davis Allan H Hayton Elizabeth Murray Glory May Townsend Claude Andrew
Bellette Stanley Tasman Davis Esme Mary Hayton Emma Murray Reginald Frederick Turnbull Daphne Clare
Bellette Susan Davis George Leonard Hayton Ida Constance   Tuttle Ivy Iris
Bellette William Davis George Ross Hayton James


Bilton Beatrice Davis Gwendoline Maude Hayton John Nash Ann


Bilton Clarinda Mary Davis Marjorie Elaine Hayton Joseph Newitt Elizabeth Emma Vincent Ricky Shaun
Bilton Clyde Davis Mary Hansford Hayton Margaret Jean Newitt Bryan Eddington
Bilton Edwin Davis Norma Hayton Mary Louise Newitt Byron Arthur


Bilton Eric Davis Thelma Doris Hayton Oswald B Newitt Edna Clarice Walker Cyril Henry
Bilton Harriett Deeks Constance H E Hazell Charles Newitt Ephraim George Walker Doris Sarah
Bilton John Lionel Devine Maxwell John Hazell Eliza Newitt Joyce Esmay Walker Ella Julia
Birchall Charles John Douglas Bill Hazell William Branscombe Newitt Scott Jason Walker J
Birchall James2 Douglas Nell Henwood William Wedge Newitt William Alfred Walker Nancy Dorethea
Birchall James Dugdale Janita Thea Hill Elvie Muriel Nichols Gordon Louvain Walker Percival Sharpe
Birchall Sarah Dugdale Mark Hills Ruby I   Walker Una Winifred
Birchall William Henry Duncombe Allan Butler Hodgson Emma


Walters Barbara Joy
Bird Basil Kevin Duncombe Edith Hodgson Joseph Oates-Eaves Nichole Kristie Watson Jamie Leigh
Bird Lynette Mary Duncombe Eric George Hollingsworth Joseph Osborne Herbert Watson Kevin Dodrecht
Blyth Eliza Duncombe George Hollingsworth Mary Osborne Mabel Emma Webb D J
Blyth Harriet Edith 2 Duncombe James Hamby Horne Keith William Webb Herbert Ernest
Blyth Harriet Edith Duncombe Joseph Charles Hornsby Barbara


White Aubrey L
Blyth Robert Duncombe Keith John Hrissidis Minas Paice George White Bertha
Blyth Selina Duncombe Louisa M Hrissidis Peter Parkinson Jessica Mary White Charles James
Boxall Albert Duncombe Vivian John Hunt James E Pearce Thomas Stanley White Francis James
Boxall Daphne Duncombe William Hunt Marion E Peck Olive Florence  
Bradburn Dorothy Patricia   Hunt May Louise Peters Leesa White John Douglas
Bradley Edwin John


Hyett Ann Phillips Bernice Wicks Lucy
Bradley Kathleen Mary Evans Marie Hyett William Phillips Bertie Wilfred Wicks Mark Everson
Braithwaite Annie E   Hynes Thomas Albert Wiggins John Samuel
Braithwaite Eric


  Poole Gladys Jean Wiggins Keith Hilton
Braithwaite Herbert Featherstone Ada Lillian


Pullen Burnis Elizabeth Wilkinson Wilfred Barrington
Braithwaite Thomas Featherstone Albert Leslie Jekabsons Milda E Pullen Ellen Willis Bridget
Brammall John Edwin Featherstone Amy Irene Jekabsons Pauls Valdis Pullen Hannah J E Willis John
Brander Lexley Maude Featherstone Arthur David Jones Bertram T Pullen Harold Kitchner Wood Alfred Edwin
Bridges Hilda Featherstone Frank Jones James Pullen Henry J Wood Mary
Bridges Laura Jane Featherstone Freda May Jones Maria Pullen Thomas Wood Rosalia B
Bridges Roy Featherstone George James Jones Willie James Pullen Vivian Ernest Studley Wood Valentine William
Broughton Bertram Ivan Featherstone Harriet   Pullen Vivian John Wood William2
Brown Alan Bertram Featherstone Henry


Pullen William J Wood William
Brown Alfred George William Featherstone Ida Kaye Stephen Glenn   Woolnough Stephen John
Brown Frederick James Featherstone Myrtle Kean Alan George


Wright Isabel Sarah
Brown Kathleen Lucy Featherstone Stanley Kean Arthur Vincent Quarrell A E Wright George Thomas
Brown Ronald Charles Fieldwick Harim Howard Kean Dennis John Quarrell Craig Anthony Wright William Henry
Brown Trevor Edwin   Kean Geoffrey Arthur Quarrell T D
Brown Victor Harold


Kean Phyllis Margaret Quinn Arthur Henry Victor


Burdon Leslie George Garrett Annie Balfour Kean Rita Mary Quinn Eliza Mary Young Ella Georgina
Burns Esmond Alexander Gatehouse Alfred James Kean Sheila Maud Quinn George Young George Frederick
Burns Florence Ethel Gatehouse Charles Kean Winifred Amy Quinn Grace  
  Gatehouse Charlotte Kemp Mary Quinton Rebecca  


Gatehouse Clement Kennedy Harriet    
Castle Terence Elvin Gatehouse Dinah Krushka Clara    
Cawthorn William Alastair Gatehouse Emma      
Clark Edith Rebecca Gatehouse George Henry      
Clark John Gatehouse Grace      
Clark Mary Ann Gatehouse Harriet      
Clark Richard J Alexander Gatehouse Harriett Sarah      



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