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Scotts Uniting & Presbyterian Church Sorell Tasmania


Another Tasmanian Church built to the design of colonial architect James Blackburn in the Romanesque still. 

The foundation stone was laid in 1840 by the Reverend John Lillie of Hobart and was completed in 1842.

The land for the new church had been donated by an early settler,  Andrew Counsel, and the Church bell was donated by Mr. George Marshall of “Noble Farm”

Blackwood Andrew Denholm  Georgina Mary Hean Acie Celia Nisbet Minnie Tatnell Derick Charles
Blackwood Janet Denholm  Unknown Hean Alec Nisbet William  
Blackwood Mary Denholm Alexander Hean Amy Mary  


Blackwood William Denholm Catherine Eliza Hean Douglas Allanby


Usher L K
Boost Christian Eugene Denholm Clementina Hean Emily Acie Pickrell Grant Clarence  
Braslin Eric William Denholm George Hean Gordon Smith  


Bresnehan Mary Denholm John Taylor Hean Keith


Wagner Arthur Albert
Byers Ellen Denholm Margaret Hean Thomas S Reid James Wagner Clem Alexander
  Denholm Mary Georgina Jessen Anne Marie Reid Jane Wagner Clementina Marion


Denholm Norman Elphinstone Jessen Infant Riley Alfred Thomas Waterworth Jack
Campbell Ina Agnes Denholm William Monteith Jessen Jes Hansen Riley Beryl Joan Watson Helen
Campbell Malcom William Keith   Jessen Joan Riley Gordon Watson Isabella
Campbell Martin Keith


Jessen Tasman Charles Riley Maud E Wells Williamina Campbell
Campbell Scott Andrew Fletcher Adeline Lavinia Jones Hugh Arthur Rumley Marion Mavis Whitelaw Eliza
Clark Raymond Thomas Fletcher Albert George Joseph Albert Rumley Mavis Elizabeth Whitelaw John
Collins Frederick French Edward A Joseph Lloyd George Rumley Reginald Victor Wise Dorothy Joan
Collins Rhonda Doris     Woolley Philip Gordon
Cowen Dorothy Winifred




Wray Victor
Cowen Eric Mark Gladys May Marshall David Silk Edward James  
Cracknell David Grierson Raymond John Marshall Elizabeth Silk Garry James Daniel  
Cracknell Marion Monteith   Marshall George Stokes Kerrie Frances  
Cracknell May Marion   Marshall Letitia Sydney  
    McDermott Frederick John    
    McDermott Frederick William    
    McDermott Harriet Ann    
    Morrisby Victoria May    



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