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Sorell St Thomas Roman Catholic

Altschwager Florence Moreene Daniels Zoe Hayes Catherine Phillips Harry Ward Jeffrey Leo
Asley Patricia Joan Donoghue Colin Lyell Hayes Cornelius James Plummer Eileen Alice Ward Josephine
Asley Terence Dore Charlotte Annie Hayes Dulcie Noeline Warne E R
  Dore John Francis Hayes Eric William


Watson Alan Leon


Doroszczonek Anna Hayes Martin Noel Rainbow Vina Florence Wells Evelyn Frances
Belbin Anthony Wayne Downham Cyril Arthur John Hayes Molly Rusher Benjie Michael Wells John C2
Bresnehan Edmond Francis   Hayes William Joseph   Wells John C
Bresnehan Francis G


Hughes Tony


Wells Louis W
Bresnehan Josephine Helena Fletcher Adeline Lavina Huigsloot Peter Sheehan Leigh Michael Wells Mary J 2
Bresnehan Marie French Cissie Jane   Shirley Joan Graham Wells Mary J
Bresnehan Marjorie French John2


Smith Gloria Patricia Wells Maude G
Bresnehan Martin Bede French John Lawrence Iles Mary Ella Kathleen   Wells Robert Charles
Bresnehan Patrick French John   Smith Jonathon Werner Jan
Bresnehan Peter French Lawrence James K Smith Robert Elwin Williams Beverley Frances Anne
Britton Albert Derwent French Peter Kealy Patrick Francis Smith Ronald Elwin Woolley Cecily Mary
Brown Rex Charles French Shane Roy     Woolley Vicery Carl
Burke Daniel French Victoria Mary



Wright Julia Kennar
Butterworth Charles Sydney   Lovering Alison Thorne Hazel Patricia Wright Margaret
Butterworth Chrissie Deborah


  Thorne Norman Victor Wright Mary
Butterworth Martha Green Annie Josephine


  Wright Tania Fay
Butterworth Mary Green Bridget Agnes McLeod Susan M   Wright Thomas
Butterworth Ronald William Green John James Montgomery Bernard    
Butterworth William Joseph Green John Thomas Montgomery Clara Nancy    
  Green Joseph Montgomery Harold    


Green Sarah Catherine Montgomery Joseph Michael    
Canham Frances Louisa Green Thomas Francis Montgomery Justin James    
Chelkowski Irene   Montgomery Mona    
Connolly Alfred   Montgomery Reginald Martin    
Connolly Margaret   Montgomery Ruby Myrtle    
Cusick Douglas John   Montgomery Thomas    





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