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St. Paul's Copping Tasmania


This small church was erected in 1892 and consecrated in June 1893.




A C Cont G Cont M Cont T Cont
Aherne Michael John Clifford Geoffrey Kenneth Gillie Baby McDonald Daniel William Thallan Charles
Allanby Amy Grace Clifford Leonard Albert Gillie Charles Dransfield McIntyre Mavein Maria Thallan Ronald Charles John
Allanby Christopher Halstead Clifford Norman Gillie Donald Albert Milne Doris Tunbridge Ann
Allanby Christopher S Clifford Tasman G Gillie Doris Gwendoline Munday Walter Henry Tunbridge Catherine
Allanby Florence Sarah Clifford William Aubrey Gillie Eva Mary Mundy Betsy Tunbridge John
Allanby Hannah Halstead Cooley Cornelius Gillie George Mundy Myra Jane Tweedle Fred
Allanby John William Cooley Susan Gillie James Ernest Mundy Thomas Alfred
Allanby Mary Constance Copping George Gillie Joseph William Mancel Herbert


Allanby Robert Halstead Copping Margaret Gillie Joseph


Walker Baby
Alomes Cecil Leigh Copping Patrick Gillie Linda Newland George Stanley Walker Charles
Alomes E M Copping Richard Gillie R E Newland Mona Alice Walker Dennis Carl
Alomes H A Copping Sarah2 Gillie Timothy William Newland Trevor Walker Keith Earlon
Alomes H J Copping Sarah Gillie Wayne Alan Nicholson Aaron Sydney Walker Natasha Jane
Alomes Hilton Frank Copping Tasman Griffiths Robin Henry Walker Phyllis
Alomes John Charles Edward Coppleman Maude Amy


Walker William Rex
Alomes Leslie George Corbett Amy Lillian


Parker Eveline May Wallis Lydia
Alomes Olga May Corbett Emma Hall Ethol Parsell Edward John Wells Alfred John
Alomes Phillip Corbett John2 Hall Mabel Emma Phillips Corrie Isma Wells Georgina Gwen
Alomes Valda Corbett John3   Prebble Chris R M White A C
Alomes Vera Evelyn Corbett John Hall Silvy Prebble William C White Aaron W
Alomes Zillah Corbett Sarah2 Hathaway Leslie James Price Alison Mary White Aram William
  Corbett Sarah Hathaway Sylvia   White Florence Eliza
  Curran Allan Hazell Sydney


White Keith Rupert


Curran Eva Mary Hibberd Henry Arthur Reardon Amy Frances White Lawrence William
Bedelph Elizabeth Curran Margaret Hibberd Kate Mary Reardon Joyce E White Leonard
Bedelph Francis Curran Peter Hall Roy Reardon Noel Henry White Stephen Stewart
Bedelph William B Curtis C M   Reardon White Terry
Bennett Dane Norman  


Richardson A R White Victor Donald
Bird Irene Mary


Jacobson Annetta Richardson Alec Leslie Williams Donald George
Bloomfield Athol Derek Daft David Jacobson Annie Richardson Alfred William Williams Ethel Jean
Bloomfield Eileen May Denny Louisa Lynette Jacobson Arthur Albert Richardson Alfred Woolley Alice
Bloomfield Travers Henry Dilks Mary Ann Jacobson Basil Leo Richardson Annie Woolley Bella Mary
Bowling Alan Arthur Dilks William Thomas Jacobson Chris Richardson Charles2 Woolley Brenda Amy
Bowling Sylvie Bell Doddridge Dennis S Jacobson Clyde Richardson Charles Raymond Woolley Ephraim
Brett John McPherson Doddridge Frances Jacobson Cyril George Richardson Charles Woolley Heather
Brodribb Mary Doddridge Sydney George Jacobson Daphne Patricia Richardson Elizabeth Ellen Woolley John Henry
Brodribb William Albert Donoghue Elvie Martha Jacobson Emily Victoria Richardson Elvie Nina Woolley John Thomas Newitt
Brown Adelaide Dransfield Ann Jacobson Godfrey Elias Richardson Francis Ernest Edward Woolley Kingsley
Brown Albert W2 Dransfield Charles Jacobson Harriet Cooper Richardson G E Woolley Merla Lyle
Brown Albert W Dransfield Elfreda Pretoria Jacobson Lelea Richardson Ida Woolley Minnie
Brown Alfred Dransfield Emma Jacobson Leslie Derwent Richardson Irene Elvie Woolley Ronald Leslie
Brown Arthur Edward Dransfield Frank Jacobson Lindley Richardson Iris Elvie Woolley Sarah Webb
Brown Derwent Roy Dransfield George Jacobson Lionel Lindley Richardson John E Wylie Eric William
Brown Elvie Lela Dransfield Harry Jacobson Margaret Voila Richardson Keith Edward Wylie Louis Alfred
Brown Harriett M Dransfield John Henry Jacobson Olive Helen Richardson Leonard John Wylie Thirza Adelaide
Brown Ivan Victor Dransfield John Jacobson Phyllis Julia Richardson Nita Wylie Wilfred
Brown Lelea Dransfield Myra Elizabeth Jacobson Reginald Gordon Richardson Phyllis D Walker Max Raymond
Brown Lucy Doris Cheyne Dransfield Ruby Jacobson Rhoda Gwendoline Richardson Susan


Brown Lynna Evelyn Dransfield William Jacobson Robert Clyde Richardson Victor Harold Yaxley William Frederick
Brown Mary Ann Elizabeth Dwyer Ruth Jacobson Sarah Richardson William James  
Brown Rita Frances   Jacobson Vera May Richardson Rita Jane  
Brown Stella May   Jacobson William David


Brown Stephen Derwent


Jacobson William Charles Sage Baby  
Bryan Beryl Edna Featherstone Charles William Jenkins Catherine Ann Smedley Gary John  
Bryan Daisy Elizabeth Featherstone Eliza Caroline Jenkins George Henry Smith Edward Noel  
Bryan John Rupert Featherstone Harold Norman Jones Ada Smith Lorna May  
Bryan Melissa Jane Featherstone Mabel Myra Jordon Ellis Smith Seddon  
Bryan Tas Featherstone Norman   Smith  
Burdon Acie Franklin Annie


Stone Eliza Saunders  
Burdon Claude Franklin Arthur George Kean Colin Stone John  
Burdon Elias Franklin Arthur Kingston Alma Isabel Stone Marjorie Lola  
Burdon Elvie Louisa Marion Franklin Connel Clyde Kingston Arthur Englefield Sutcliffe Kathleen Jean  
Burdon Laurel May Franklin Harold Kingston Bernard Swan Cissie Jane  
Burdon Mary Ann Franklin Keith Kingston Betty M Swan Dennis Eugene  
Burdon Mary Jane Franklin Monica Mona Kingston Daisy May Swan Dennis Gordon  
Burdon Nita Elvinia Franklin Robert William Kingston Derek W Swan Dorothy Vera  
Burdon Victor Raymond Franklin Rubeena Jane Kingston Ellis Owen Swan Esther May  
Burdon Walter Ronald Franklin Tryphena Mary Kingston Emma Swan Honary Leon  
Burdon William Russell Freeman Agnes Kingston Esca Burnett Swan Irvine Reuben  
Burdon William Freeman Annie Kingston Esther Lavinia Swan Leonard Roy  
  Freeman Bridget Kingston Joseph    


Freeman Leslie Kingston Myra Pike


Castle Gail Lynette Freeman Maurice Kingston Percy C Tatnell Amy Elizabeth  
Castle Laurence Victor Freeman Patrick Kingston Richard Englefield Herbert Tatnell Eric  
Clark Elliott Sam Freeman Walter Kingston Ross Athol    
Clark Katie     Tatnell Ernie Albert  
Clark Maisie



Tatnell Hazel Albertha  
Cleary Amy Irene Gaga Joseph Lynch Thomas Gerard Tatnell Hedley Earnest  
Cleary Clifton Ronald Gangell Cissie Edith   Tatnell Perc  
Cleary Julie Ann Gangell   Tatnell Tasman  
Clifford Augustus Gillie Anna   Thallan Annie Louisa  

There are 13 Unknown Headstones



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