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                                        Bagdad Congregational


Historic sandstone church with an elaborate Italian look was built in 1842 and was originally Congregational but now Uniting 

At present this church with its hall is privately owned.

Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 11th August 2004

Updated 14/4/2013




Anderson Elizabeth Eddington Ada Johnson Agnes Sattler Anna Maria
Anderson William Eddington Alice Johnson Elvie May Sattler George Adam


Eddington Amelia Johnson J W Sattler George John
Barham Marcus William Eddington Brenda Olive Johnson Joseph Henry Sattler Grace Esther
Beck Ann Eddington Ernest Albert Johnson Malcom Daniel Sattler Ivan Rowland
Besier Amelia Hannah Eddington Frank Vernon Johnson Stephen Garry Sattler John
Besier Charles Eddington Jane K Sattler Maryann
Besier Ernest Eddington John Thomas

Kingston Frederick Claude

Besier Frederick Conrad Eddington Stanley Arthur


Smith Alma May
Besier Frederick Henry Eddington Thomas John Ling Charlotte Smith Barry Charles
Besier Mary Philliphina Eddington William Henry Ling Elizabeth Jane Smith Clover Elizabeth Marie
Besier Nancy G Ling John 2 Smith David
Besier Sarah Ann Garnet Isabel Ling John Smith Murray James
Bessier Phileppina Elizabertha Dorothea George Kenneth


Smith Robert Rex
Bowhey Mary Goodrick Allan Herbert Newman Alfred Weymouth Smith Terrence John
Bowhey Richard Goodrick Ina May Newman Cecil Herbert Smith Verdon David
Bowhey Solomon Goodrick Leslie Bertram Norris Elsie Rebecca Kirkwood Stodart
Briggs Ledia


Norris Victor Stanley


Briggs Linny Samuel Harding Mary


Undy Rachal
Briggs Mary Louisa Harding Robert Porter Edward Samuel Unknown
Briggs Rebecca Hart Alfred Taylor Porter Evelyn May Unknown 3
Briggs Samuel Hart Amy Maud Porter Walter Henry


Brown Hayes Edgar G R Waddington Elsie Jean
C Hayes William Ransley Frederick Ernest Waddington Maurice William
Crabtree Sarah Jane Hyland Charles Frederick Reading Mona Webb Thomas William
  Hyland David Reading Thomas Clarence White Robert James
  Hyland Elizabeth Mary Robertson Charles  
  Hyland Henry James Hyland Robertson Horace Roy  


Hyland Mary Ann Robertson Margaret Gray  
  Hyland Mary Ella Rowland John  
  Hyland Percy John    
  Hyland Samuel    
  Hyland Sarah    

Thankyou to Tracy Rogers from Victoria for correcting Victor Stanley NORRIS and Elsie Rebecca Kirkwood NORRIS as we had them both as Kirkwood.



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