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St Michael and All Angels Bagdad

Formerly St Thomas

Plans were drawn up in 1897 whilst services were being held in the public hall but it wasn’t until November 1903 that the foundation stone was laid with the building being dedicated in April 1904. The foundation stone for the chancel was laid in 1919

Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 2nd July 2004

Updated 14 April 2013






Anderson Agnes Annie Cartledge Deann Jill Johnson Albert Frederick Quarrell Bev
Anderson Amy E Cartledge Mary Christina Johnson Annie Rachael R
Anderson Audrey Cartledge Richard Anthony Johnson Omar Osmond Rose Hector
Anderson Henry R Cartledge W M Johnson Omar William Rose Violet
Anderson Ronald Robert Cartledge W Johnson Unknown William S


Chivers Emily Jane L Shearing Doris
Baker Rachael Lila Chivers Frederick

Linnane Ida Sophia

Shearing Edward
Bantick Albert Chivers Marianne


Shearing Ethel Anne
Bantick Bert Chivers Robert William Mann Gordon Ryle Shearing Percy
Bantick Edgar Clay Douglas Dean Manning Ada Shearing Rebecca
Bantick Elizabeth Clay Ronald Albert James Manning Cyril Charles Skitch Ann
Bantick Elvie Lillian Clay Shirley Francis Manning Doris Rebecca Skitch Robert George
Bantick Enos H H Cranny Donald Peter Manning L W Smith Alma
Bantick Frank Alen


Manning Mary Martha Rosina Smith Charles Leslie
Bantick Gertress Ellerton Manning William Charles Smith John Ongwood
Bantick Harold Stewart Ellerton Family McKenzie Una Smith Leslie Smith
Bantick Heli David Argent F Medhurst Amos George Smith Theresa
Bantick Henry Finearty Ada Marion Medhurst Gladys Ismay Jane Stamford Richard
Bantick Jessie Dunn


Medhurst Harold John Stamford Royce George
Bantick Matilda Hales Darren Mark Medhurst H J Stamford Adelaide
Bantick Ruth Halloran Clyde Martin Mizen Charles James Stamford Alan Phelix
Bantick Thomas Halloran Donald Argent Murtagh Lois Stamford George
Bantick Walter Oley Halloran Esther Murtagh Lynette Fay Stamford May
Barham Glenn William Halloran Helen


Stamford Richard
Bisdee Beatrice Darrah Halloran John Newton Harry Bruce Stamford Richard
Bisdee Eva Dorinda Halloran Stanley John


Stevenson Rebecca
Bisdee Marjorie Helen Hill Albert O'Donnell Ethel Rebecca Victoria Stevenson William
Bisdee Stephen John Hill Alma O'Donnell Walter Charles Sulman Gerry
Bisdee Winchester Munn Hill Baden Jack


Sulman Sylvia Margaret
Blackwell Peter Mark Hill B J Palmer Murial May


Blake Agnes Hill Charles Lewis Palmer Raymond Charles Walker Gladys
Blake Catherine Bethia May Hill Dennis Lewis Palmer Ruby Watts Kenneth Raymond
Blake Harold Hill Evelyn Palmer Sydney Samuel Webberley Albert Alexander
Blake Leila Winifred Hill Frederick Charles Palmer William Alfred Webberley William Thomas
Blake Robin Harold Hill Geoffrey Charles Percey Albert Joseph West William
Browne Amanda Hill Ida Sophia Percey Barry Michael William Alma Adelaide
Browne Raymond Hill Ivy May Percey Laura Annie Wood Beatrice
  Hill Janet Percey Patrick Joseph Wrathall Andrea Lee
  Hill June Rae Percy Esma nee Smith  
  Hill Lewis Percy Pearl B  
  Hill L W Percy Raymond  
  Hill Paul William    
  Hill Trevor William    
  Hill Verna Elvie    
  Hill William    
  Hutt Emily Alice    
  Hutt John    



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