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St Marks Anglican Pontville

The following information is taken from the booklet

ďA Visitors Guide to this Historic ChurchĒ 

St. Markís was designed by the convict architect Blackburn.  James Blackburn was transported from England to Van Diemanís Land in 1833 for forgery.  As his academic qualifications were considerable he was attached to the Public Works Department and within a few years had proved his worth by drawing the plans for a number of churches and public buildings in Hobart and nearby districts.

Examples of his architecture are the churches of Holy Trinity Hobart, the Congregational Church at New Town, the Presbyterian Churches at Glenorchy and Sorell, and the portico and spire of St. Georgeís Battery Point.  He also drew the plans for the portico of the Public Buildings in Murray Street and most notable of all, Government House, which is said to have been built later almost exactly to Blackburnís original plans.

The design of the church is said to resemble in many respects a church near Lake Maggiore in Switzerland but in Tasmania, at any rate, it is unique, though architecturally it has affinities with at least two other Tasmanian churches one of which is the Presbyterian Church at Glenorchy and the other, the New Town Congregational Church.

The church was built by Joseph Moir who is probably the same man who built the Shot Tower near Kingston some thirty years later.  The cost, approximately $2,600 was raised by public subscription.  The beautiful white stone used in the building is found locally and is known as Brighton stone.

 As far as it is known the foundation stone, which unfortunately can no longer be seen, was laid by the Lieutenant Governor of Tasmania, Sir John Franklin, in 1839 and the building was completed in February 1841.  It was dedicated on the 21st February of that year by Archdeacon William Hutchins in whose memory Hutchins School was later founded.

Because of difficulty over title deeds, the church was used regularly for divine service for more than forty years before it was consecrated.  This ceremony took place on the 12th March 1884 and included the consecration of the adjoining cemetery.  It was conducted by the Bishop of Tasmania, the Rt. Revd. Dr. Sandford, assisted by the Rector, the Revd J.K.Wilmer.

 The illuminated cross which stands on the belltower was erected in 1958 as a memorial to those who died in the 1939-1945 war.  The first World War is commemorated by an Honour Roll in the church.

 The unique ornamental fence which once surrounded the churchyard was removed in 1971, because of deterioration, the present chain and steel post fence was erected from funds received from an appeal held for the fence.

Headstones in this cemetery were photographed 3 July 2004



J cont

R cont

Adams Cecil Ivan

Daniels Frederick

Jones David

Riddel Margaret

Adams Ella May

Dart Owen Edward

Jones Edith E

Roach Alfred

Adams James W

Davis Elizabeth Anne

Jones Elsie May

Roach Unknown

Adams Jane Victoria

Davis George Arthur

Jones Henry

Rogers Alison Mary Elizabeth

Adams Marjorie

Davis Sylvia Mary

Jones Millicent

Rogers Claude Lawrence

Adams Marjory Daisy

Dennis Beatrice Emma Wall

Jones Neil Monty

Rogers Ena Lilla

Adams Michael James

Deveraux Peter

Jones Phyllis

Rogers John Geoffrey

Adams Normie

Devine Annie Jane

Jones Sarah Ann

Rogers Thomas Cecil

Adams Thomas Leslie

Devine Joseph

Jones Sydney

Rooke Florence Rose

Anderson E Kimbra

Devine Mary

Jones Valerie Minnie

Rooke Houston P W

Andrews Claude Charles

Devine Thomas

Jones Vincent

Ross Hugh

Andrews Linda Kathlean

Dickenson Max Elwin


Rushton Robert Joseph 2

Argent Elizabeth

Dickenson Raymond Douglas


Rushton Robert Joseph

Argent Hannah

Dickenson Trevor Rex

Kearley George


Argent James

Donavan Anthony John

Kessler Linden James


Armstrong Peter James

Doyle Mary Ann

Ketchell Harry Robert

Salvesen Evelyn Margaret

Atkins Phyllis May

Dyer  Ann

Ketchell Sheila Lavina Josephine

Salvesen Nils Leonard

Atkins Ronald George

Dyer Benjamin Bissel

Kevell Ann

Sambell Aisla

Axelsen Dorothy Marion


King Wayne 1

Sambell Frank

Axelsen Ernest Leslie


Knight Tasman Freer

Sampson Denis


Earley Maise

Krstic L

Sawford Susan


Eiszele Noel Frederick


Scarlett Norma Evelyn

Ball Elizabeth

Elliott Douglas Henry


Scarlett Norman Clifford

Ball William

Elliott Nathan

Lamprill  Alice Adeline

Scarlett William Clifford

Balsley Donald Douglas

Ellis May Beryl

Lamprill Harriett Elizabeth

Sharp William

Bantick Elizabeth Regina

Espie William

Lamprill Harriett M Ibbott

Shearing Aaron Douglas James

Bantick Oliver Gilbert


Lamprill Henry

Shearing Ethel May

Barham Emily


Lamprill James

Shearing James

Barham Richard

Faulkner Amelia

Lamprill Mary

Shepherd Unknown

Barrow Richard Preston

Fazackerley William David

Lamprill William E

Sheppard John

Bawden Edna Frances

Fergusson Amy Madeline

Lamprill William

Sheppard Louisa

Beard Vera May

Fielding Dorothy Sarah

Large Ashley W

Sibley Charles Ernest

Bedford  William

Fielding Edward John

Large Daniel John

Sidney Cyril Norman James

Bedford Claude

Fielding Kayla May

Lawler Edward

Sidney Emma

Bedford Elizabeth Ann

Fitzgerald Selina

Leary Kenneth George

Sidney Nellie Violet

Bedford Garnet

Flakemore Osbourne

Lenton James T

Sidney William Geoffrey

Bedford Jack

Flakemore Sydney James

Lenton Louisa

Sidney William

Bedford Tootie

Fletcher-Jones Nancy

Lewis Christina Louise Ashton

Skeggs John Henry

Bedford Unknown

Foster Sarah

Littlehales Robert E

Small Lindy Jane

Bedford William R H

Francis Frederick Butler

Littlehales Sidney W

Smart John Edward Unknown

Bedford Elsie Sophia

Freeman Thomas

Lockley Doris Evelwyn

Smart Selina Victoria

Bell Thomas

Frost Joseph

Loney Elvie May

Smith Barbara Sally

Benjamin Ethel Pauline

Frost M P

Loney Geoffrey Souter

Smith Betty May

Benjamin Graham


Long Robyn

Smith Charles

Benjamin Louis Theodore


Low Donald John

Smith Cynthia Phyllis

Bennett Ricky John

Gard Anne

Low Pamela Yeoland

Smith Donald Stuart

Berry-Punshon Laurel Mary

Gard Edwin Harold

Low Peter Morris

Smith Florence

Betts Alfred R

Gard Mary

Lyons Tania

Smith John William

Bewley Nellie

Gard Robert

Lythgo Ellen Maria

Smith Justin Mark

Blackburn Marney

Gard Walter

Lythgo Lydia

Smith K

Blackburn Stella

Garnet Cyril

Lythgo Mary Ann

Smith R

Blacklow Anne

Gatz Phillip


Smith Reginald Henry

Blacklow Archibald Clifford

Gatz Unknown


Smith Vivian

Blacklow Blanche Geraldine

Geard  Allan Robert

MacDonald Colin Bruce

Spink Dorothy Beryl

Blacklow Eliza

Geard Emma Jane

MacDougall Christopher Mardon

Spink Edwin Cumberland

Blacklow Frederick Henry

Geard Homas

Mallinson Donald George

Spink Emily

Blacklow Hallam Rivers

Geard Patricia Maud

Marney Leslie Raymond

Spink John

Blacklow Katherine Elizabeth

Gerney Beatrix

Marsh Sarah

Stanfield Sophia

Blacklow Michael Briner

Giles Unknown

Mason Clarence Vernon

Stodart Robert

Blacklow Percival Graham

Gillie Alice Maud

Mason Ellen May

Stokes Edward

Blacklow Yvonne Briner

Gillie Leslie Thomas

Mathews Catherine

Stone Charles

Blackwell Iris F M

Gore George

Mathews Celena Stella

Stone Louisa

Blight Christina

Goss  Winsome Jessie

Mathews Charles E

Suckling Marian Margaret

Blight Donald Edward Joseph

Goss Walter Nicholas

Mathews Charles H

Swan Mary Lavina

Blindell Joseph Walter

Graf Adolphus I

Mathews Chester


Boucher Robert George

Graf Doska

Mathews Emily Ruth

Tabart Jean

Bourne Betty Fay

Graf Eberhard

Mathews Eric Charles

Tait Jane

Bourne Kenneth Desmond

Graham Jean

Mathews Eric Rennie

Tait Samuel

Bourne Rachel Lee

Gray Geoffrey Bernard

Mathews Lewis Charles

Taylor David Peter

Bowden Elizabeth Helen

Green Florence Agnes

Mathews Sarah

Taylor Mary

Bowden Mervyn Russell

Green Henry D

McDonnell John Douglas

Terry Ralph Lachlan

Bowden Nicholas James

Green Rebecca

McDonnell Leelah Lovedy

Thompson Ila Gwendoline

Bower Eunice Val

Green Thomas

McGee Edward

Thompson Robert Cornish

Bower Jack Vivian

Greenhalgh Robert

McGuinness Emma Ada

Thorneloe Joseph

Bowling Charles Richards

Greenland Joyce

McGuinness Ernest Clarence

Thrupp Alfred

Bowling Jane Alice

Greenland R J

McGuinness Geoffrey Clarence

Thrupp Eliza

Boxall Isaac

Griffith William Craven

McRae Colin

Thrupp Sarah Ann

Boxall Sarah

Guinan Henley Stanislaus

McRae Ken

Tonks  Jeremiah James Livingstone

Boyle Mabel

Guinan Martha Elizabeth

Meadowcroft Dorothy Jean

Tonks Madge Evelyn BT30

Bratt Arthur Ballantyne

Gunn Henry

Medhurst Edward Albert

Tonks Inez Myra Ivy

Briggs Charles William


Medhurst Sheila May

Tonks John Campbell

Briggs Ethel Louisa


Miller Cecil

Tonks Louisa

Briggs Thomas William

Hammond Dorothy

Miller Janet

Tonks Ruby Hilda

Briggs Thurza

Hammond Kathleen Mary

Mnvahobny Jobnua

Tonks Unknown Thomas

Brooks Christie Lee

Hammond Unknown

Monks A Reginald

Tonks Vere Garnet

Brooks Rex Arthur

Hampton Thomas

Mortyn Athol Lewis

Turner Ann

Brooks Sydney

Hannan Emmeline

Mortyn Eliza Jane

Turner Cameron Mitchell

Brown Kevin Raymond

Hanslow Agnes

Mortyn Ella

Turner Doris Jean

Brown Mary

Hanslow Arthur

Mortyn Florence

Turner Elsie Rosanna

Bruce Christianni Mitchell

Hanslow Beatrice Lillian

Mortyn Frances Maria

Turner Emily Louise

Bruce James

Hanslow Clytie

Mortyn Frances Wemyss

Turner George Arthur

Bull Thomas

Hanslow Emily Cawley

Mortyn Frederick

Turner Jean

Bullen Edith Susan

Hanslow George 2

Mortyn Ida

Turner T J

Bullen Lucy Annie

Hanslow George Albert

Mortyn Lewis Wemyss

Turner Vincent George

Bullen Susan

Hanslow George

Mortyn Mildred May


Burgess Charlotte

Hanslow Henry James

Mortyn Minnie


Burrowes Harriett Maria

Hanslow Jessie

Mortyn Tertius

Undy James

Burrowes Rev John

Hanslow Louisa May

Muller Charles Francis Aubrey

Undy Raymond A

Butler  Harry Walter

Hanslow Roy

Muller Mary Elizabeth


Butler Alan Unknown

Hanslow Thomas

Munday Charlotte


Butler Annie Eliza

Hanslow Thurza

Munday Edmund Jonas

Von Stieglitz Douglas Phillip

Butler Archibald Travers

Harbach J

Munday Edwin Joseph


Butler Beatrice Maria

Hardman Bertie

Munday Eliza


Butler Caroline Bispham Coles

Hardman Isabel

Munday John 2

Waite Elizabeth Rachel

Butler Charles Edward

Hardman Roy

Munday William Unknown

Waite Joseph

Butler Charles William

Hardman Tasman Alfred

Murray Eva

Waite Mary Ann

Butler Charlotte Lena

Hardwick Elizabeth

Murray Kenneth Duncan

Walker Joseph 2

Butler Diana Harriett

Hardwick Maria D


Walker Joseph

Butler Edward Henry

Hardwick Martin


Walker Mary

Butler Edward Paine

Harris Annetta Blanche

Nagy Les

Walker Rowland

Butler Emma Unknown

Harris Clyde John

Nation Robert Geoffrey

Walker Sophia

Butler Eustace Gamaliel

Harris Ernest J

Neilson Alma Ellen

Wall Dianne Sue

Butler Frances Maria

Hart Allan Norman

New George

Wall George Dennis

Butler Frank Whistler

Hart Allen Henry

New James

Wall John Hugh

Butler Gamaliel

Hart Lionel Robert

New Maria Elizabeth

Wall Katherine Emma

Butler Georgiana

Harvey Eileen

Nichols Albert William

Wall Leonard

Butler Helen Beatrix

Hay Dannielle Jackie

Nichols Ian Roger                               Wall Mary Frances                 

Butler Helen Maud

Hay Louis Charles

Nichols Rodney Louis

Wall Oscar

Butler Hilda Florence

Hay Louis George

Nichols Vera Alice

Wall Phoebe

Butler Hugh Robert

Hay Susannah

Nickolls Henry Clement

Wall Reece John

Butler James Whistler

Hayden Lorna May

Nickolls Peggy Primrose

Ward Stephen

Butler John James

Healey Harris Henry

Nickolls Henry

Watkins Madge

Butler Julia

Healey Kate

Nickolls Nance Naomi

Watkins Robert John

Butler Leicester Travers

Hilder Coral Mavis

Norris Corrie Irene

Watson Arthur James

Butler Mabel

Hildyard George Gerald

Norris T.H

Watson Maud

Butler Margaret Amelia

Hildyard Gordon William


Weatherley Francis

Butler Maria Dorothera

Hill Frank Alfred James


Webb Cecil Hobart

Butler Martha Sarah

Hill Nellie Adeline

Oakley Allen Edward John

Webb Edwin John

Butler Richard William

Hine Maree S

Oakley Allen Edward

Webb Laura Areita

Butler Sarah2

Holden Sarah

Oakley Baden Pace

Webb Sarah

Butler Sarah

Holingsworth Beryl May

Oakley Bruce

Weber Noel Marcus


Hollingsworth Edward

Oakley Jason

Weeding Coral


Hollingsworth Eileen Henrietta

Oakley Phyllis Irene

Wells Ellen

Campbell C

Hollingsworth Eliza

Orchard Lance V

Wells Isobel

Cannan Anthony John

Hollingsworth Thurza Louisa

Osborne Ernest Edward

Wells Leonard Edwin

Cannan J W

Hollingsworth William Edward

Pace Charlotte

Weston Amanda Jane

Cannan James Wilfred

Holyman Scarlett Ann

Page Sydney

Wheatley Albert

Cavile Abraham

Holzberger Wendy Lorraine

Paice Silas Benjamin

Wheatley Arthur Edward

Cavile Anna

Horder Phyllis June

Paice Susan Cleverly

Wheatley Charlotte

Cavile Charles

Horsfall Ethel May

Paice Thomas Samuel

Wheatley Ella

Cavile Fanny

Horsfall Sarah

Paine Edward 2

Wheatley Hiram Charles

Chalmers Augusta Ann

Howells Anne

Paine Edward

Wheatley Jane

Chalmers Caroline Beatrice

Howells Elaine May King

Paine Jane

Wheatley John George

Chalmers Elayne Mary

Howells Walter James

Paine Lucy

Wheatley Maria

Chalmers Emily Louisa

Howlett Ron

Panchenko Olga

Wheatley Percy

Chalmers Frederick Royden

Huett Dylan James

Pardoe Edward Cyril

White Ivy Ethel

Chalmers Gertrude Margaret

Huett Roy Thomas

Pardoe Mona

White John

Chalmers Guy Hamilton

Hughes Ann Maree

Parker  Victor George

Williams Thomas Arthur

Chalmers Jean

Hurd Daniel

Parker Rita Irene

Williams Thomas

Chalmers John Cyril

Hurd Flossie Ida May Holmes

Parsons Moses

Wilson Dianne

Chalmers John James Butler

Hurd Pearla Sophia


Wilton Stuart G

Chalmers Lenna Annette

Hurd Sarah Matilda

Paul Elaine Rosemary

Windover Mary Ann Caroline

Chalmers Mary Dulcie

Hurd William

Paul Molly Daisy

Wood Adrian Alfred

Chalmers Olive Betty

Hyland Ellen

Pavitt Ernest Alfred

Wood Elenor

Chalmers Robert Hamilton2

Hyland Eric Thomas

Pearce Marjorie Erskine

Wood William

Chalmers Robert Hamilton

Hyland Ernest James


Wood Winsome Ida

Clark Albert Joseph

Hyland Ernest

Pearton Jean Marjorie

Wright Andrew

Clark John

Hyland Harriet Jane

Pedder Justin Shane

Wright Charles

Clayton Kathleen Dulcie

Hyland James Edward

Perry James

Wright Lyndon Av

Cleland Jessie

Hyland Leslie Edward

Phillips Henry

Wright Selina Rose

Cliffe Emily Louise Godley

Hyland Terry John

Phillips Samuel

Wylie Colin

Cliffe Sharon Leomie Godley


Pierce Julie Ann

Wylie Cyril John

Clifford Ian


Pike Dulcie Jean

Wylie Dorothy

Collis C W

Ibbott George

Pilcher John Iggulden

Wylie Kathleen Marcella

Collis Edward L

Ibbott Mary Jane

Podmore Gladys


Collis Georgina

Ibbott Sarah

Podmore Thomas Edwin


Collis Gladys louisa

Irving Ernest Alexander McKie

Porter Arthur Edward

Yeoland Frank

Collis Gwenneth May

Irving Lily Ivy Florence

Porter Arthur

Yeoland Susan Edith

Collis James Kelvin

Irwin Florence Clorine

Porter Clarence H

Young Warrick

Collis James

Ison Charlotte

Porter Edward


Collis Jessy Grace

Ison Harriet

Porter Elizabeth


Collis Mary Elizabeth


Porter Ethel


Collis William James


Porter Graham


Colman William Oscar

Jackson W E

Porter Harold


Colson Joan Harriet

Jacobs Brian

Porter Mary


Commons Eliza

James Sarah Ann

Porter Muriel


Connors David Noel

James William

Potter Elizabeth


Connors Donald Ernest

Jamieson Keith Leslie

Price Margaret


Cooke T S

Jarvis Roy

Punshon Betty Ribina


Cooley Dorothy Ruth

Jay Alfred

Purcell Michael


Cooper Claude Frederick

Jay C J


Coppleman Betty

Jay Dorothy Jean



Coppleman Ida

Jay Ella May

Quandt Gunter


Corney William Mervyn Russell

Jay Geoffrey Maxwell



Cowen Murtle William

Jay Keitha



Cox Alexander Temple

Jay M

Ramsey Elizabeth


Cox Francis

Jay William T

Ramsey Harriet Mary


Cox Georgina Kate

Jay William

Ramsey Jane


Cragg Noel David

Johnson Ada

Ramsey Robert


Craun James

Johnson Allan

Ramsey William


Creed Amy

Johnson Benjamin

Ramsey Willie


Creed Bernard Victor

Johnson Bertha May

Reynolds Augusta B R Orchard


Creed Edward

Johnson Colin Cecil George

Reynolds Charlotte Augusta


Crothers Ellen

Johnson Elsie Mary

Reynolds Daniel


Crothers Joseph

Johnson Eva Laura

Reynolds David 2

There are 45 unknown graves

Cruickshank Maynard Haves

Johnson Jane

Reynolds David


Cruickshank Nancie Doris

Johnson John

Reynolds Emily


Cruickshank R M

Johnson Oscar J

Reynolds Henry


Curran Carleen L M

Johnson Samaon Arthur

Reynolds I Vivian Cleary


Curran John Edward

Johnson Samuel

Reynolds Mary Ann 2


Currell John

Johnson Stella Helen

Reynolds Mary Ann Amy


Johnson Walter

Reynolds Mary Ann


Reynolds Matilda




Reynolds Thomas


Reynolds William Henry


    Rhodes Donald Victor




Lawn Cemetery

Baldwin Keith William Trevor A85 Gamble Monica A75 McCaffrey Isobella Lorna Rose A45 Sansom David Brian A13
Beard Mona June A11 Geard Allan Robert McLean Alf A54 Scarlett Anne Holyman A7
Belbin Lily Stella A15 Gillies Terrence Desmond B21 Mizzen Eric Ronald B11 Scott Byron Malcolm A71
Benjamin Douglas Glen A21 Glennon Lyndon Robert A82 P Sidney John Harrington A31
Bennett Richard Norman A78   Paice Clifton Royal B1 Smith Dale Albert A83
Bessell Andrew David RG H Paice Mona Mabel B1 Smith Graham Edgar A8
Broadby Daphne Isobell A77 Hall Kevin Norman A89 Paice Robin Harold B20 Smith Jessie Marc James A6
  Hall Yvonne Helen RG Porter Marjorie Maud A20  
C Harback Ormond John A65 Pursell Merton Ross A35 T
Collins David Lindsay A38 Honey Heather Maree A14   Targett Kevin A28
Cousens Peter Anthony A26 Hurd Duncan John A76 R Triffitt Alexander John A5
Curtain Simon Charles A80   Rathbone Terence Rigaud B17 Turner Cameron Mitchell A32
  J Rhodes Natalie Keva Margaret A46  
E Jones Heath Christopher A18 Richardson Patricia Pamela A63 W
Eiszele Richard Bernard Roy A12   Ridgers Doris Joyce A88 Wakefield Steven Bradley A61
  K Ridgers Mervyn George A87 Wall Albert B9
F Kaye Dudley Victor A23 Riley Rachel Maree A37 Wall Peter Douglas A36
Fehlberg Ivan Charles A10 Knight Corrie Frances B7 Rogers Eric Stanley A70 Williams Jean Mary A17
Feil Raymond A27   Rogers Jean Dorothy A92 Wilson Ian Gregory A34
Fielding James Edward A91 L Rogers Leonard Frank RG Wilson Lawrence Andrew A51
Fitzgerald Carol Anne A62 Lockhart Benjamin George C7 Rogers Stanley Rogers Wood Ellen RG
Francis Olive Doris A90   Rolph David Sidney James A68  
Freeman Colin Cecil A24   Rose Kamaria Monique A39 Y
    Royle Dianne Evelyn A42 Young Nancy Margaret Rose B15

Ash Wall

Adams Robert Terrence Ellison Edward Ikin Elizabeth Caroline Saunderson Doris Mary
Ardern Thelma Muriel     Saunderson Lawrence G
  F J Scarlett Norman Clifford
C Farrell Beryl Jean Joyce Thomas William Sidney Lloyd Desmond James
Cloudsdale Arthur Cygnet Freeman Joyce   Sim Bronwen Dorothy
Cloudsdale Betty Adele   M Suter Lambert C
Colwell Linda Elizabeth Ann H McKay Karen Helen Suter Phyllis I
Colwell Walter Rudford Hildyard Beryl Ellen    
Coombe Myles Tasman Hildyard Hilda Jane P T
Crosby John Henry Hugh Hildyard Ronald Paice Peart Bicton Clark Taylor Rex Thomas
  Holmes Betty   Tonks Norman Ogilvie






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