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Dysart St Annes Anglican



Designed by Francis Butler this small church was opened in 1872 and consecrated in 1876.  The design is Gothic Revival which includes a separate gabled entrance porch.

With the Rationalisation of Church Buildings Ordinance 1997 St. Anne’s was listed for sale.

St Anne's was deconsecrated in 2007.

Baker Sarah Jane Harback Charles Jones  Jane Percey Coral Jean Shearing Ambrose
Baker Thomas Leigh 2 Harback Helen Louise Jones John William Percey Faye Kathleen Shearing Beryl Mary
Baker Thomas Leigh Harback Jack   Percey Henry Shearing Donald
Barwick Dorothea Anne Harbarh Hannah Christina


Percey Noel Anthony Shearing Edward
Bond Frank Arthur Charles Hellessey Agnes Lord Clive Henry Percey Sarah Shearing Emily
  Hellessey Ernest Lord James Harold Percy Caroline Rebecca Shearing Ethel Maud


Hellessey Fredrick   Percy Frances Shearing Herbert
Cave Cecil Charles Hellessey George


Percy James William Shearing Lorna
Cave Margaret Frances Hellessey Margaret Ann Marney Ivy Frances Percy James Shearing Lucy Violet
Cave Regina Hellessey Michael Marney Ivy Percy John Charles Shearing Margaret
Cave Thomas Leigh Hellessey Victor Albert Mitchel Louise Pettit Douglas Shearing Matilda
Cowdery Gordon B Higgins Glenda Mitchel Michael   Shearing Merlene
Crabtree Arthur John Hill John Henry Mitchell Thelma


Shearing Mona Margaret
  Hill John   Rhodes Joseph Shearing Vincent


Hill Lena Maud


Rogers John Shearing William Joseph
Foster  Minnie Kathleen Hill Milda Harriet Norris James Rogers William Shearing William
Foster Albert Patrick Horsey Gary Noel     Smith Charles Edward
Foster Darrell Herbert Horsey Harold N J


  Smith Kevin Paul
Foster Ernest Charles. Horsey James 2 O'Brien Craig Robert    
Foster Fredrick William Horsey James O'Rourke James Phillip  


Foster Maria Eliza Horsey Reuben Henry K O'Rourke Minnie Victoria   Weeding Pamela Maureen
Foster Mary Ann Horsey O'Rourke Phillip Daniel   Williams Albert Henry
Foster Thomas Leslie       Williams Pretoria Myra
Foster Thomas       Woodward Eric





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