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Kempton Congregational


Built in 1840 the church is a simple stone Georgian church built of sandstone said to have been recovered from a ruined Anglican Church. 

The first minister was Joseph Beazley who in 1838 erected “The Manse” a beautiful old Colonial Regency villa. 

Unfortunately, the church stood empty for many years and the graveyard was the home of a flock of sheep.  It has now been sold

Baird  John Kirkland Mather Foster Elizabeth Jeschke Beatrice Ethel Morten Arthur Vernon Thomas Alfred
Baird Grace Foster William Jeschke David Edward   Thomas Louisa
Baird Victoria E Frankslane Lorraine Jeschke Edward David N Topham Ann
Bowman J M   Johnson Ann Neil Charlotte Topham John
Bowman W C G Johnson Charlotte Neil James  
Boyd Hellen Gillon Annie Johnson Edmund 2 Nichols John W
Boyd James Gillon Margaret Johnson Edmund Nichols Sarah Waterfield Mary
Boyd Robert Goodwin Owen A Johnson Edwin Philip Nichols Walter Henry Waterfield The Rev W
Brown Charles Gore Hellen Elizabeth Johnson Elizabeth   Weeding Thomas
  Gorringe Alfred Ernest Johnson Hannah P Wighton Henry
C Gorringe Cecil John Johnson Isabella Palmer Annie M Wighton Robert
Clark H Gorringe Frank Alexander Johnson Johannah Palmer Susan Wighton Vera Alberta
Cooley Nancie Dallan Gorringe Frederick W H Johnson Joseph 2 Pitt Elizabeth 2  
Cooley Robert Golden Gorringe Isabel Margaret Johnson Joseph Pitt Elizabeth  
  Gorringe Isabella Johnson Margaret Ann Pitt James  
  Gorringe James Augustus Johnson Philip Pitt Philip  
D Gorringe Kenneth John Johnson Sarah 2 Price Charles  
Down William Gorringe May Johnson Sarah Price Ellen Syrett  
  Gorringe Thomas Alan Johnson Thomas Foster Rider Charles Alfred  
E Gorringe Thomas Johnson Thomas Rider Emma Louisa  
Ellis Alfred Gorringe Thomas Edward Frank Johnson W Rider John  
Ellis Audrie Rivers Gorringe Winsome Lyonors Garrett Johnson William Rider Mary  
Ellis Caroline H  

Rowe William Thomas

Ellis Edgar Clyde Hadden Emma K    
Ellis Eliza Ashton Hadden James 2 Kennedy Henry Edward S  
Ellis Grace Hadden James Kennedy Jane Emily See Ellis  
Ellis Harriet Hadden Mary H Kennedy The Rev Henry Sims Elizer Tomer  
Ellis Henry W Hart Cecil Jordan      
Ellis Mary Isabel Hart Lewis Stanley L    
Ellis Vincent James Hart Neil Alfred Learmonth Christina    
Ellis Vincent Higgins Herbert John Lowther Elizabeth Letitia    
Ellis William Henry   Lumsden Alfred Macauley    

7 unknown graves in this cemetery





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