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St Peters Roman Catholic Church Kempton


Built on land donated by John Ashton a small wooden church was erected and dedicated to St. Peter and St. Ann.  On 17th March 1918 the foundation stone of the present church was laid by the Right Rev. Monsignor M. J. Gilleran, V.G., the Rev. Arthur Cullen being the parish priest. 

The Church was completed and opened in October that year at a cost of about 3,000 pounds including a stained glass window.   

Extracted from Green Ponds Municipality

T. R. McLeod

The Cemetery is in the street behind the church.


A C H M Cont R
Ashton John Challis Richard Charles Hall Adam McKinlay Alice Reading Hester
  Clay Elsie Maude Hall Bradley Allan McMahon C J Reading Ivy Matilda
B Clay James Edward Hall Luke McMahon E Reading John
Baker Bridget Cole Helen Hall William McMahon Edward Reading Patrick Sydney
Baker Elizabeth Emily Cooley Ellen Hayden Arthur T McMahon Elsie Alma Reading Thomas
Baker Ila Mary Curtain Brian Cornelius Hayden Arthur Vernon McMahon F L Reading William John
Baker William Charles Curtain David Cornelius Hayden Ruby May McMahon John Rogers Hector
Baker William Curtain Nellie Eileen Hoskinson Edward James McMahon Laura E Rogers Susannah
Bantick Marjory Margaret   Household Jane McMahon Mary Rose Barbara
Barwick Francis Thomas Joseph D Howe E J McMahon Sarah Jane Rose Charles James
Barwick Norman Dallan Nancy Hutchinson Thomas Edward McMahon Thomas 2 Rose Charles Walker
Batt Harry Dallan Peter   McMahon Thomas Rose Frances William
Batt Helen Mary Davis Mary J McMahon Vernon Ashleen Charles Rose Margaret Hannah
Beard Ada Mary Delaney Margaret Elizabeth Johnson Basil Clarence McTye Martha E  
Beard Alan A Delaney Olive Mary Moles Alan S
Beard Catherine Delay Ann K Moles Charles Sallery Catherine
Beard Francis V Delay Edward Kirwan Mary Moles James Andrew Sallery Patrick
Beard Lillian May   Kirwan Thomas Moles John Selary Ann Mary
Beard Raymond E Moles Lily D Selary Mary
Beard Robert Elizabeth Garland L Moles Louisa Maud Selary Michael
Beard Thomas Nathaniel Evans Charles Alfred Leahy Elizabeth Montgomery Sheila Joan Selary Robert
Beckitt Marie Agnes Evans Lucy Leahy John   Shearing Dora
Bennett Annie Mary     O Sibley Emme
Bennett Ormie F M O'Rourke Ruby May Sibley Gladys C
Berrick Margaret Finnigan Patrick Mackey Francis Patrick   Sibley Raymond
Blake Andrew David Matthews Belinda Jane P Smith James
Blake David Leslie G Matthews Emma Lee Percey Edward Smith Nora
Blake Harold Edward Garland Augustus John Matthews Oscar Wallace Percey John  
Bresnahan Tobias Patrick Garland John Matthews Robbie John Thomas Percey Joseph W
Bresnehan Honora Theresa Garland Minnie Maud McKay Annie Maria Percey Sarah Watkins Eliza
Bresnehan Joseph Gerinng James McKay Edward Percy Agnes Louise Watkins Geoffrey Irwin
Bresnehan Michael   McKay Grace Mary Percy Edward Wheatley Teresa
Bresnehan Myrtle   Mckay Henry James Percy Loyal Alan White Abel
Brett Edward Arthur   Mckay I H   White Leslie Sylvester
Brett Kathleen   McKay Julia Patricia   Wilson Florence Emily
Breward Christopher Gerrad   McKay Valentine Charles    
Burdon Eileen Ivy   McKay William David    
    McKenzie Kenneth James    





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