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St Mary's Anglican Kempton

Originally called St. Mark’s but the name was changed because the Church at Pontville was dedicatedin1840 as St. Mark’s and the new church at Kempton was only partially completed in 1841.  

The present St. Mary’s Church was half funded by the then Government and half by the residents of the municipality.  The Chief Mechanic of the Public Works Department drew up the plans for the building which was partly completed and in use in 1841.  The ceiling was finished by Mr. George Woods in 1845 and in 1863 the present pulpit, prayer desk and alter rails were provided.  

The service books were provided by the Bishop for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge on 17th January 1853.  

The east window in the church was given by Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Ellis in memory of their son Alfred Thomas Ellis.  

First Fleeter Elizabeth Bruce is buried here.







Allen Caroline

Gath John Leslie

Lang Benjamin George

Shearing Ethel

Allen J

Giddings Unknown Gray

Lang Dulcie Susan

Shearing Frances Dawn

Allwright RS

Gidings James Gray

Lang Geoffrey William

Shearing George

Anderson Ruby Frances

Gilham Cussie

Lang Graeme Henry

Shearing John Eward

Anderson Wilbur Freemont

Gilham Maude Challis

Lang Henry Richard

Shearing Leslie Francis

Ashton Hugh

Gilham Urban

Lang Maud Lillian

Shearing Lilla Maude


Goodwin Clarence Tennyson2

Lang Max

Shearing Thelma Selina


Goodwin Clarence Tennyson

Lang Nancy

Slater Daphne Jean

Barnett Florence Ada

Goodwin Douglas Vere

Lang Philip Charles

Slater Leslie Charles

Bezzant Beatrice Mabel

Goodwin Emma

Lang W C

Slater Rosetta Mary

Blackwell Emma

Goodwin Ernest F L

Lang William J S

Slater William Henry

Blackwell Henry Albert

Goodwin H C

Lang William John

Small Albert William

Blackwell Mark Eric

Goodwin H G

Lang-Short Carmen Lee

Small Lillian Maude

Blackwell Samuel 3

Goodwin Henrietta Alice

Laredo Jesse Wade

Smith Annie Isabel

Blackwell Samuel

Goodwin Herbert

Leger Major W K St

Smith Anthony

Blake Annie Maud

Goodwin John Ernest

Luck Albert

Smith Arthur James

Bowerman Elsie May

Goodwin Lucy Alice2

Luck Alfred

Smith Betty Mary

Bowerman Garry

Goodwin Lucy Alice

Luck Henry

Smith David William

Bowerman James2

Goodwin Richard C

Luck Myrtle Jane

Smith Edward Beaumont

Bowerman James

Goodwin Yula Ethel2

Luck Percy Charles

Smith Emily May

Bowerman Lucy May2

Goodwin Yula Ethel

Luck Ruby Irene

Smith Ernest Frederick

Bowerman Lucy May

Gore Elizabeth

Luck V J

Smith Frances

Bowerman Peter William

Gore Emma2

Luck William

Smith G W

Bowerman Phyllis Ester

Gore Emma


Smith George Edward

Branch Marie Mabel

Gore Robert James2


Smith Gordon Kenneth

Branch Noel Norman

Gore Robert James

Majewski Andrew

Smith John W

Briggs Charles

Gregg Lawrence Maxwell

Majewski Dawn

Smith John William 2

Briggs Susannah


Mall Danny Scott

Smith John William

Brock James Robert


Mansell Margaret Undy

Smith Kathleen Georgina

Brown Daniel

Hadden Jane

Marsh Unknown

Smith Leslie James

Brown Mary Ann2

Hadden William

Matthews Thomas W

Smith Mary Evelyn

Brown Mary Ann

Haines Alma Mary

Maxwell Linda Muriel

Smith Phyllis Mary

Brown R T

Haines Joseph

McDonald John

Smith Violet May

Brown Ruth2

Haines Mary

McIntosh Henry

Smith Violet Molly May

Brown Ruth Elizabeth

Harvey William 2

McIntosh Henry

Smith Wilfred

Brown Ruth

Harvey William

McKay John

Smith William Alfred

Bryant E A 2

Headlam Mabel Hannah

McKay Rose

Smith William George

Bryant E A

Headlam Sydney Bartley

McKinlay John

St Leger Alicia

Bryant George Edward

Headlam Zoe Tassie

Medhurst Edward Albert

St Leger W J

Bryant Gordon William

Hellessey A V

Medhurst Milda May

Stanton Amy Louisa

Bryant Minnie Victoria

Hendy Mary Evelene

Medhurst Samuel Edward

Stanwix George

Bryant William Leonard

Higgins Ernest Herbert2

Merrill Rita


Bryant John

Higgins Ernest Herbert

Moles C J


Burn Eliza H

Higgins Jean

Moles Charles John

Talboy William


Higgins Nancy

Moles Margaret Isabel

Teague Alice Elizabeth


Hill Leon Arthur

Moore Bruce Hedley

Teague James Stephen

Chaplin Richard

Hillier Charles

Munnings Laura Gladys

Thomson Robert

Clark Ann2

Holmwood Alfred

Munnings Maurice Walter

Triffett Guy

Clark Ann

Holmwood Annie M2


Troman Sydney William

Clark Connie

Holmwood Annie Maria


Tucker C T

Clark George

Hope James Summerville

Newman Elvie Irene


Clark Jane2

Howlett Peter William

Nimmo Maurice Richard


Clark Jane

Hunt Constance

Norton Amelia May

Wall Danny Scott

Clark John

Hunt John Edward

Norton William Edward

Watkins  Annie Maud

Clark Laurie2

Hunt Keith

Noye Inez

Watkins Annie Elizabeth

Clark Laurie

Hurd Hannah E

Noye John Edward

Watkins Barbara S

Clark William

Hurd Ruth


Watkins Brian

Claydon Edward John

Hurd Sydney


Watkins Dudley Bale 2

Claydon Noel C



Watkins Dudley Bale

Cleland Edith Rose2


Oliver Ada Ellen

Watkins Eileen Ismay

Cleland Edith Rose

Johnson Ann

Oliver Elizabeth

Watkins Ethel F L

Cleland William Arthur

Johnson C E

Oliver William

Watkins Ethel May

Collins Mary Ann2

Johnson Edmund

Omant Alice

Watkins Harold George

Collins Mary Ann

Johnson Elizabeth Maud

Omant Charles

Watkins Herbert

Cox D J

Johnson Emma Josephine

Omant Henry

Watkins Irwin Graham

Cox May

Johnson Emma

Omant Jane Eyles

Watkins Jean Frances

Cunningham Albert2

Johnson Ethel Lois

Omant Laurel Violet

Watkins Kathleen Constance

Cunningham Albert

Johnson Francis Augustus

Omant Thomas

Watkins Leonard James

Cunningham Emma

Johnson Frederick Edmund

O'Rourke Philip Henry

Watkins Leonard

Cunningham Louis

Johnson Ian

Otter Alice Maria Marianne

Watkins Marjorie Joan

Cunningham Maureen

Johnson James Hadden 2


Watkins Robert

Cunningham Michael

Johnson James Hadden 3


Watkins Thomas

Cunningham Raylene

Johnson James Hadden

Palmer Francis Roland

Watling Alice Phoebe

Curle Charles Henry

Johnson Jane Ann

Palmer Lilly Florence

Watling Elizabeth

Curle Charles

Johnson Jane

Palmer Nellie Maud

Watling Graham

Curle Elizabeth

Johnson Minnie Lyla

Palmer R S

Watling James William

Curle Gwendoline

Johnson Neil Trevor

Palmer Robert

Watling Theodore

Curle kathleen

Johnson Richard Colin

Palmer Walter Samuel

Webster Douglas Vivares

Curle Malcolm

Jones David John

Parsons Annie Mary

Webster Freda Zera




 Wells Edith Isabel


Jones Gaylene

Peppin Robert Allen

Wells Thomas Allan

Dearing Gloria Louise

Jones Geoffrey

Peters Anne

Wessing Bobbi-May

Deegan Rita Irene

Jones Gertrude

Picken John

Westell Ellen

Deegan Vivian Tasman

Jones John Berrison

Picken Mary Ann

Westell John

Dennis Barry Noel

Jones Kaye Myree

Plaster James

Weston Ann

Devine Alfred George

Jones Laura

Plater Margaret

Wheatley Alfred James

Devine Dorothy Loreen

Jones Louisa

Parsons John White

Wheatley Florence Elizabeth

Donald John

Jones Mary Ann


Wheatley Leslie Cyril

Downes Richard

Jones Monty

Ranson Thomas

White Douglas Errol


Jones Murray Philip Leslie


William Harvey


Jones Roy

Rogers Angus John

Williams Elsie Louise

Elliot Sarah

Jones Sydney E

Rogers Nehemiah

Williams James

Ellis Annie Estelle

Jones Sydney Harold Jack

Rogers Stephen Francis

Williams Mary Jane


Jones W H


Williams Walter


Jones Ernest

Rowe James

Williams William James

Flexmore Alfred H


Russell Emma Jane

Wood Charles Anthony Alfred

Flexmore Elizabeth

Kelly Harry Garnet

Riseley Daryl Maurice

Wood Ruth

Flexmore Francis Elizabeth

Kelly Winifred Thorney

Rowe Ada Alice

Woolley Lyla Lillian

Flexmore Kendrick



Ford Clyde Henry

Kent Edna May


Foster Dulcie Christina

Kent Keith Bernard





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