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Campania General Cemetery


H Cont

Allen Aubrie Arnold Elliott Adrian Frederick Howard David Jarvis Brian John Paul Frances Amelia
  Elliott John Edward Howard Dot Jarvis Vincent Paynter Rita
B Elliott Joyce Gwendoline Howard Emma Shirley Jones Susan Jane Phillips Eva Aileen
Bailey Arthur Elliott Royden Howard Ira Heath   Phillips Joseph
Bailey Brian   Howard Max Hilton K Phillips Joseph
Bailey Doris Jessie F Howard Milford S Kalbfell Jason

Pilcher Dorothy Dolores

Bailey Gregory Vincent Faulkner William Henry Howard Reginald Keating Horace Joseph Plummer Arthur
Bailey Kathleen May Freeman Lesley Florence Howard Richard John Keating John Pornbacher Karl Johann
Bailey Keith Arthur French Alan George Howard Roy Dudley Keating Sarah  
Bailey Mary Hannah May French Joseph Edward Howard Stanley Kelly Alan Ronald R
Bailey Neil Kline   Howlet Gwen Mavis Kelly Alfred John Reid Edward Conibear
Bailey Olive Mary G Howlett Ales Kelly Alfred Robertson John
Bailey Patricia Mary Gangell Gordon Leslie Howlett Arthur Henry Kelly Alice Ruth

Rossendell Peter John

Bailey Ronald Walter Goodwin Dora Conibear Howlett Bill Kemp Charles William  
Bailey Thomas Goodwin Harold David Howlett Charles Alfred Kline Christopher Thomas S
Bailey W H Goodwin Violet Emma Howlett Clifford Claude Kline Clarence Henry

Severing Heinrich Boaden

Bailey Walter Gregg Elsie Victoria Howlett Cyril Edward   Sheehan Beryl Avis
Bannister Leonard Gregg Hedley Lux Howlett Dulcie Alicia L Sheehan Kenneth Michael
Bannister Valma Florence Grice Clarence Vernon Howlett Edith Mary Long Ronald James Smith Ada
Barwick Agnes Julia Elizabeth Grice Della Estelle Howlett Edward Long Ruby Phyllis Smith Alfred
Berry George Alfred Grice Donald Vernon Howlett Eric Lawrence Long Terence James Smith Dick
Bester Nicholas Neil Grice Katherine Elizabeth Howlett Florence   Smith Doris Lillian Madge
Beven Ronald Henry Grice Nellie Mary Howlett Frederick M Smith Elsie Pearl
Breen Marie Thelma Grice Ronald Leslie Howlett Joseph Mayne Ada Isobell Smith John Percy
Brown Cynthia Grice Thelma Mascot Howlett Joyce Mayne Leonard Smith Thomas
    Howlett Keith McClenaghan Shaun Gregory Stansbie James Denis
C H Howlett Kevin Morris McLean Jan Stanton Shane Vere
Carr Frederick Ambrose Hall Beatrice Kathleen Howlett Max Victory Mclean Kenneth George  
Chivers Peter Joseph Hall Greta May Howlett Minnie Maude Mclean Reginald Frank T
Cowie Alexander Thomas Hall Herbert Clyde Howlett Myrtle Gladys McNeair Amy Thallan Cleveland Ernest
  Hall James Joseph Howlett Pearl Ruby Moles Maxwell John Thallan Frederick Cyril
D Hall Peter Herbert Howlett Percy Monks Carol Raelene Thallan Hilda
Davis Gordon Thomas Hall Unknown Howlett Phillip John Moore Basil Thallan Minnie
Davis Trevor Ian Harding Alfred Charles Howlett Raymond   Thompson Alan Samuel
Davis Walter Edward Harding Gwendoline Phyllis Howlett Ronald Lewis


Thompson Dannielle Miriam
Drew Ida Ethel Harding Leslie Howlett William Henry Nibbs Flora Annie Kathleen  
Drew Thomas James Harding Lillian B Howlett Win Norton Eliza W
Drysdale Alice Elizabeth Harrison L   Norton W H Wall Wayne
Dunn Marjorie Joan Howard Bertha I Nutting Emily Agnes Williams Jeremy Leigh
  Howard Clara Iles Arnold Norman Nutting Joseph Roy Williams Marjorie
        Wilton Keith Henry
        Woods Violet
        Workman Andrew
        Workman Larry Robert
        Workman Robert Arthur
        Workman Royal Alice
        Wright Rex George



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