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Richmond St Lukes Anglican


When the township of Richmond was first laid out in 1823, land was granted to the Church of England on the rise of ground across the river.  Part of this land was set out as a burying ground and this is still in use.  However, when Archdeacon Broughton saw the site in 1833 he objected to the church being built “on such an eminence, on account of the aged and infirm” 

An offer was made to the Government by Mr. H. Butcher of “Lowlands” to exchange 8 acres of his property adjoining the township, valued at 20 pound per acre, for a further grant of 640 acres of bushland valued at 5 shillings per acre.  This offer to provide land was accepted, and arrangements proceeded for the erection of a building on this site. 

The foundation stone was laid on the 1st. February 1834 by Governor Arthur and work proceeded under the supervision of the Government Engineer, Mr. Lee Archer to whom it is evident that the design of the church must be attributed.  The stone was quarried on Mr. Butcher’s property. 

It is noteworthy that the whole building was completed, ready for use, in 22 months from its commencement and at a cost of under 1,000 pounds. 

St. Luke’s was consecrated by 19th May 1838 by Bishop Broughton. 

The clock in the church is one that was installed in the tower of  St. David’s Church and when this church was demolished to make way for the Cathedral the clock was stored away and finally given to St. Luke’s in 1922. 

The above information is extracted from a pamphlet obtained from St. Luke’s

A F J Cont N Cont S Cont
Abel Emma Featherstone Ashley Ernest Jacobs Roy James Nichols Barbara Stansfield George
Amundsen Travis Featherstone Thomas Jacobs Sarah Nichols Caroline Maud Stansfield Maria
Anderson Edwin Fenner Alfreda Louisa Jacobs Windermere Nichols Emma Stansfield Mary Hannah
Armson Sydney Fenner Edith Lucy Jarvis  Mary Jane Nichols Frank Nuttall Stansfield Sara
  Fenner George Joseph Jarvis Alfred Nichols James Anthony Stansfield Susannah
  Fenner George Jarvis David Nichols James Anthony 2 Stansfield Susey Ann
  Fenner Moses M Jarvis Eliza Nichols Janer Thelma Steel Annie


Fenner Rose Hannah Jarvis Elizabeth Nichols Joseph Phillip Steel Charles
Bailey Alice Maude Fenner Roy Keith Jarvis Emma Harriet Nichols Joseph William Steel George
Bailey Edith Mollie Fenner Thomas James Jarvis Florence Nichols Mary Jane Steele Albert
Bailey Marjory Beryl Frankcombe Lionel H Jarvis George Nichols Rolfe Gatehouse Steele Emily Sarah
Bailey Marnes John Friend Doris Jarvis James Edwin Nichols Samuel Steele Emily
Bailey Samuel John Friend John Francis Jarvis Jane Maria Nichols Sarah Steele John Thomas
Baily Arthur Fulton Edmund Frederick Jarvis Keith George Nichols William Steer Beau
Baily James Huesten   Jarvis Minnie Nichols Eliza Stevens William
Baily Robert


Jarvis Sarah Nordberg Mary Elizabeth Stokell Maria Ellen
Barnes Edward Henry Gaby Harriet Jarvis Susana Nordberg R C Stonehouse Isabella 2
Barnes George Herbert Gaby Thomas Jarvis Tasman Norman William Stonehouse John Frederick
Barnes Mary Alexandra Ganfield Emma Jarvis Thomas Alfred Norris Esther Stonehouse John
Barratt John Gates Edward Jarvis Thomas Norton Margaret Anne Stonehouse Mary Ann
Barwick Amy Gates Jane Jarvis Walter John Nuttall Frank Stonehouse William
Barwick Avis Eileen Gates Lillian Jane Jemott William K Nuttall Sarah Stonehouse Isabella
Barwick Harold Charles Gates William Jenkins Anthony Robert    
Barwick Richard Clyde Edward Geard Florence Jenkins Joyce Ellen



Barwick Rosa Mary Geard Harold William Jenkins Kylie Louise Oates Kathleen Clara Taylor Marion Lucy Mary
Barwick Roy Stephen Geard Peter Jenkins Max Reginald Oates Tasman Gus Taylor Ralph Maxwell
Barwick Seth Thomas Geard Shawn Anthony Johnson Alice F Blanche O'Brien James Thomas Thackray William
Barwick Warren Clyde George Emma E F S Johnson Eric Ogilvy Arthur James Thornton Albert E
Bidgood Cecil Gerrand Alan Hamilton Billy Johnson John Montrose Ogilvy David Tracey Rose
Bidgood Harriet Gilbert Ann Selina Johnson Sarah Ann Ogilvy Mary Camilia Letitia Tolmey Andrew
Bidgood Thomas Gilbert Ethel Johnson Susannah Olding Emma Tolmey James
Bishop Lily I Gilbert George Johnson Thomas Jesse Olding Willoughby H Tonks D T
Bishop Lillian Irene Gilbert Roy Johnstone Dr Gradon Robert Olding Willoughby Handsford Tracey Thomas John
Bonney Ald James Gilchrist Nellie Camelia Johnston J Oxley Charles Turvey Elizabeth
Bonney Frances Atkins 2 Gilchrist Patrick Joseph Charles Francis   Turvey Frank
Bonney Frances Atkins Gilchrist Sarah Joseph Della Georgina P Turvey Mary
Bren Henry Gilchrist Seymour C Joseph Douglas Page Samuel Ashley Tutton Marianne
Briggs Edward George Gilchrist William Guerin Joseph Elizabeth Parker George John Tutton Thomas William
Brock Alfred Dallas Gillow Margaret Joseph Frederick Douglas Parker May Stanislaw Sarah Tyrrell Francis William
Brock Georgina Gillow William Rauthmell Joseph Frederick George Parker Ronald Patrick Tyrrell Gladys Royena
Brock Harold J Godfrey Albert Ernest Joseph G A Parker Terence Edward  
Brock Henry James Godfrey Albert Joseph George Frederick Parremore Christina Grace


Brock Isabella Angus Godfrey Andrew Joseph Georgina Parremore Cyril Unsworth Geoffery Maurice
Brock Jane Isabell Godfrey Elizabeth Joseph Joyce Pamela Parremore Douglas James Unsworth Lynette Jean
Brock Jean Macbeth Godfrey Henry Charles Joseph Joyce Parremore Effie  
Brodribb Arthur Godfrey Lillian Gertrude Joseph Peter Frederick Parremore Elsie Matilda


Brodribb Elizabeth Godfrey Mary Joseph Priscilla A A Parremore Geoffrey Keith Walker Henry
Brodribb Jane Parsley Godfrey Walter Edward Joseph William A D Parremore Gloria Waters Hannah Elizabeth
Brodribb Mildred Matilda Godfrey William John Joseph William Parremore Gregory Wayne Watson Fanny
Brooks  William Godfrey Jospeh Fred Parremore Henry 2 Watts Irene Pearl
Brooks John Goldie Alexander Stephen   Parremore Henry Watts Rupert Charles.
Brooks Lena Goodwin  Mary


Parremore Ian Williams Elizabeth Amelia
Brooks Sarah Goodwin Clifford Kearney Adeline Gertrude Parremore Kenneth Henry Williams Harold Gordon
Burman Elizabeth Goodwin Edwin Ernest Kearney Adeline Parremore Leslie William Willing Reginald Alfred
Burman Mary Jane Goodwin Edwin Walter Kearney Ann Parremore Martha Wilson George R T
Burman William Goodwin Edwin Kearney Edwin Parremore Oswald E Wilson Isabella Maria Gage
Burn  Herbert C Goodwin Margaret Isabel Kearney Elsie Parremore Owen Keith Wiltshire Mollie
Burn  Isabel Eliza Goodwin Rosa Annie Kearney Frederick John Parremore Rita Wiltshire William Geaorg D
Burn Amy Eliza Graham Agnes Kearney Grace Parremore Robert Woolford Albert
Burn Andrew William Graham Letitia Mary Kearney Henry Parremore William Woolford Amy Jane Florence
Burn Eliza Graham Tasman Samuel Kearney Jessie Payne May Edwina Woolford John Charles
Burn Elwin Lorenzo Gray Eric Barclay Kearney John Mervyn Peacock Arthur Richard Woolford Joyce Eileen
Burn George Gray Molly Laura Kearney Kathleen Peacock Eleanor Elsie Woolford Joyce Enid
Burn James Francis Green Edna Daphne Kearney Louisa Pelham Kevin Woolford Keith Austin Claude
Burn Keith Colin Green Ernest James Kearney Melvenia Pitcher Laurence Bassett Woolford Mary Ann
Burn Kenneth Green Frederick Clarence Kearney Susan Plummer Mary Woolford Pearlie E C
Burn Mary Ann Green Joseph Kearney Thomas Edward Plummer Peter Woolford Reginald W R
Burn Mervyn James Green Nicky Kearney Thomas George Price Patricia Anne Woolford Robert
Burn Minnie Evelyn Gregson Herald Vere Kearney Violet M Price Stanley Woolford Sarah
Burn Phyllis G Grice Ann Kearney William 2 Proud Adelaide Lucy Woolford Robert William
Burridge Clarence John Grice K D Kearney William 3 Proud Benjamin Thomas Woolford Trevor Donald
Burridge Dorothy Ann Prentice Grice Robert Kearney William Jun Proud Mary Ann Woollford Eliza
Burridge Elizabeth Griffith Ann Jane Kearney William Charles   Woollford Robert
Burridge Ernest Charles Griffith Emily Keep Alfred John


Woollford William
Burridge Hilda May Griffith George Keep Neina Ivy Quince Margaret Workman Hannah
Burridge John Griffith Valentine Esq Kelleher Cecil   Workman Thomas Kemp
Burridge Maud Gunning George Weston Kelleher Norma


Wright Ada Lavina
Burridge Richard John Gunning Moina Kelleher Thelma Florence Radcliffe Henry Wright George James
Burridge William Francis Guy Benjamin 2 Kelly Steven Michael Ratcliffe Charles Wright Grant Maxwell
Buscombe Elizabeth Guy Benjamin Keogh Barbara Mary Ratcliffe Dianne Wright Joseph Mervyn
Buscombe James Kestell Guy Elizabeth Jane Keogh John Henry Charles Ratcliffe Edward Wright Mary Ann
Buscombe John Guy George King James Ratcliffe Ernest Wright Maxwell Simon
Buscombe Martha Guy Matilda Kingsley Robert Ratcliffe Herbert Wroe Frances
Buscombe Sydney Joseph Kestell   Kly Amyalberta Ratcliffe Hettie Roberta  
Buscombe William


Kly Lewis Benjamin Ratcliffe James Medcalf


Butcher Sarah Anna Hadden Olive K Klye Bertha Jane Ratcliffe Matilda Murray Youldon John Walter
  Hall Nelson Alexander William Klye Caroline Minnie Reid Amy Young Hannah


Hall Thelma Dorothy Gladys Klye Charles Frederick Reid Ernest Young Randal
Campbell Ernest Leslie Halliwell Albert Klye John Frederick Reid Leslie Yule Anne
Campbell Marie Doreen Halliwell Doris Klye John Fredk William Reid Thomas Henry Yule James
Carmichael Emma Hanslow Elizabeth Krongaard Alice Ada Ringrose Joseph Arthur Yule Martha Anne
Cash Henry Hanslow Victor E   Robbins Charles Yule William Gauld
Cash Sarah Hay Emma


Roberts Ann Yule William
Cash Sarah Henderson Alfred Lamb Douglas Victor Roberts Edward  
Castle Adam John Henderson Mary Lamp Andra Ann Robertson Gail Grace  
Catling John Henley Leita May Lane George Robins Alfred  
Cato Elizabeth Henley Lynette Sandra Lane Helen Mary Robinson Mary Ann  
Chambers William Herbert William Albert Lane Helen Robinson William  
Chivers  Anne Hibbert Francis Theodore Lane Thomas Rooke D R  
Chivers George Hibbert Nancy Laura. Lazenby Daisy May Ross Maria Eliza  
Clark John Murray Hilder Alice Mary Lazenby Owen George Rumney Herbert  
Clements Margaret Hilder William Thomas Le Rossignol Aileen Rumney Jane  
Cockerill Elizabeth Hobbs Beryl  Ruby Le Rossignol Edward Lawrence Rumney Kate  
Cockerill Henry William Hodgson Edith Leake Ann Rumney Thomas  
Collinson Raymond Lewis Hodgson Sarah Lee Paul Russel Ellen  
Collinson Robert Hodgson Victor William Lomas James Russel John  
Cooley Charles S Hodgson William 2 Long Achalen Isaac Ryly Mary  
Cox Janice Mary Hodgson William 3 Long Mollie Maxwell Ryly Thomas Charles  
Cox Joseph Hodgson William Loughlin Thomas M    
Crawford James Andrew Howard Lillie Lovell Esh


Cresswell Nathan Brian Howard Maud Low Thomas H Sands William W  
Creswell Paul Anthony Howard Roy P Lowe Basil Clifford Schmidt Martha Mary  
Cripps Gregory Donald Howlett Gladis Lowe Beulah Searle Ethel  
Cripps Keith Donald Howlett Lazarus Lowe Dora Eva Searle Ida  
Cripps Meg Lucy Howlett Sarah Lowe Florence Violet Searle Marth  
Cromer Marie Evelyn Hughes Frederick Charles Lowe John Darcey 2 Shaw Bessie Inez  
Currie Henry Hughes John William Lowe John Darcey Shaw Ethel Joyce  
Currie Violet Hughes John Lowe Sarah Shaw Kathleen  
  Hughes Rachel Luttrell Grace Betty Shearing Edward Henry  
D Hughes William Luttrell Jack Louis Shearing Jillian Faye  
Dale Sarah Hutt Joseph Edward Luttrell Nelcie Shearing Kelvin  
Davey Doreen Elsie Hutt Patricia Luttrell Richard Shearing Robina Rosewood  
Davis Albert Winton Hutt Royce William Lynch Charles Samuel Shearing Tony  Kelvin  
Dawes Esmeralda May   Lyon Henry Shephard Barry  
Dawes Sydney Charles


Lyon Mary Shephard Bernard  
Denby Douglas Hector Iles Algernon   Shephard Doris Mabel  
Denby Hector Howard Iles Alice Maud Mary


Shephard Ernest Cecil  
Denne Mervyn Lindsay Iles Doreen Alexandra Mackenzie Katrina Shepherd Joan Helen  
Dergess Harriett Iles Edwin Mackie Andrew Shephard Stanley  
Dergess William Mann Iles Isabel Emma Main Elizabeth Shipley Elizabeth Lucy  
Derrick John Iles Katie Manning Emma Shipley John Charles  
Derrick Susannah Jane Iles Lillian Manning George Joseph Simmons Eric Arthur  
Dickson Bassett 2 Iles Mona Maude Manning George Simmons Herbert Lionel  
Dickson Bassett 3 Iles Thomas Manning William James Simmons Isabella  
Dickson Bassett 4 Iles William E Marchant William Simmons Ivan Churchill  
Dickson Bassett Iles William Harold Martin Ivy Simmons Mary Ida  
Dickson Charlotte Isles Elsie Pearl Mason Samuel Simmons Winston Churchill  
Dickson Ellen   McCausland Samuel Osborne Smith Amelia  
Dickson Janet Lucy


McConnell Elizabeth Masterton Smith Bridget  
Dickson Lorna Stewart Jack Sedina McConnon Harold Raymond Smith Charles Henry  
Dickson Mary Jack William McConnon Joyce Smith Coral Pearl  
Dickson Roy Sinclair Jacobs Amy Elizabeth McKenzie Baden Smith Elizabeth Margaret  
Drew Leslie Walter Jacobs Ann Midwood Beatrice Ada Smith Eric  
Drew Sarah Ann Jacobs Charles Thomas Midwood Gladys Evelyn Smith Frank F  
Drew William Henry Jacobs Ernest L Midwood Susan Smith Frank  
  Jacobs George Midwood Thomas Smith Hedley  


Jacobs Harry Midwood Unknown Smith James S  
Eaton Elvia Jacobs James H Mitchelmore Fanny Smith John Alexander MD  
Elliott Albert Jacobs JB C Molhuysen Phillip Christiaan Smith John Edward  
Elliott Fanny Jacobs Louise Morton Henry Smith Maxwell Wilfred  
Elliott Hannah Jacobs Marie Rose Murdoch Alice  May Smith Percy  
Ellis Charles Jacobs Mary Ann Murdoch Alice Rosetta Smith Samuel  
Ellis Cyril Gordon Jacobs Maude Murray William Smith Sarah  
Ellis Donald Gordon

Jacobs Philip

  Smith Thomas Cochrane  
Ellis Eleanor  


Smith William 2  
Ellis Ethel   Neill Cecil Smith William  
Ellis Fanny Bertha   Newnham Henry Stanfield Mary  
Ellis Frank Vernon   Newnham Kate Elizabeth Stanfield Thomas  
Ellis Mary Jane   Newnham Sarah Ann Stafford Graeme Lindsay  
Ellis Mary   Newnham Susan    
Ellis Percival Rivers   Newnham William Stanley Lilian Ellen  
    Nicholas Dorothy J Stansfield Geoffrey  





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