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St James Of Jerusalem Colebrook Tasmania 


Built of stone and at a cost of 800 pounds the foundation stone was laid in 1882 and the church was consecrated in March 1884.




Alexander Mary Easton Henrietta Jane Lamb Catherine Mary Pilcher Emma Thallan Albert John
  Edgerton Samuel Lamb Charles 2 Pilcher Frederick Thallan George Edward
B Edgerton Thomas Lamb Charles Pilcher William J A Thallan Maisie Isobel
Bailey Doris Mary Elliott Unknown Lamb John Pitchford Sarah Thallan Maxwell John
Barwick Lorna May Evans Thomas Edwin Lamb Leslie William Polan Elsie C Thallan Raymond Richard
Baynton Sydney Eves Mary Lamb Margaret Elvie Polan Victoria Elizabeth Thomas Arther William
Bevan Edward   Lamb Mary Ann Polan William Tolmey Jane
Blacklow Emily Sarah F Lay Alfreda Alice Porter Annie Marion Tonks Arthur E
Blacklow John James Fish Alfred Walter Lay John Richmond   Tonks Arthur Ernest
Bradley William Fish Carl Alfred Lewis Marian Charlotte Porter Capt G Reg Tunks Carleen Anne
Breen Eliza Fish Gordon William Grieve Lewis Walter George Ashby Porter Charles Ernest Tunks Helen Alice
Briggs Mark Richard Fish Sarah Lewis William Charles. Porter Henrietta Vera Tunks Jillian Ivey
Briggs Mary Ann Freeman Louisa Ruth   Porter Henrietta Tunks John Edward
Briggs Thomas M Freeman Thomas Edward M Porter Samuel Tunks Peter Charles.
Brock Alice Fyle Louisa L Mackie Andrew John Probert Kate Joyce Tunks Rex Claude
Brock Cecil Joseph   Mackie Rosina   Turner Harry
Brock Ella G Marney Henry Thomas R Turner Mary Emma 2
Brock Joan Isabel        
Buck Colin Charles Gerlach C F August Marney Marie Joyce Ray Eileen Loraine Turner Thomas
Bunker Mark Gerlach Carl Marney Martha Ann Reynolds Dora Mary Sheldon  
Bunker Sarah Gerlach Louisa Mayne Alfred Reynolds Emily W
Burton Alice M Gerlach Mary Mayne Andrew Reynolds John William Watts Harriott Elizabeth
  Graham Doris Isabel Mayne Hubert Reynolds William John Watts Samuel
C Graham Doris Williams McConnon Mary Robertson Bruce Russell White Abel Edward
Clark Anne Maree. Graham Francis Cecil Moore Albert Edward Robertson Cameron Duncan White Eileen Annie
Clark Archie Graham Leo Thomas Moore Alfred Robertson Kathleen Muriel White Mary Ann
Clark Dennis Norman Gregory Albert Ernest Moore Alice Robertson Sadie Catherine White William
Clark Dulcie R Gregory Alice Moore Cameron James Robinson Debora Wooldridge Clara Alice
Clark Geoffrey Norman Gregory Allen Moore Ernie Robinson James Wooldridge Henry
Clark Leslie A Gregory Ann Elizabeth Moore Frances Ella Mary Rowlands Gordon Geoffery Wooldridge William
Clark Lola Annie Gregory Ellen Moore Leonard Rowlands Irene May Wroe Francis Richard
Clark Percy William Gregory Eric Charles Moore Lloyd James Rumney Amelia Wroe Henry
Clark Raymond Percival Gregory John Moore Russell John Rumney Thomas Wroe Maria
Clark Rupert Allan Gregory Percival Munnings William J   Wroe Thomas
Clark Walter Gregory Ruby Estelle Munnings William Thomas S  
Clark William R     Salmon Edgar Campbell Y
Coombes Albert H N Salmon Flora Annie Mary Young Ida Cecelia
Coombes George James Hathaway Rex William Nankivell Mary Ann Salmon James Young Lucy
Coombes Harold William Hawk John Nankivell Alice Maud Salmon Joseph Young Mary Ann
Coombes Henrick Hay William Nankivell Henry Salmon Mary
Coombes Lorna Rose Hogue Shane Michael Nankivell Leslie Alfred Salmon Unknown Z
Coombes Mary Housego John Nankivell Thomas Francis Shelverton Doris Beryl Zantuck Frederick 2
Coombes Minnie Adeline Housego Leon Ernest Nichols Alfred Shelverton Henrietta Georgina Zantuck Frederick
  Housego Sylvia Emma Nichols Barclay Alfred Shelverton Margaret Frances Zantuck John Christian
D Housego Thomas Edwin Nichols Ellen Clara Sidnell Daniel Zantuck John F
Daniels Alfred Hurd Alfred Isaac Nichols Myrtle Siggs Hannah Zantuck Louis H
Daniels Albert Hurd Charles H Norris Alice Siggs Richard Zantuck Louisa
Daniels Brian Clarence Hurd Edith Norris Bertie Francis Smart Thomas Christie Zantuck Margaret W
Daniels Ruth Hurd Edward George Norris Beverley Yvonne Southwood Frank Zantuck Mary
Davis Ambrose John Hurd Ernest William Norris Cecil Southwood John 2  
Davis Arthur Thomas Hutton George Norris Emma Southwood John  
Davis Ellen   Norris Ernest Rupert    
Davis Florence Annie Maud I Norris Ida Southwood Mary Ann  
Davis William Henrick Iles George Norris William Southwood Sarah  
Delaney Ada Elizabeth Iles Isaac   Stainer Mary Esther  
Denny Colin Maxwell Iles Mary Ann   Stainer Robert Thomas  
Denny Florence Alma Elizabeth     Stainer Robert  
Denny George Alexander J   Stanislaw Szczurkowski  
Denny Gwen Emily Jenkins Amanda Lee   Stockell Alice  
Denny Hector Kenneth Jenkins Gladys   Stockell Arthur G  
Denny Hector Roy Jenkins John Raymond   Stokell Lawrence C  
Denny Neita Jean     Storey Amy Maud  
Denny Robert James John K   Storey Capt Richard  
Dossetor Ann Elizabeth Kaye Arthur   Storey Mary  
Dossetor William J Kline Christian F   Storey Nellie  
Dossetor William Kline Christian   Stuart Alice Henrietta  
Duggan Julie Patrice Kline Ida Stella   Stuart John James  
Dwyer Patrick Kline Mary   Suter Letitia  
      Sutton Lyell Francis  






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