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St Patrick's Catholic Church Colebrook Tasmania


Located in Arthur Street, St. Patrick’s Church was designed in 1843 by one of the greatest 19th century architects, Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-1852) and was the last of his work to be built.  It was constructed after his death in 1857 at a cost of 1,000 pounds. 

The blackwood timber used in the church was logged from the property of a Mr. Fox  and stone used in construction of the foundations came from the perimeter wall of the probation station. 

Fortunately for the church it comes under the jurisdiction of the Pugin Foundation which was established to assist in the conservation and maintenance of Pugin’s Australian buildings and movable objects.   

“Its first major project is the conservation of St. Patrick’s which will include the reinstatement of the triple bellcote that sat astride the nave east gable until destroyed by a mini tornado in September 1895.  The bellcote will be furnished with a peal of three bells.  The beautiful rood screen, one of only a handful of Pugin’s screens still in situ, will be restored.”




D Cont

F Cont    
Barwick Nora Devine Phillis May French Margaret Maria   Southwood Evelyn
Barwick William Edward Devine Terence J Fries Cornelia J H Mackey Ellen Agnes Southwood George
Baynton James Devine Thirza Sarah Fries Hendrik Mackey Francis Patrick Joseph Stainer  Wilfred John
Beard Ina Victoria Devine W E Fynes Bridget Mackey James Sylvester Stainer Eileen Adeline
Beard James Dolan Bridget Fynes Michael Mackey Mary Margaret Stainer Eva Maria
Bevan Brendan Charles Dolan Catherine   Mackey Michael Stainer Mary Eveline
Bevan Brian John Dolan Ethel Elizabeth


Mackey Richard John Dick  
Bevan Ellen Dolan Hugh Garland E J Mackey Thomas Bernard


Beven Alan Thomas Dolan James Garland Emma Mackey W A Tonks Elizabeth Frances
Beven Allan Thomas Dolan Josephine Teresa Garland Mary Ann Mackey William Ambrose
Beven Arnold James Dolan Urban Augustine Garland Susanne Maguire James


Beven Charles Michael Dolan William Garland Thomas Henry Maguire Michael Volkmer Robert
Beven Eileen Adeline Donovan Dennis Garland William 2 Marshall Charles Berchmans Volkmer Theresia
Beven Eliza Maud Donovan Michael Garland William Marshall Ina Alice
Beven Frances Winifred 2 Duggan Edward Dallas Geason Annie Elizabeth Mason Mary Jane


Beven Frances Winifred Duggan Eric Frederick Graham Agnes Jane Moore Cecil Whelan Claurine
Beven J E Duggan Ivy Frances Graham Basil John Moore Phyllis May Whelan Donald John
Beven James Patrick Dunne Rev William John Dunne Graham Catherine Morrison Cecil Whelan Frances Eliza
Beven John Joseph Dwyer Annie Teresa Graham Charles Francis Morrison Leonard Cecil Whelan Frederick John
Beven John Thomas Dwyer Patrick Graham George Edward Munnings Edgar Humphrey Whelan Hilda May
Beven John   Graham Hector Robert Munnings Edna Florence Whelan Ivy Ethel
Beven Kathleen


Graham William Munnings Margaret Hannah Whelan J
Beven Mabel Evans Henry Grieve Edward Francis Munnings Stanley John Whelan John Francis
Beven Margaret Evans Sarah Fanny Grieve Elizabeth   Whelan John
Beven Mary Evans Thomas Grieve Lillian V


Whelan Leonard John
Beven Michael Grieve William Henry OBrien Bridget Whelan Myrtle Ann
Beven Thomas Andrew


Grieve William Johnston OBrien Daniel Whelan Rosehannah
Beven William Fox Alfred M   OBrien Margaret Whelan Thomas Joseph
Brooks  Catherine Fox Ambrose J


O'Halloran Bridget White William
Brooks Nicholas J Fox Annie J Hatton Margaret 1 O'Halloran Julia Malody Williams Alfred 2
Burke Mary Elizabeth Fox Annie May Hatton Margaret  Williams Alfred
Fox Cpt Bert Bramah Hatton Michael


Williams Arthur


Fox Edward Henry Mary Porter Marie J Williams Elizabeth
Casey James Henry Fox Frances Jane Hill Winifred Mary   Williams Frederick
Casey James Fox Frances Horan William


Williams Honora
Cashman Elizabeth Fox Francis John   Reynolds Theresa Eileen Williams James
Cashman John Fox Mary Josephine


Roach  Emily M Williams John Michael
Cashman Sarah Jane Fox Urban Leo Ireland John Roach Ann Williams Julia
Connell John Freeman  A E 2 Roach Clarence Ambrose Williams Kathleen Mary
Corrigan Kenneth N Freeman  Amy


Roach Elizibeth Williams Mervyn Michael
  Freeman A E Jones Frances Louisa Roach Ellen 2 Williamson Colin


Freeman A F Queenie Jones Garland Ray Roach Ellen Williamson Kate
Daniels Margaret Freeman Alice Jones Ruby May Roach James Williamson Leslie
Daniels Thomas Freeman Daniel 2 Jones Thomas Arthur Roach John J Williamson Thomas
Davis Louisa Freeman Daniel   Roach John  
Delaney Margaret Herrington Freeman Ellen 2


Roach Mary


Delaney Margaret Freeman Ellen Kelley Julia Robertson Elsie May Young Lionel James
Delaney Michael Freeman Irene Kelly John Robertson Thomas 
Delaney Patrick J Freeman Mary Anne Kennedy Emily Robinson Elizabeth Teresa


Delany Mary Ann Freeman Mary Theresa Kennedy John Ryan John Zantuck Bridget Gladys
Delany Michael Freeman T D Kennedy Margaret    
Delany Richard Freeman Vera Eileen Kennedy Mary Bridget


Devine Charles Edward Freeman William John Kennedy Michael John Schwaiger Josephine Doris  
Devine Edward French Grace Pearl Kennedy Patrick3 Sidnell Mary Jane  
Devine Ernest French Henry Edward Kennedy Patrick 2 Skeggs M J  
Devine Mary French Henry Kennedy Patrick Slade Eric  
Devine Percy Charles French Ivy Beryl Kennedy William Joseph Slade Marge  
    Kennedy William Joseph2    



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