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St Johns Roman Catholic Richmond


Built on land donated by John Cassidy who at the time was living at “Woodburn” Richmond in 1835, St. John’s is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Australia. 

Designed by ex convict architect Frederick Thomas the foundation stone was laid by Bishop Polding on a visit to Tasmania in 1836.  In August that year Rev. James Watkins arrived in Tasmania as Vicar General.  He officiated at the opening ceremony of the church on December 31st. 1837.  The Church was greatly enlarged and a tower added in 1859.  The spire was added in 1893 and demolished in 1972. 

A visit to St. John’s would not be complete without visiting the grave of the son of the Irish rebel leader, Thomas Francis O’Meagher who is buried near the church’s doorway.  He was originally buried in the cemetery behind the church but it was feared that crumbling of the steep bank would result in that section sliding into the Coal River so in 1948 the remains were transferred to its present site. 

His convict father (who never saw his son) managed to escape to America where he joined the Union army and rose to the rank of General.  After the Civil War he was appointed secretary of the territory of Montana and later became Governor.


A E K Cont T
Anderson John J Ellard James Kingston William Freeman Taylor A H
Anderson Martin Elliott Brian Edward Kirkham Noel Brendan Taylor Athol Horace
Anderson Mary 2 Elliott Valda Lillian Klye Gertrude Annie Taylor Madge Ellen
Anderson Mary Evans Donald Gregory Klye Patrick Leo Testro Rex
  Kretchmar Therese Thureau Joseph Hermann
B F   Tighe David John
Backhouse Benjamin William Farrelly Deanne Gaye L Tighe Irene
Backhouse George Wilfred Faulkner Alicia Leek Darren Ronald Tighe James Michael
Backhouse Isabel Faulkner James Lepar Margaret Tomlinson Brian Daniel
Backhouse Maria Elizabeth Fenner Roger James Lockley Sam Daniel Tomlinson Michael James
Backhouse Olive Grace Fenner Thelma Rose   Tonks Mary Ann
Backhouse Ruth Margaret Fenner Thomas Walter M Toth Shirley Joan
Badman Winifred Fitzsimons Eliza Mackey Maria Dominica Triffitt Ethel
Baker James William Fitzsimons Richard Mackey William Ambrose Francis Troy Emma
Baker Lewis W Followes Constance May Malone Daniel James Troy Richard
Baker Patricia M Followes Rex E Maloney Owen Trumble Terence Cavendish
Baker Phyllis Sarah Fowler Beverley Manning Bernard Tucceri Umbert
Barker Ivan Charles Fox Rupert Clarendon Manning Mary  
Barrenger Angela Mary Frankham Heather Jane Marney Keith Raymond U
Barwick Garry Michael Frankham Heather Marsh Sarah Urquhart Angela
Barwick Sheila Frankham Keith Gershom Mason Helen Mary  
Bennett Coralie A Freeman Patricia June Matthews Sylvia Mary V
Birch Gregory Raymond   Mayne Larry George Vaiciulevicius Vincas Yachell
Bird Pauline Norah G McDermott Luke Joseph Van der Putten Seraf
Blackburn Daisy Gertrude Gaby Madge Lucy McGowan Mary Van Dongen Margaret Anne
Blackburn Daisy Maud Gasser Patricia Eveleen McGrath Rosemary Josephine Van Duken Engelina
Blackburn Fannie Sophie Geard Mary Elizabeth McMahon Elizabeth  
Blackburn Hilda Mary Geard William Harold Meaghan Patrick Norman W
Blackburn Linda Muriel Geary John Robert Medhurst Anthony James Wade John Owen
Blackburn Sydney John George Alan Medhurst Frances May Walker Leonard John
Blackburn William Thomas 2 Gillie John Kevin Medhurst Florence Brenda Wall Evelyn Celia
Blackburn William Thomas Godfrey Jane Elizabeth Medhurst Leslie John Walsh Berndette Lesley
Blackley Stanley William Goss CR Medhurst Neil Maxwell Warwarek  June Frances
Bleathman Margaret Mary Gottschalk H C Mika Callum John Warwarek Florian Jan
Bleathman Robert Victor Graham William Joseph Micheletto Cesar Jose Waters ARJ
Bowen Anthony Robert Patrick Grahame Elizabeth Mitchell Joan Waters Dorothy Evelyn
Bowen Patrick Green Doris Mary Moate Duncan Richard Watling Leslie John
Boyd Theodora Green Edward Patrick Moat Engrid Watling Rita Imelda
Breen Ellis Green Eileen Gladys Moate Jeremy Webb Myra Ellen
Breen Roisin Marie Green Herbert Cyril Mollineaux Gerardine Webb Rebbeca Catherine
Brettingham-Moore Edward Anthony Green Robert Joel Mollineaux Graham John Webster Rupert Arthur
Brettingham-Moore George Michael Green Yvonne Montgomery Alan Charles Webster Thelma May
Brettingham-Moore George Raymond Elphinstone Gregg Alfred John Montgomery Catherine Weil Manfred Philipp
Brettingham-Moore Sheila Marion Gregg Sandra Montgomery Donald Weil Masie Kathleen Maureen
Brooks Kathleen Mary Grice Ada Ella Montgomery Hugh Welsh Honora
Brown Eleanor Ann Grice Alice Veronica Montgomery James Welsh Patrick
Brown Isabel A M Grice Damien Montgomery Mabel Amelia Wicks Alan Eric
Brown John William Grice Hedley Lawrence Montgomery Nora Annie Wicks Brenda Laureen
Bull Elizabeth Grice John Dickinson Montgomery Weston Seymour Wicks May Belle Moore
Burke Keith Francis Grice Phyllis Julia Moran Eleanor Wicks Veronica
Burn Agnes Augusta Grice Robert Spurway Morgan Elizabeth Mary Wiggins Althea
Burton Charles Edward Griffiths Kenneth Douglas Morris Norman Wiggins Annette Mary
Burton June Celia Griffiths Margaret Denese Mortimer Diane Mary Wiggins Annie Eileen
Byron John Grimes Bernard Mulquiny Catherine Jane Wiggins Arthur John
Byron Mary Agnes Guerin William Francis   Wiggins Donald T
  N Wiggins Eileen Isabell Annie
C H Nolan Edward Michael Wiggins Ethel
Cahill John Hall Robert Maxwell Nunn  Caroline Amelia Wiggins Helena May
Campbell Claire Patricia Hall Simon Robert Nunn Arthur Leo Wiggins James Walter
Campbell Mervyn Geoffrey Hannen Honora   Wiggins Jeremiah Arthur
Campbell Trevor Harold Hannen John O Wiggins Joan Marie
Carroll John Kenny Hannen Michael Oliver Alice Louise Wiggins Leo David
Carroll June Cecilia Hansch Thelma Mary O'Meagher Henry Emmet Wiggins Percival 2
Cassidy Elleanor Hanslow Albert Augustine O'Rielly Ronald James Wiggins Percival
Cattini Alberto Hanslow Albert Osborn Thomas Wiggins Reginald Victor
Chilcott Wayne Blake Hanslow Alfred O'Sullivan Julie Ann Wisby John Christopher
Chipman Marjorie Clarissa Hanslow Arthur   Wisby Peggie Helen
Chisholm Simon Keith Hanslow Augustine Richard P Woods Ben
Clark Jason Phillip Hanslow Edith May Pace John Woods Mary
Clark Jean Hanslow George Pace Mary Woodward Michael Edward
Coggins Hugh Hanslow Ila Mary Page Alphonsus Joseph Woolford Donald John
Coggins Margaret Hanslow James Herbert Page Ashley M Woolford Ellen
Collins Geoffrey Charles Hanslow Mary Josephine Page Athol Darcy Woolford Gordon
Collins Mary Josephine Hanslow Thelma Rose Page Margaret Maria Woolford Lyall Vincent
Conlan Anastasia Agness Hardiman Catherine Page W A Worledge Charlotte
Conlan Denis Stanislaus Hardiman John Palmer K P Worledge Harriett
Conlan Francis Joseph Hardiman Margaret Palmer Lloyd George Worledge Johannah
Conway John Hardiman Sarah Ann Palmer Norma Peggy Worledge Martha
Cooley Vera May Hardiman Thomas Parker Kevin Alfred Worledge William
Cooper Alicia Fay Heelan Catherine Mary Parker Leo Baden Wright Elizabeth
Cooper W B Herlihy Beryl Lucy Parker Lola Merle Wright Marilyn Joyce
Cooper William B Herlihy E J Parker Sophia Mary Wright Mary Ann
Cooper William Harold Hewitt George Stephen Parker Suzanne  
Coppleman Ethel Teresa Hewitt John Stanislaus Parremore Patricia Y
Cornish Alfred Leslie Hewitt John Pasmore Claire Isobel Young Andrew Russell
Cornish Eldered R V Hewitt Leah Pasmore Henry G  
Cornish Geoffrey Leo Hewitt Margaret Phillips A L  
Cornish Lillian Jane Hibberd Alma Plunkett Brian Raymond  
Cornish Margaret Hill L H Pocock Betty Patricia  
Cornish Mary Agnes Hills Mavis Jean Pocock Donald Charles Unknown Headstones
Cornish Reginald Joseph Hills Noreen Avis Ponsonby Andrew Peter Unknown 1
Coronica Carmelo Hills Raymond C Power Alice Unknown 2
Cosgrove Cecil Charles Hills Veronica I Power Ellen Unknown 3
Cosgrove Daniel Hills William H Prenter Robert Daniel Unknown 4
Cosgrove Donald Hogan Frank Press Colin Benjamin Unknown 5
Cosgrove Irene Alice Howlett Doris Lilian Press June Kathleen Unknown 6
Cosgrove James Hughes Terese Kathleen   Unknown 7
Cosgrove Lillian Grace Hunt Joseph Henry Q Unknown 8
Cosgrove Margaret Mary Hunt Maureen Ann Quinn Imelda Unknown 9
Cosgrove Rodeny Hurley Richard William Quinn Wesley Roger Unknown 10
Cosgrove Ruby Mary Hutt Royce William   Unknown 11
Costello Alesha Beth Hutt Vern R Unknown 12
Costello Rikki Amanda Hyatt Christopher Alex Rasmussen Patricia Evelyn Unknown 13
Cousins Johannah Hyland Gwendoline Reardon Bartholemew Unknown 14
Cox Clara Susannah Hyland Joseph Reardon Bartholomew Unknown 15
Cox Desmond   Redding Charles Ernest Unknown 16
Crawley Mary I Redding Eliza Ann Unknown 17
Croft Mons Josephine Iles Evelyn Mary Redding Ellen Amelia  
Cullen William Iles Terence Redding William Arthur  
  Roach Beverley Ann  
D J Roach Emily May  
Dance Raymond Edward Jack Albert Ernest Roach M E  
Daniels John Jack Ernest Colin Rooke Jean Mary  
Dart Rose Evelyn Jack Florence Helen Ryan Ann  
Dart Thomas Jameson Elaine Margaret Ryan Annie Agusta  
Dart William Jarvis Adela E Ryan Bernard Patrick  
Davey Simon James Jarvis Edwin Ryan Bridget  
Desire Michael Charles Jarvis Elizabeth May Ryan Doris Elizabeth  
Devlyn Leslie Arthur Jarvis Maxwell Graham Ryan Francis Reginald  
Dishington John Jones Christopher James Ryan Gerard Leo Joseph  
Dolan Catherine M Jones Irma Adeline Ryan John Joseph  
Dolan Margaret Jones Marlene E Ryan John Phillip  
Dolan Thomas Jones Mary Ann Ryan Olive Valentine  
Donohoe Robert Frances Joseph Wilhelmean Ryan Patrick Francis  
Donohue Michael John Jurasovic Josip Ryan Patrick Francis 2  
Donovan Brock   Ryan Peter Andrew  
Downham  John K Ryan Philip  
Downham Alan Kane Alfred Christopher Ryan Sarah Jane  
Downham Albert Kane Alma Letty Isabel    
Downham Athol James Kane Annie S  
Downham Bettey June Kane Edward Salleh Maria  
Downham Cederic Thomas Kane Jane Salter Allenby James  
Downham Colin Kane W E Sargent Cecily Violet Emily  
Downham Daphne Gladys Kane Walter Sargent Clifford Keith  
Downham Doris Gertrude Keady Patrick Sargent Doreen May  
Downham Eliza E Kelly Albert Sargent Eldered Alfred  
Downham F M Kelly Betty V Scott Douglas  
Downham Gerald Kelly Colin Joseph Scott Mavis Veronica  
Downham Graham Vincent Kelly Gordon John Sharp Albert Edwin  
Downham Harriet Jane Kelly Harold Henry Sharp Margaret Teresa  
Downham James Mathew Kelly Joyce Shearing Iris Thelma  
Downham Jean Beryl Kelly Kathleen Joan Shearing Leonard George  
Downham Kathleen Kelly Mary Ellen Shearing Trixie Geraldine  
Downham Keith Kelly Muriel Shipley Jack  
Downham Lenna May Kelly Reginald Simmonds George  
Downham Lewis Michael Kelly Robert Walter Simmonds Sheila Mary  
Downham Marjorie Kelly Ruby S Smith Anne Aileen  
Downham Matilda Kelly William H Smith Edward Thomas  
Downham Melissa Kelly Kelly William W Smith Ethel A  
Downham Mellisa Kelly Kerslake  Bernard Douglas Smith George E  
Downham Myles John 2 Kerslake Eliza Mary Smith Helen Mary  
Downham Myles John Kerslake Kevin Leo Smith Kathleen May  
Downham Myrtle Caroline Kerslake Samuel Bernard Smith Nancy Gwendoline  
Downham Oliver James King Alfred Joseph Smith R M  
Downham R L King Alfred Peter Smith Ronald Mervyn  
Downham Rex Hamilton King Alfred Smith Terrence Patrick  
Downham Samuel King Bridgit Erine Stanslow Maria  
Downham Thomas Malloy King Cecilia Steinmitz John  
Downham Trevor Arthur King Edward Stephens Cicily Christina  
Downham Valerie Maxine King Eliza Stewart May Mary  
Drew Alexander W J King Elizabeth Mary 2 Sullivan Donald Michael  
Duffy Bridget King Elizabeth Mary Sullivan Rhonda Marshall  
Duggan Elizabeth King Frederick Patrick Sward Elvie Joyce  
Duggan Jeremiah Francis King George Sylvester    
Duggan Jeremiah King John Mattew    
Duggan John Edward King John Matthew    
King Mary    
King Mavis    
King Phillip John    
King Phobe Anna    
King Phoebe    





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